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One of the 12 entries to the "Salog kan Buhay" contest for Best Conceptual Design for revitalizing Naga River

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Tourism Students - AdeNU

  1. 1. Naga City Riverbank<br />Proposed design<br />(From Tabuco Bridge to Landing site of Ina in Basilica)<br />
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  3. 3. The flat forms<br />The purpose of which is that it where we can put on removable statues that fits to particular event for example during the Lenten season, we can put to each flat form a station of the cross, that stretches from the opposite side of the DANLUGAN of INA at Tabuco Bridge to the opposite side of The Landing site of Ina.<br />The flat forms may be place alternately on each side of the river to avoid being a hindrance to business establishment that is near to the river.<br />
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  5. 5. The Statues Area<br />This where we can give tribute to important person that plays an important role in the development of Nueva Caceres to the present day Naga City,<br />Tablets with information about the person on the statues are placed for better knowing of the person, it is like taking a bikol history class while walking.<br />For students to know who to thank and think responsible for our past, present, and future.<br />
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  7. 7. The riverside shops area <br />This is where business owner may do business.<br /> In the stretch of the river not more 20 business stalls may be allowed to avail of the chance to sell nearby the river to lessen the possibility of the river from acquiring dirt.<br />This may start from the both sides of Panganiban Bridge to Colgante Bridge.<br />To the businesses that will be their it is a must cleanliness is strictly implemented. <br />
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  9. 9. The River walk and Park<br />This part can be applied from Colgante Bridge to Magsaysay Bridge, this is applicable to that area because schools are located in this area, students may use the area to walk to Naga Centro not taking the side of the main road for them to avoid the heavy pollution that is present during rush hours.<br />The walk has barriers for safety purposes, chairs to sit on, and street lights for everyone that would like to take a walk at night.<br />
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  11. 11. The Landing Site of Ina<br />This is a more improved landing site of Ina<br />Made of concrete blocks that resembles a classic Spanish scenery that brings back to where our devotion have started,<br />
  12. 12. Add on`s<br />There must be at least a barangay police outpost near each bridge, for public safety purposes ,public information area booth for tourist and first aid assistance.<br />Roving police may be requested at night.<br />The measurements of each proposed design and structures can be adjusted to fit in a particular place,<br />
  13. 13. Presented by:<br />Tourism Students<br />Ateneo De Naga University<br />