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E cigarette options that are available to new users
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E cigarette options that are available to new users


Published on This PowerPoint presentation discusses the various e cigarette options that are on the market and the differences. Hopefully this will make choosing an e cigarette … This PowerPoint presentation discusses the various e cigarette options that are on the market and the differences. Hopefully this will make choosing an e cigarette easier!

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  • 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  • 2. Understand what types of E cigarettes are available Before you buy an e cigarette, you need to appreciate the diverse e-cigs for sale to help you choose the best e cigarette for you. You also should think about whether to get a rechargeable or even a throw away e cigarette.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 2
  • 3. Wireless E cigarettes Nowadays, most e-cigarettes are generally powered by batteries, though you can still get wired e-cigs. Many people would prefer to have electric battery e cigarettes because they are easily transportable, and typically re- chargeable.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 3
  • 4. E cigarettes look identical to tobacco cigarettes Modern e-cigarettes look very similar to tobacco cigarettes and have a tiny electric battery that is typically rechargeable. You can acquire much larger batteries that last considerably longer however, these are clearly much larger. Commonly these are found in smoking bars and peoples homes only since theyre not conveniently moved.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 4
  • 5. Automatic vaping or at the touch of a button What is your preference, an automatically vaporing or manually vaporing e cigarette? An automatically vaporing e cigarette is a e cigarette which has an air flow detector that immediately senses when you smoke the e cigarette and turns on the heating unit. A manual e cigarette however needs you to press a button to activate the atomizing component. A lot of people prefer automatic electronic cigarettes because they work just like normal cigarettes. These are usually more expensive though.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 5
  • 6. Disposable or rechargeable E cigarettes Subject to your preferences, you are able to smoke either a disposable e cigarette or a reusable, standard rechargeable e cigarette. Naturally if your intent is to merely have a go with an e cigarette, you would then purchase a non reusable e cigarette as its drastically cheaper per unit. Likewise, if you are a habitual smoker, the normal rechargeable packages workout substantially cheaper.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 6
  • 7. Recommendations for new users One common recommendation for those that are trying electric cigarettes for the first time is a small automatically vaporing model which has a tobacco flavoured cartridge, making the e cigarette experience as close to a conventional tobacco cigarette smoke as possible. The automated model is very simple to operate, but it gives the user a reduced amount of control. Long-term users generally prefer manually operated electric cigarettes, switching them off or on at the push of a switch and having control - literally - at their fingertips.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 7
  • 8. Have you tried an E cigarette? Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 8