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    Sport On  T V Sport On T V Presentation Transcript

    • Sport on Television Topic Areas for 2010
    • Sport on Television
      • TV Sport covers a wide range of television genres from
      • Live coverage of sporting events
      • Results programmes
      • Sports News
      • Sports talk
      • Specialist Sports channels
      • Sports documentary
      • Sports Quiz
    • Live Sport Studio Sport
      • Technical codes and conventions Live broadcast
      • Cameras
      • Editing Slow mo’s, replays
      • Sound
      • Symbolic codes
      • Presenters
      • Mise en scene
      • Narratives
      • Studio camera techniques
      • Studio editing
      • Presenters
      • Interviewees Sports Stars
      • Audience participation
      • The studio set
      • The segments Narratives
      • Edited features, highlights
      • Music
    • TV Sport and Representations
      • TV Sport and gender - sports stars/ sports presenters
      • Tv Sport and Representations of Nation
      • Representations of Britain, of Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
      • Representations of class
      • Representations of age.
    • TV Sport and Organisations
      • TV Sport- Marketing and Promotion
      • Cross Media synergies
      • TV Sport and the converging media
      • TV sport and scheduling
      • TV sport and competition between TV organisations
      • The distinctiveness of TV organisations through Sport BBC, ITV, Sky
    • TV Sport and Audiences
      • Everyday uses and pleasures of sport on TV
      • When to watch sport? Weekends, midweek match, Sport 24
      • Audience appeal and sport
      • Sport and National identity, the drama of sport, Sports stars
      • Target audiences and fans
      • National identity, regions vs. nations, spots fans, clubs, gender, ethnicity
      • Reception and influence and Sport.
      • Group loyalties, imitation, violence
    • Analysing Euro 2008
      • Genre Trailer for BBC TV Sport Football
      • Technical codes Vox pop interview style inter cut with edited cameos of football stars, teams and fans intertextuality with documentary /reality style
      • Camerawork Close ups of fans and stars, action footage, medium shot, long shot crane shot of action from a variety of viewpoints
      • Editing, quick cutting of wide range of different players, stars, fans
      • Sound. Diegetic dialogue, fans, non diegetic fans music, voiceover
    • Analysing Euro 2008
      • Symbolic codes
      • Dress, body language,. Gesture Of fans of sports stars
      • Colour codes, rather drab British working class fans juxtaposed with colourful European stars and fans
      • Settings working class British settings with Euro football grounds
      • Typograhic codes at end of clip Euro style font in sans serif lower case hand drawn
      • Split screen montage effect of all contibutors reflect multi Euro nations and excitement expectations of coming events
    • Analysing Euro 2008
      • Narratives Who will you support?
      • Ordinary fans expectations of event through talented European stars many of whom are very familiar through fans and club loyalties
      • Small nations against big nations
      • Heroes and villains
      • Representations Brit working class fans and regions juxtaposed against glamourous European fans and stars.
    • Euro 2008 and TV organisations
      • BBC trailer
      • BBC and Sport and Soccer
      • BBC as national broadcaster/ Euro broadcaster
      • Representing British views
      • Working class voice of the people/fans
      • Regional identities
      • Key feature of summer schedule
      • BBC Sports presenters Lineker, Hanson, Shearer
    • Euro 2008 and audiences
      • Summer schedules Summer evenings lacks the appeals of English, Welsh or Scots, n Irish, Irish involvement
      • For hardened soccer fans
      • Star appeals of Renaldo
      • Continental appeals, colourful, Fiesta, Spanish, Portuguese.