Art Natural Objects


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Art Natural Objects

  1. 1. Natural Objects Art Projects We created these works of art using Natural Objects, in Ms. Jones art class…
  2. 2. Seong Min: I make with leaves and seeds and rocks, only like that.
  3. 3. Dylan: I putted a shell in it, and then I putted a stick and a leaf and a leaf on a stick, and I got some got some dirt and I sprinkled it on top but it wouldn’t stick. I putted shells around a feather.
  4. 4. Christopher: I use a shell and I used dirt and it stick.
  5. 5. Ryo: I have small shell and big shell. And plants and sticks off a tree.
  6. 6. Jacque: That one is the window. I used leaves and nuts and a feather and shells and corals.
  7. 7. Phillip: I used dirt and big and small leaves and small shells and a big shell. I made a picture in the dirt with my fingers.
  8. 8. Evie: I used the shells and I put the corals in them, so I put the corals down and I covered shells around them. Then I put sea shells without coral.
  9. 9. Menno: I used dirt and leaves, sticks and also hard sticks. I used it with my paper and some of the people that work in Art put my name on it.
  10. 10. Mercedes: I used shells from the sea. I made circles and them I made them round the picture and I put the big shells in the middle.
  11. 11. Yerin: A person and a flower.
  12. 12. Raina: I use leaves, a sticks and some food and shells and wood and that’s it!
  13. 13. Wataru: I just made it with leaf and shells and wood.
  14. 14. Jimmy: I maked the leaves and the stones and the rock. There is some food here and some baddy eat them and some baddy get sick.
  15. 15. Midori: I make a heart. I make the shells, leaves and sea shells.
  16. 16. Maya: I used shells, and little shells and some leaves and a green stick. I made a heart with leaves and little shells and big shells.
  17. 17. Xavier: I made a picture with leaves, a stone, and dirt. I put twigs for a picture frame.