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DILL Virtual Internship at UNCG
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DILL Virtual Internship at UNCG


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Annabelle Koester presents on the DILL Program, Internships & Libraries of Germany in a webinar on Nov 28 2012 for UNCG with Beth Filar Williams

Annabelle Koester presents on the DILL Program, Internships & Libraries of Germany in a webinar on Nov 28 2012 for UNCG with Beth Filar Williams

Published in: Education

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  • Hello, my name is Annabelle Koester. I‘m doing a virtual internship with Beth at Name DILL acronym Topics of presentation: Where I‘m from What i studied work in Hamburg: central office for elearning at University of Hamburg Explain DILL program My internship at UNCG Libraries and education of librarians in Germany Time for questions
  • Germany is in the center of Europe Hamburg is in the north of Germany Going to Oslo in Norway is the same distance as going to Munich in Germany Show Norway, Estonia, Italy on the map
  • After graduation from high school I took a bachelor program at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 6 month of internship within the three years of studies If you want to know more, visit website  there is a international program each spring semester with lectures in English, university is free in Hamburg
  • In 2008 i started working as a student assisstant in the Office for eLearning at the University of Hamburg
  • A friend from university met people of the intake of the year before I started on a conference and recommended me to apply Erasmus Mundus Master program means we get a joint degree by the participating universities Two year program Participating universities: Oslo and Akershus University College, Tallinn University, University of Parma Spend one semester at each of these institutions and decide where to spend the last semester for writing the thesis International group, my group: 16 people from 15 different countries: Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Brazil, Serbia, the US, Bangladesh, Poland, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, Spain, Greece and Germany Additionally the lectures are joined by exchange students of the participating universities, we had people from: Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, France and Turkey for one semester More information on the website, application for next year is open now. Next year it is possible for the first time to attend the program virtually.
  • First semester is in Oslo, Norway Pictures of the campus and inside one of the buildings
  • Norway: 5 million people live there Capital is Oslo with 613 000 people living in Oslo Oslo is in the south of the country: Show Oslo with pointer Many islands and fjords
  • Oslo harbour with the town hall in the background Oslo opera house, you can walk on the roof, they give concerts outside of the building with the crowd watching from the roof, next to the Oslo fjord Karl Johans street: most popular street, leading to the castle, the parliament is on this street, famous hotels and shops Bergen: city on the west coast of the country, very different architecture from Oslo, small wooden houses, calm, peaceful
  • Second semester in Tallinn, Estonia Pictures: Main building of the university The building we had classes in
  • Estonia: Neighbouring countries are Latvia and Russia and in the north Finland, but the Baltic sea is in between 1,3 million people in total live there 420 000 people live in the capital Tallinn For my impression the winter was quite cold, -13 degree fahrenheit, in summer 77 degree fahrenheit
  • Tallinn skyline in winter, Tallinn is in a bay, photo is take from the other side of it, very cold at that time Ice on the Baltic sea Beautiful medieval old town In summer the sun nearly doesnt set. The picture was taken around 10 pm. Very beautiful because the sky doesnt get completely dark, only a beautiful green-blueish. Is it sunset or already sunrise?
  • Third semester is spend in Parma, Italy Summer school in Florence Pictures: Downtown in Pisa DILL group with university staff inside the University of Parma
  • Italy: Central location in the south of Europe 60 million people live there Parma: region Emilia-Romagna Famous for food: Parma prosciutto, Parmesano cheese We got the best food in Italy 187 000 inhabitants Florence for summer school: we spend one month there A little more south Very beautiful city
  • View from our flat in Florence, shared it with girls from my group, cathedral of Florence. We have been there in August, so it was really hot and nice to spend time outside only in the evening. Florence has a river „Arno“ with the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio Parma Biblioteca Palatina in Parma
  • I met Beth during my time in Parma when she was giving lectures for us She offered a place for a virtual internship to our group and I was interested because I like to work virtually and already have some experience through my work as student assisstant We agreed on that I do my internship for 6 weeks, minimum was 4 For the communication and collaboration we used several tools of which I put the logos here: mainly Skype and Email, but also Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect to be able to show documents and share screens, google docs. I used Adobe Captivate to do screencasts and edit them for tutorials I did on the tools Mendeley (organizing literature and get into contact with people who are researching in the same field) and Mindomo (to create mind maps, present them and share them)
  • To me it seems the systems for libraries are similar in the US and Germany We have academic libraries Can be on organizational level  main library of the university Or smaller branch libraries on faculty or department level Public libraries in bigger cities mainly consist of a main library and branches in the different parts of the city Smaller cities might have only on library Special libraries from companies or state institutions which are usually not accessible for the public and focus on one topic National library: in Germany we have two because of the history: one in the former east part in Leipzig, one in the west part in Frankfurt, but they split up the tasks now by giving each library a different focus for the collection
  • Transcript

