Rediscover your senses with an e cigarette


Published on This PowerPoint presentation talks about the benefits of switching to an e cigarette

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Rediscover your senses with an e cigarette

  1. 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  2. 2. Tobacco ruins lives Many people have had their lives ruined with cigarettes be it by a smoking related disease such as lung cancer or a seriously lowered bank balance. Below are several reasons why smokers ought to switch to an e cigarette. First of all, cigarette smoking has the known health hazards attached to it. When you inhale smoke from tobacco, youre filling your lungs with harmful chemicals that can cause a variety of different cancers and respiratory problems. However you must bear in mind if you smoke, then the people around you smoke also. Passive smoking has an effect on the people closest to you, and raises the likelihood of pulmonary diseases.Freedom Cigarettes 2
  3. 3. Smoking endangers those around you Passive smoking is particularly dangerous. Most people think that smoking is only harmful to the person smoking the tobacco cigarette. However, smoking is harmful simply because youre burning tobacco and breathing in the smoke. It does not matter who inhales the smoke, it will still do harm. Due to the health risks associated with smoking, governments are trying to reduce the amount of people who smoke. One of these is raising the price of tobacco. The tax on tobacco is increasing and is probably going to increase further. Giving up smoking cigarettes not only is very good for your health, it really is good for your bank balance.Freedom Cigarettes 3
  4. 4. E cigarettes make smoking social again Changing to an e cigarette makes smoking social once again. People take pleasure in smoking socially even if they do not enjoy smoking usually. With the smoking ban though, smoking has become far from social given that you now need to smoke outside in the cold. E cigs though are not included in the smoking ban and may be smoked indoors.Freedom Cigarettes 4
  5. 5. Why quite when you can switch? Giving up smoking is a struggle initially, but once you quit, the rewards are endless. Youll realise the wonders of taste again, as once your taste buds are free of the tobacco smoke that clogs them up, taste is so much more intense and complete. After stopping smoking, you will feel healthier. One way many smokers have reduced their daily amount is by using an e cigarette as a healthier alternative to smoking.Freedom Cigarettes 5
  6. 6. More choice You can get an e cigarette in a variety of flavours to suit each and every taste bud and they are shaped just like cigarettes. However, an e cigarette does not include tobacco which removes the risks of smoking all together. Instead, the vapour you inhale when smoking electric cigarettes is safe and comes with a variety of flavours. The intense roast taste alone will make sure you do not miss traditional cigarettes. The only difference now is that your lungs stay clean and you are in a position to extend your life free from tobacco.Freedom Cigarettes 6
  7. 7. E cigarettes have changed smoking for the better E-cigarettes have changed the smoking landscape. They are not only a far healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes; they offer a much more bespoke cigarette. E cigarette smokers are not only able to decide on different flavours; theyre able to also pick various nicotine levels too.Freedom Cigarettes 7
  8. 8. Have you tried an e cigarette? Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes 8