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Football connect screens

  1. 1. LOADING SCREEN<br />
  2. 2. FACEBOOK LOGIN<br />
  3. 3. Education Walkthrough:<br />
  4. 4. Education Walkthrough Continued..<br />
  5. 5. First Time User<br />First-Time user will hit the “Move Wall” after going through the education screens.<br />Move Wall will:<br /><ul><li>Provide user with 25 free swaps.
  6. 6. Push the user to Invite friends for more swaps
  7. 7. Provide user option to purchase swaps</li></li></ul><li>User Home<br />
  8. 8. User Home<br /><ul><li>System will display the weeks games.
  9. 9. Team (record) vs Team (record)
  10. 10. Time
  11. 11. Stadium Name
  12. 12. City, State Abbreviation
  13. 13. By tapping on the game row, the user will have the options to:
  14. 14. View game preview
  15. 15. Join a public game
  16. 16. Join a custom game</li></li></ul><li>User Home ToolTips<br /><ul><li>First time users will have tooltips available to direct them on getting into a game.</li></li></ul><li>NFL Game Preview<br />The user will have the option to view a preview of the game from the User Home prior to joining.<br />
  17. 17. User Home – User Settings<br />
  18. 18. Custom Game - Invite<br /><ul><li>The user chooses “Custom Game” which brings them to the Invite Screen.
  19. 19. The system will pull in the user’s Facebook friends.
  20. 20. Checking off a friends name, choosing done will post an invitation to the invitee’s Facebook wall.</li></li></ul><li>New GamePlay<br />Changes include:<br /><ul><li>4x4 Board
  21. 21. Added “Swap Counter”
  22. 22. Moved Swap tray to the top of the interface
  23. 23. Added swap navigation bread crumbs
  24. 24. The system will generate a game board with a variety of 16 tiles to play the game.
  25. 25. Pre-Game – The user will have the ability to customize the board which will lock 5 minutes before gametime.
  26. 26. The system will also publish a notification to alert the user that the game is about to begin.</li></li></ul><li>Swap Player Pt. 1 – Choosing A Position<br />Each user will have the ability to make changes to their game board by using the event swap:<br />The user chooses to swap a player.<br />The system requests the user to select a position.<br />The user chooses a position (QB)<br />The system populates the swap tray with all the available quarterbacks for the game.<br />
  27. 27. Swap Player Pt. 2 – Adding a player to your board<br />The system has added the players to your swap tray.<br />The user drags and drops the player onto a location on the game board.<br />
  28. 28. Swap Player Pt. 3 – Adding an Event to the Player<br />The user has swapped a player onto the game board.<br />The system requests the user to choose an event to attach to the palyer.<br />The user chooses the event (COM).<br />The screen closes, and triggers a confirmation<br />
  29. 29. Confirm Swap<br />The system requests that the user confirm the swap.<br />Confirm will lock the move in place.<br />Cancel will undo the transaction and restore the user back to part 1 of the process.<br />
  30. 30. Scouting Reports - Game Events & Player Events<br />The user will have the ability to choose a tile and view more information of that tile.<br />
  31. 31. GameCast - Scoreboard<br />Components:<br /><ul><li>Home vs Away Score
  32. 32. Scoring Summary
  33. 33. Current Down and Distance
  34. 34. Drive Chart
  35. 35. Updates with each play.
  36. 36. Directional arrow for which way the team is moving
  37. 37. Current location
  38. 38. Play By Play (Last Play)</li></li></ul><li>GameCast – Play By Play<br /><ul><li>Play by Play – Quarter by quarter breakdown of each event.
  39. 39. Navigation available to scroll through each quarter.
  40. 40. The latest event update will come in from the top of the event stream and push each previous event below.</li></li></ul><li>Game Messaging<br />The system will communicate to the user throughout the game:<br /><ul><li>Personal game play achievements
  41. 41. Group game play achievements
  42. 42. Game Alerts
  43. 43. Game Hints</li></li></ul><li>Game Leaderboard<br /><ul><li>Displays each user in the room, their current rank and their total points for the current game they are playing.
  44. 44. Provides ability to navigate to another room.
  45. 45. Provides the ability to view each user’s game board  Path to using a WEAPON.</li></li></ul><li>Using a Weapon<br /><ul><li>The user will have the ability to view another user’s (opponents) game board.
  46. 46. The user’s swap tray will update to display available weapons
  47. 47. The user now has the ability to drag and drop a weapon onto another user’s board. </li></li></ul><li>The Connect!<br />When a user reaches a Connect in the group, the entire group will be prompted with the “Connect” message.<br />The system will display:<br /><ul><li>The user who scored a connect
  48. 48. Points rewarded for that user
  49. 49. Message – Building new board…</li></li></ul><li>Game Play - Chat<br />
  50. 50. Post-Game – Group Results<br />Upon finalization of the game (When the last event of the NFL game feed comes from STATS) – The system will move the user into the Post-Game.<br /><ul><li>Ability to Share results to FB
  51. 51. Option to Play Again  Returns user to User Home
  52. 52. Display the Room’s leaderboard</li></li></ul><li>Post-Game – Weekly Winners<br /><ul><li>We want to provide a view of the top 10 points winners for each week.
  53. 53. Top 10 is decided by the most points scored in a single Football Connect game.
  54. 54. We will display the winners of the previous week and update at the end of the current week once all results have been made final.</li>