5 double page spreads
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  • 1. This is a Q magazine double page spread and I like the layout of having the picture separate to thearticle so then people can concentrate on the article its self and not be distracted by a picturebehind it. I also like how they have the first initial of the artist on top of all the text this then gives ita modern look and make it that bit more unique than other music magazines
  • 2. This double page spread from vibe is a slightly more funky double page spread which is been laid outto suit the artist that it’s about .the colour scheme and image use gives it more of an elegant look tosuit the femal artist in the article. I also have pull quotes to try draw in the reader and and makethem want to read the article.
  • 3. This has a similar lay out to the Q magazine double page spread but instead of having a masthead onthe page they have enlarged pull quotes and used it as a sort of masthead. They have kept to bigcolumns for the article to give it a neater look. Also they have not put any text where the image and Ibelieve this isn’t the most affective double page spread as due to a real lack of colour and font sizesand styles it just doesn’t really interest me as the reader.
  • 4. This is a really good example of a double page spread in my opinion it has different ranges of fontswith several different columns for the article and has an interesting picture. I think that I will take alot of inspiration from this double page spread as it is from my genre of music, I also believe that itsgives a good smart sophisticated look and this is what I want to achieve from my double pagespread.
  • 5. This double page spread is a lot more lively and exciting than the other ones that I have looked at. Ithas a white, black and blue colour scheme which works really well together and makes the like thepull quotes and little information cards and the advertorial stand out. It also has aswell as a lot oftext it has several images to do with different topics on the page and I believe this makes a reallygood double page spread for younger teenagers but also appeals to both genders .