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Research Driven Design



My presentation from the first DC Design Talks on Feb. 29, 2008.

My presentation from the first DC Design Talks on Feb. 29, 2008.



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Research Driven Design Research Driven Design Presentation Transcript

  • Research-Driven Design Jackson Fox | UX Designer | DC Design Talks | 2/29/2008
  • What is research-driven design?
  • Research is all about observation of the user...
  • research-driven design is grounded in the user’s reality...
  • ...because we want to give people what they need, which isn’t always what they want.
  • Research- Theory-Driven Data-Driven Driven Design Design Design Empirical Derived from Web observation theory analytics
  • It’s all the same thing really
  • Back in the olden days... (in the fifties actually)
  • Intuition vs. Research
  • Our theoretical heritage > Cognitive Psychology > Experimental Psychology
  • Welcome our new social science overlords > Sociology > Social Psychology > Anthropology > even... Marketing
  • We observe the user...
  • > Usability Testing > Card Sorting > User Observation > Analytics > Contextual Inquiry > Focus Groups > Interviews > Etc... > Surveys
  • Then we analyze the data... And we draw conclusions
  • AKA, the “Wheel of Science” Theory Observation Hypothesis Generalization
  • Good Times
  • More trouble than it’s worth
  • Research is only as much effort as you make it In science we talk about “experimental design” — choosing the right methods and the right samples
  • Crushes the creative spirit
  • Research informs design, it doesn’t replace it We use user research to ground our efforts in reality, and to validate our choices
  • Not really scientific at all
  • Quantitative Qualitative Counts and Qualities and measures characteristics Objective Subjective Neither is more “scientific” than the other
  • What is “good” research? > Randomization > Implementation > Control > Analysis > Reliability > Interpretation > Validity
  • In fact, it’s all just common sense
  • Actually, that’s not always a bad thing Just because the results are “common sense” doesn’t mean that the effort is wasted
  • In fact, many times we want the results to be common sense
  • One last thing...
  • E-Z Design Research TM
  • Someone else has done a lot of work, and we get use it
  • Design Papers Books Guidelines Prioritizing Web SURL Usability NN/g, UIE, Etc... ACM SIG-CHI Designing Interfaces But! Be critical of the research you see. Ask yourself if it’s good science.
  • 1. Research-driven design grounds us in reality
  • 2. Don’t be afraid of the touchy-feely stuff
  • 3. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right ...and design research is worth it!
  • Thanks! Jackson Fox UX Designer,
  • DC Design Talks February 29, 2008
  • Yay!