Rubik Financial - Introduction- March 2012


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General introduction to the products of Rubik Financial Limited ASX:RFL

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Rubik Financial - Introduction- March 2012

  1. 1. An Introduction
  2. 2. Who are we? Top 10 36% 51% 13% 4,014 Next investors 10
  3. 3. What do we do?Rubik builds software for banks to...Engage Serve Sell GrowReach your customers Same details in every Make buying painless. Access a worldwideanytime, anywhere on channel product catalogue Provide your team theany device Clear overrides and knowledge to offer the right Proof the product now!• Branch how to get them. product at the right time. Pilot quickly• Phone Self service whenever• Mobile Scale with your success possible• Internet• iPad• ....?
  4. 4. Why buy from us?Rubik builds software for banks that is...Secure Design Multi PayISO 27001 and PCI Customer relationships Brand Pay-as-you-Go pricing at the centre of designRegular Pen tests Company Short implementations Integrated acrossScreening Language Dot Net and SQL based business lines for low costFull BCP and DR Sites Country APIs to allow extension developmentover 300km apart and easy integration Time-zone Regular upgradesHigh availabilityconfiguration (99.5%)Non-stop 24x7
  5. 5. Rubiks mission and vision Mission Rubik Financial will achieve compelling growth in shareholder value through exploitation of profitable niches within the financial services sector. Vision Deliver a flexible, low cost, hosted, “Bank-in-a-Box” technology platform to financial institutions. Bank-in-a-Box Flexible A suite of integrated systems for meeting banking system needs Low cost Decrease complexity & cost of technology Hosted Provide a secure, highly available, compliant environment
  6. 6. Long Term Strategy - 5 to10 years• Deliver lower costs of products and services to consumers (members) by decreasing the overall cost of delivery• Reduce technology spend to reduce cost-to-income ratio• Manage entire technology needs of 75% of all financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand – ie. deliver scale benefits to the majority of Financial Institution market• Deliver specialist product solutions to T24 customers and financial institutions worldwide• Provide a multi-tenanted, highly configurable ‘Bank-in-a-Box’ capability with services priced “pay-as-you-go”
  7. 7. Financial services is IT Intensive Customer Segments Value Mass Market Premium High Worth Private Distribution Channels IVR/Call SMS/Mobile ATM/ EFTPOS Branch Broker Internet Centre Products Transaction Home Loans Consumer Loans Equities Managed Funds Accounts Credit Card Overdrafts Savings Accounts Insurance Commercial Infrastructure Services Authorities Imaging Documentation Payments General Ledger Security Reporting Interfaces Audit Customer Data
  8. 8. Product offering today – in-house or on demand Core Internet Phone Collections Bank-in-a-Box Online Banking Phone Banking -IVR 1st Party - CWX SPX Payments Exchange Online Applications VoIP Systems 3rd Party - Mercantile Card Management Factor2 Mobile Banking Legal Recoveries Bpay Secure Portal Cash Dispenser Agency Management Tablet Apps Delinquency Already hosted for customers by Rubik
  9. 9. Value added at each levelRubik is assisting the technology teams of institutions by freeing themup to do “high value” business tasks.Just as assembling boxes and running data centres has become aspecialist task, the basic operation and management of coreapplications can now be handled by a partner, allowing staff to focus onconfiguration and new product delivery. • Products • Localisation • Fees • Regulatory Reporting, • Workflows • Interfaces • Branding • Channel Products • Core system • Networks • General Ledger • Hardware
  10. 10. What’s in the Box? Branches Channels: Internet, Mobile, Phone, Tablet Banking, SMS Banking RTI - Rubik Transaction Interface Other FI’s: Cards Member Wpac, ANZ, Cheque CBA, NAB etc Security Layer Collections Interface Layer Direct CUSCAL, Entry INDUE, WIBS T24 Loans - DI Accounts – Members – Rules - Processes - Transactions Bpay BPAY CRM View Interface Layer ERP Security Layer ATM/EFT FDI, WIBS POS External Parties: APRA, ATO, Austrac, AFIC, ASIC, Veda, Experian
  11. 11. T24 modules “in the box” Web Call Centre Branch Mobile IVR Other Systems BPEL Engines Open Financial Service (OFS) – Web Services - SOA Security Management System Process Workflow Deposits 360 ° View Collateral Business Insights Order Book Capital Markets Savings Customer Contact Log Multi Time Zone Modelling Forex Mortgages Past Due Commercial Loans Multi Company Performance Money Market Consumer Loans Funds Transfer Cash Management Multi Language Settlement Swaps Card Management Tax Engine Guarantees STP Repair Fiduciary Deposits Futures / OptionsComponents Advices Teller Leasing Branch Resilience Market Risk Repos Statements X-Selling Trade Finance Profitability Basel II / III Structured product Sweeps Document Mgt Comm. Bills Discount Loans Sweeps/DD/SO FRA Accounts Image Mgt Product Catalogue Wealth Mgt Euro Confo Matching Direct Debits Card Management Campaigns IAS 39 - Hedging S.W.I.F.T. Corporate Actions Cheques Banking GL Analytics Asset Mgt Nostro Recs Syndicated Loans Standing Orders Limits Dev Tool Kit Margin Trading Custody Brokerage OLAP Data Store Data Warehouse
  12. 12. T24 – The Leading Core Banking Solution• Broad, modular functionality• Customer relationships at the centre of design• Integrated across business lines Flexibility• Process workflow to channels Single Product• Mission critical - 24*7 Non Stop Parameters, technical• Massively Scalable One T24 extensions• Multi: Company, Language, Country, Time-zone Open Simple Upgrade Platform, Design, Automated, Database, Annual Connectivity
