Boat making


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Boat making

  1. 1. Materials and Properties:<br />Making a house or boat for Chip and Dale<br />
  2. 2. First we made a plan…<br />…and shared it with the class!<br />
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  7. 7. Then we made our boats…<br />… and houses!<br />
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  10. 10. Then we tested them!!!<br />Boats in the swimming pool…<br />
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  14. 14. …houses under the hose rain shower!!!<br />
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  16. 16. Finally, we reflected on what happened…<br />Emma:<br />I made a house for Dale. When Ms Tish sprinkled the water, Dale was dry because he was in a jar and air was in the jar. It was made of plastic – it is waterproof. I made a foam roof and foam is waterproof. I like what we did for Chip and Dale.<br />Frances:<br />We made a house that had a plastic cup and a lid for Dale. There was the house and the house got water in it but the cup didn’t. There were little holes in the house. Water didn’t get it the cup because it had a lid and it was strong. It was made of hard plastic and that’s waterproof.<br />
  17. 17. Philip:<br />I made a boat for Chip and Dale. The tissue box part sinked and the plastic part was making it float. The box was made from cardboard – it’s not waterproof.<br />Ines:<br />I made a boat with my friend and we didn’t think it was cardboard but it was cardboard so Chip almost got all wet. Dale was fine because his part of the boat was plastic, in the middle was the kitchen and it was plastic too. The cardboard part sank. Ms Tish rescued Chip because the water was coming in Chip’s part.<br />Tim:<br />I made a house and Dale was dry because the plastic box shielded him. The egg cup part broke because it’s not really strong and it was made from cardboard. And he lived happily ever after.<br />
  18. 18. Hayden:<br />I made a boat for Dale. It sunk because it was made of cardboard. It sinked half way there was some styrofoam that could float. My boat was supposed go the other way. Next time I would do all styrofoam.<br />Pim:<br />I made a boat for Dale. Dale didn’t get wet because he was almost gonna get wet and Ms. Tish saved him. The boat half sank because on the top was made out of styrofoam and the bottom was a cardboard cookie box. The styrofoam floated and the cardboard shrank (sank!)<br />Itamar:<br />I made a boat for Chip and Dale. And then it half sink and half didn’t sink because of cardboard sinks the styrofoam – it floats. Dale was dry and Chip was not dry.<br />
  19. 19. Oskar: <br />I made a boat for Dale. It was half float and half sink because the styrofoam on top and the bottom was too heavy because the bottom was a box and the box got all soggy and then it sank because the thing on the top tipped over. Dale got wet! <br />Amira:<br />I made a boat for Dale. It sink because it wasn’t waterproof. It was made from a box – that is paper. Dale was only a little wet Ms. Tish saved him.<br />Robert:<br />I made a house for small Dale. He was dry because as long as he was dry because he was in a jar and it had a lid and there was air inside. Some parts of the house got all soggy because cardboard gets soggy because it’s not waterproof.<br />
  20. 20. Eli:<br />I made a house for Chip from plastic. He got a little bit wet because there was a little hole. I put tape on one side to close the hole but not on the other. I also made boat – it floated because it was made out of foam (styrofoam). Dale stayed dry.<br />Daniel:<br />I make a boat for Chip and Dale. They didn’t got wet because it float because it’s made out of plastic and styrofoam. Dale’s house in the boat was a lolly pop jar it had air inside so it could float and I put on the lid to keep him dry.<br />Alexa:<br />I made a boat for Chip and Dale. Chip’s house got broken because it was made from cardboard – Chip got wet. Dale’s bed stayed dry because the bottom of it was made from plastic.<br />
  21. 21. Taka:<br />I made a boat. It floats because it is very strong and it was made from styrofoam.<br />I also made a house from plastic boxes for Chip. Chip got a little bit wet because there was a small hole in the side.<br />Maya:<br />I made a boat for chip. It sinked because it was made out of cardboard. I should make it out of other materials next time like plastic.<br />Jemmy:<br />I made a airplane boat. The boat float because it was made from styrofoam box and it brokded on the end but it still float. There was a plastic tray cover to cover Chip so chip don’t get wet.<br />Ryan:<br />I made a houseboat and boat for Dale. The boat half sinked because it had holes. The jar part didn’t sink because it had lots of air inside. <br />