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Citation management made simple
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Citation management made simple


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  • EBSCO – Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text (information literacy)ProQuest – ABI/INFORM Complete (merger)CSA – Sociological Abstracts (criminal insanity)OVID – MEDLINE (pneumonia)Catalogue – (refworks)
  • EBSCO – Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text (information literacy)ProQuest – ABI/INFORM Complete (merger)CSA – Sociological Abstracts (criminal insanity)OVID – MEDLINE (pneumonia)Catalogue – (refworks)
  • Web of Science (pneumonia)
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Using RefWorksBrian JacksonResearch Librarian
    • 2. RefWorks
      What RefWorks can do:
      Store and organize references to articles, websites, books, blogs, etc.
      Store saved files
      Act as an RSS feed reader
      Link you directly to free or available subscription-based content
      Create a bibliography in virtually any citation style
      Allow you to share references with colleagues
      Help you easily insert citations into a paper
      Search library catalogues and other databases
    • 3. RefWorks
      What RefWorks can’t do:
      Create a flawless bibliography
      Allow you to directly search subscription databases
      Allow direct import from EVERY database
      Easily migrate references from SOME other sources
    • 4. Getting Started
    • 5. RefWorks
      Getting Started
      Create a RefWorks account
      Find books and articles of interest in a catalogue or database
      Export them to RefWorks
    • 6. RefWorks
      Keys to exporting from databases
      Look for a link marked ‘Export’
      If there is no such link, ‘mark’ or add reference to folder
      View ‘Marked List’ or ‘Folder’
      There will usually be a direct export option from there…but not always
    • 7. RefWorks
      Exporting to RefWorks
      CSA – ProQuest
      MacEwan Catalogue
    • 8. RefWorks
      Exporting to RefWorks
      Some databases do not export directly to RefWorks
      References in these databases can usually be saved as a .txt file and imported through RefWorks
    • 9. RefWorks
      RefWorks-specific tags
    • 10. RefWorks
      Exporting to RefWorks
      .txt file example
      Web of Science
    • 11. RefWorks
      Exporting from Google Scholar
      In ‘Scholar Preferences’ set the Bibliographic Manager option to ‘Show links to import citations into RefWorks’
      Search results will allow direct export to RefWorks
    • 12. RefWorks
      Exporting from SFX
    • 13. RefWorks
      Editing References
      Once imported, references can be edited to include:
      All major fields
      Notes by multiple users
      The ‘Global Edit’ option allows you to edit a field in a group of references
    • 14. RefWorks
      Organizing References
      Folders can be created without limit
      Imported references go by default into ‘Last Imported’ folder
      These can be moved into any folder
    • 15. RefWorks
      Viewing Groups of References
      Individual folders can be viewed by selecting ‘View’ and ‘Folder’
      You may also view all references that are not in folders
      Exact or closely matching duplicate references can be viewed by selecting ‘View’ and ‘Duplicates’
    • 16. RefWorks
      Creating a Bibliography
      Bibliographies can be created in a number of citation styles plus custom styles
      Bibliographies can be created from a folder or from all references
      Bibliographies must be checked for accuracy!!!
    • 17. RefWorks
      Searching References
      Searches can be conducted using a variety of fields across all references or within folders
      Searches can be saved
      RefWorks also permits browsing by author, descriptor, or publication
    • 18. Advanced RefWorks
    • 19. RefWorks
      Searching Other Library Catalogues
      RefWorks allows users to search a large number of catalogues from post-secondary institutions and other libraries world-wide
      References from these catalogues can be easily imported to a RefWorks account
    • 20. RefWorks
      Exporting References
      References can be exported to another bibliographic software program or to a .txt file for importing into another RefWorks account
      Select ‘References’ and ‘Export’
      Choose folder and output style
    • 21. RefWorks
      Importing References
      Select ‘References’ and ‘Import’
      Select the Data Source
      This can be a specific database or RefWorks Tagged Format
      See RefWorks help for instructions regarding individual databases
      Select the folder to which references will be imported
      Upload the .txt file
    • 22. RefWorks
      RefWorks RSS Reader
      RefWorks RSS reader can read RSS feeds from databases (TOCs, searches) as well as most other RSS content (blogs, newspapers, podcasts, etc.)
      Copy and paste an RSS URL into the reader. Download references
      Choose references to keep and import them into a folder
    • 23. RefWorks
      Author Profiles
      If this symbol appears beside an author’s name, RefWorks has a profile of that author.
      Click on the symbol to see the author’s position and institutional affiliation
    • 24. RefWorks
      Importing Web Pages using RefGrab-It
      RefGrab-It is a bookmarklet that sits on your browser
      ISBNs, DOIs, and RSS feeds
      If the above are not present, it will allow you to import the web page as a reference
    • 25. RefWorks
      Microsoft Word compatible add-in
      One click citations
      One click bibliography
    • 26. RefWorks
      Brian Jackson