  13. 13. T24 - R&D spend = Strong Roadmap % of revenue on Research & Development 25.00% Temenos*, 19.91% 20.00% CB2, 14.71% % of revenue 15.00% CB3, 14.22% 10.00% CB4, 5.6% 5.00% CB1, 3.76% 0.00% 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 R06 – 2006 R07 – 2007 R08 – 2008 R09 – 2009 R10 – 2010 R11 – 2011•Non-Stop •Enterprise •Data •BPEL / BAM •Corporate ARC- •AJAX screens•Multi Book Console Warehouse •Model IB •Additional AA•Global •Branch •Arrangements Processes •Alerts •WealthProcessing Resilience •ARC / CRM •Structured •Provisioning •BI/MIS•SEAT Metrics •Mutual Funds •ARC – IB Products •RIA Browser additions •Product •Browser 2 •T-Verify •GA •IFRS Catalogue •Updates
  14. 14. Phone Banking• 180 installations with 150+ ADI’s using system in Australia• Analogue, digital or VOIP• Many features Internet • Balances • Transactions VOIP PSTN • Payments E1 IVR • Process automation RTI PABX Phone • Limit controls Host Interface Banking • Locator services• Hosted or in-house• Disaster Recovery site CORE Management Reports Console Database
  15. 15. Mobile Banking• Many phones supported, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia• Audio enabled• Easy to use & intuitive User Interface specifically designed for the mobile phone - not a scaled down standard Internet banking app• SMS and mobile broadband solutions to meet local market needs• Banks already seeing more mobile users than web!
  16. 16. “Gen 3” - Internet Banking• Ability to customise for every customer• Highly secure • Layered security • Session Replay • Function containers• Massively scalable with over 50K concurrent users per server• API to add further services or partners• Tablet ready
  17. 17. Card Management System ATM/EFTPOS Other Financial• Inexpensive system with multi- Institutions brand / multi-bin SWITCH• Browser based for mobile FDI / CUSCAL / WIBS deployment• Either use batch card production or personalised cards Gateway Card Settlement• Pay per brand and card Transactions Updates Reports EFG CMServer CMS Transaction Processor (Backend) Web Interface CMS Database User User User CORE
  18. 18. Bpay Biller & Payer Other Institutions• Biller - Allows organisation to rapidly create and manage billers• Payer – drives the value BPAY processing of Bpay files• Browser based so authority can Card Payment be devolved to customers Management Files System• Could be used for business CORE customers, or for customers of BPAY Biller your clients Driver BPAY System BPAY Biller ELUS Web Interface User User User
  19. 19. SPX - Settlements & Payments Exchange• Integrated payment platform• Hosted payment processing for smaller banks• Inter-bank Settlement & Payments across branch network / subsidies Cheques Utility Payments Salaries & Wages Money Transfers Creditor Settlements Unemployment Benefits Bill Payments Dividend Payments Direct Debits ACH Payments Cheques, Money order Bill Payments to EDI Settlements to printing & utilities/service registered EDIAcross any Financial companies participants Institution Reconciliation
  20. 20. CWXA single platform that consolidates all relevant information of acustomer and their accounts to provide a full view of the customerexposure to your organisation. Core Customer • Customer/Account • 360 degree view • Loan • Workflow • Mortgage • Correspondence • Scoring • Reports/ Export Additional External Modules • Analytics • Agency Management • Scoring • Legal Module • Data Warehousing • Management Console
  21. 21. Management Console - Promises
  22. 22. Secure Hosted Environment •High physical security, including Biometric Entry, anti-ram, 4 ISPs, 2 power providers and warm diesel backup etc. •Highly Protected T4 rating from ASIO and DSD •Sites over 300km apart •ISO 27001 & PCI certification •High Availability configuration (99.95% )
  23. 23. Decreasing costs by:• Lower selection cost • Reduce cost of sale / selection by grouping core system selection processes for multiple clients at once • Pricing, contracts and offering transparent to decrease negotiation cycle• Lower implementation costs • Centralised hardware platform already operational ensures: • Design and Set-to-work not required • Virtual servers and SAN scale with demand • Pre-integration with third party connections eg. ATM, EFTPOS, Bulk Payments • “Commodity” based choices for key hardware and software • Rapid gap analysis of product and workflow differences from “Model” starting point given common offerings• Lower cost of ongoing usage • Pay as you use / volume based pricing • Access to large developer pool given dot net and SQL development environment • Single annual upgrade process managed by Rubik for all customers • ‘Open” system so data and development not hostage to hosting provider
  24. 24. Benefits Rubik provides• Resources & Skills • 65 staff with domain experience in banking • Specialty skills in integrations to core systems • Local / Global partners on call• Lower project risk • Proven and stress tested infrastructure • Prebuilt basic design elements • Tight scope/gap control • Certified interfaces
  25. 25. Final Slide Rubik Financial Limited ABN 51 071 707 232 • 10/17 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW • 1/1 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park, NSW • 4/68 St Georges Terrace, Perth , Western Australia • 24/22 Clifford Centre, Singapore 308900 • PO Box 213314 Dubai UAE PO Box 4808 Sydney NSW 2001 Phone: +61 2 9488 4000 Fax: +61 2 9449 1116