    • 1. Annabelle Koester
    • 2. Fig. 1. Übersichtskarte Deutschland in Europa Fig. 2. Locator map Hamburg in Germany
    • 3. * Hamburg University of Applied Sciences* Bachelor of Arts* 3 years of studies* 6 month of internship* Fig. 3. Hamburg, Uhlenhorst, Finkenau, Innenhof
    • 4. * student assisstant* 2008 – now* support for LMS OLAT, Virtual Classrooms, building courses, tutor* Fig. 4. Main building of the University of Hamburg
    • 5. * Erasmus Mundus Master program* 2 years* international group* three universities, each at least one semester* Fig. 5. DILL 5 group, Leonéia Evangelista
    • 6. Fig. 6. HiOA Campus, Malgorzata Szynkielewska Fig. 7. Inside HiOA, Malgorzata Szynkielewska
    • 7. Fig.8-11: Sonia Theodoridou; Marcin Szala; own work; Sonia Theodoridou
    • 8. Fig. 12. The front of the building of the University of Tallinn Fig. 13. Mare building of the Tallinn University
    • 9. Fig. 14-17 Sonia Theodoridou, own work, Sonia Theodoridou, own work
    • 10. Fig. 18. Pisa downtown, own work Fig. 19. DILL 5 group and staff, Università degli Studi di Parma
    • 11. Fig. 20-23 all own work
    • 12. * mentor Beth Filar Williams* 6 weeks* communication via eMail, Skype, Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect, google docs* worked on tutorials on Mendeley, Mindomo and how google can be used for academic research * used Adobe Captivate to implement the tutorials
    • 13. * academic libraries * organizational level * faculty level * department level* public libraries * main library and branches* special libraries* national library Fig. 24. German library Leipzig – main building with book tower
    • 14. * 3 year apprenticeship (mix of practical training and studying at a school) * counter tasks * general enquiries * clerical/administrative work as invoicing etc. * preparation of tours * assisting certified librarians and subject specialists
    • 15. * three years of studies for Bachelor degree* additional two years for Master degree * information desk work * library inductions * event organisation * cataloguing and acquisitions * collection development and management * project work * teaching library
    • 16. * degree in subject + PG course in librarianship * new acquisitions classification * responsibility for subject budgets * advanced collection development * relationships with departments * subject specific training * PR, management and coordination
    • 17. * Fig. 1. Übersichtskarte Deutschland in Europa. Retrieved Nov 25, 2012, from* Fig. 2. TUBS, Wikimedia Commons. Locator map Hamburg in Germany. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 3. Staro1. Wikimedia Commons, Hamburg, Uhlenhorst, Finkenau, Innenhof. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 4. Merlin Senger. Wikimedia Commons, Main building of the University of Hamburg. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 5. Leonéia Evangelista. DILL 5 group. Private Collection* Fig. 6. Małgorzata Szynkielewska. HiOA Campus. Private Collection.* Fig. 7. Małgorzata Szynkielewska. Inside HiOA. Private Collection* Fig. 8. Sonia Theodoridou. Rådhus, Oslo. Private Collection. Contact* Fig. 9. Marcin Szala. Building of Opera in Oslo by night. Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 10. Annabelle Koester. Karl Johans Gate, Oslo. Private Collection.* Fig. 11. Sonia Theodoridou. Bergen. Private Collection. Contact* Fig. 12. Wikimedia Commons. The front of the building of the University of Tallinn (Tallinna Ülikool). Retrieved Nov 23, 2012, from* Fig. 13. Alma Pater. Tallinn University. Mare building, Uus-Sadama 5. Entrance. Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 14. Sonia Theodoridou. Tallinn‘s skyline in winter. Private Collection. Contact* Fig. 15. Annabelle Koester. Winter at the Baltic sea. Private Collection.* Fig. 16. Sonia Theodoridou. Old Town in the sun, Tallinn. Private Collection. Contact* Fig. 17. Annabelle Koester. Summer in Tallinn. Private Collection.* Fig. 18. Annabelle Koester. Pisa down town. Private Collection.* Fig. 19. Università degli Studi di Parma. Foto di gruppo con gli studenti del Master. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from* Fig. 20. Annabelle Koester. Florence at night. Private Collection.* Fig. 21. Annabelle Koester. Ponte Vecchio, Florence. Private Collection.* Fig. 22. Annabelle Koester. Old Town, Parma. Private Collection.* Fig. 23. Annabelle Koester. Biblioteca Palatina, Parma. Private Collection.* Fig. 24. Trainspotter. German library Leipzig – main building with book tower. Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved Nov 24, 2012, from