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WordPress as a Tool, SEO as a Strategy
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WordPress as a Tool, SEO as a Strategy


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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and powers millions of websites all over the web. Some people mistakenly take WordPress as the answer to their SEO problems, but the …

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and powers millions of websites all over the web. Some people mistakenly take WordPress as the answer to their SEO problems, but the fact is that WordPress is a tool that make it easy for anyone to publish and share their voice with everyone around the world. This presentation showcases my experience working with WordPress and how I've achieve results by carefully planning and understanding the SEO process.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design

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  • 1. WordPress as a Tool, SEO as a Strategy Jackson Lo, Independent Consultant @jackson_lo | +JacksonLo |
  • 2. Hello my name is… • Jackson Lo • Born and raised in Ottawa, ON. • Carleton U grad; BA Commerce, Information Systems. • Won $5K in Wes Nicol Business Comp. • 5+ years of helping websites get better organic visibility in search engines. • 60+ hours a week working on SEO projects and studying search engines. • Worked with national brands like the Smithsonian, Royal LePage, MathWorks, Papa John’s and the Government of Canada. • Love to learn new things, photography, hiking and travels.
  • 3. WordPress is Popular, No Doubt.
  • 4. Even against it’s rivals… 20052003 2001
  • 5. A lot of comparison searches
  • 6. ‘WordPress SEO’ has gained popularity too
  • 7. He knows it well Yup. That’s me.
  • 8. WordPress is user-friendly Install any plugin you want easily. Manage all your content without the need of a developer. Change the content in your sidebar with click and drag.
  • 9. Don’t expect plugins will make miracles happen
  • 10. WordPress vs. SEO Website Branding & Design Content Management System Beautiful Themes Plugins and Add-ons Performance, Visibility and Reach On-Page Optimization Content Marketing & Strategy Relationship / Link Building Social Media Marketing And obviously, you need a website in order to do SEO on it. WordPress is a great solution.
  • 11. How WordPress makes it easy to do SEO Along the right hand side, this is what you’ll find after you’ve installed the plugin. It’s all there for you!!
  • 12. How WordPress makes it easy to do SEO This is all you need for each page of your website. Yoast makes it easier for anyone to go in and change the Title Tag and Meta Description of each page. See it before it goes live. See it before it goes live.
  • 13. Allowing us to focus on what’s important Inbound Marketing Online Videos SEO Social Media Blogging Email Marketing Content Creation Word of Mouth Web Analytics
  • 14. Why is SEO important? Let’s get here!
  • 15. Anatomy of a search result page Organic results Paid results
  • 16. Anatomy of a search result page Organic Results Paid Results Local / Map Results
  • 17. Stages of an SEO Engagement Audit & Research Planning & Strategy Execution (Ongoing SEO)
  • 18. SEO is not a Race
  • 19. Results take time Started making changes. Organic traffic doubled.
  • 20. Who (where) are you targeting?
  • 21. Who (where) are you targeting? 89.98% of searches are conducted in Google in Canada.
  • 22. Are your customers on mobile?
  • 23. A Ton of Responsive Themes Sort by ‘Sales’ and see which ones are most popular.
  • 24. Understanding Search Demand Highly Searched Highly Relevant Reasonable Competition These are the terms you want to target.
  • 25. Use the Google Keyword Planner
  • 26. Keywords vs. Entities
  • 27. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
  • 28. Is there a plugin?
  • 29. Or use Raven’s
  • 30. SEO-Friendliness? Accessible Crawlable link structure Proper keyword usage Canonical content Great user experience Quick load time Helping our search engines Making the web a better place.
  • 31. Ensure your site is accessible Homepage Category Pages Subcategory Pages Detail Pages
  • 32. Flash and SEO still don’t mix Come on! Crawl my content! I can’t see it. So no.
  • 33. Write unique and valuable content
  • 34. Write content that will last forever
  • 35. Avoid thin content
  • 36. Airbnb: Neighbourhood Guides
  • 37. MOZ: SEO Cheat Sheet
  • 38. Grow your readership
  • 39. Avoid sketchy link schemes • Building links on sites that are irrelevant to your business • Outreach emails that says “I’ll link to you if you link to me” • Hiring someone to do link building with no knowledge of what they’re actually doing
  • 40. Instead, focus on relationship building
  • 41. Build relationships with other publishers
  • 42. Define your metrics • Organic traffic (visits, visitors and pageviews) • Keyword rankings (i.e. 80% between page 1-2) • New leads (phone calls, quote form) • Subscribers and fans (newsletter, Facebook) • Online sales and transactions (eCommerce) • Cost savings (compared to other channels)
  • 43. Build your custom reports & dashboard
  • 44. Contribute to the industry
  • 45. WordPress + SEO • Yoast is all you need • Focus on content • Authorship is becoming a hot topic • Be creative and innovative • Relationship building
  • 46. Thank You! Presenter: Jackson Lo Email: Twitter: @jackson_lo Google+: +JacksonLo