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Kilambe Coffee Catalog 2013
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Kilambe Coffee Catalog 2013


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Kilambe Coffee Catalog 2013

Kilambe Coffee Catalog 2013

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  • 1. The Legend of KilambéMy dad was always picky about his coffee, andhe could never find a good, consistent cup. Hispassion told him that it was his calling to createthe finest coffee the world has ever known.The location was crucial. We chose the mountain of Kilambé (pronounced“kil-ahhm-bay”, with the emphasis on the last syllable) in our native Nica-ragua rising over a mile up above sea level to 5,700 feet. Surrounded bya National Protected Area, the mountain is part of the Bosawas BiosphereReserve.From these highlands, we hand-picked the beans and then moved to ourhome where they were roasted with meticulous care and carefully washedin spring water. While we no longer roast the beans in our laundry room, wedo still take that same attention to detail to give you the perfect cup of coffeeevery time.Our legendary Kilambé beans are used in my select blend, but we also inviteyou to explore our other choice coffees. We’ve scoured the world’s coffeeproducing regions and selected only the finest beans to complement ourfamily’s hand-produced coffee.It takes the best to earn the Kilambé Coffee name, and we’re proud to sharea cup of the world’s most premium coffees with you, your family and yourfriends. — Alexa
  • 2. FEATURED COFFEEAlexa’s ChoiceYou will soon have in your hands a bag of perhaps the most rare and sought-after gourmet coffee in the world! These coffee beans have been lovinglycultivated by the Kilambé Coffee Company in the Kilambé’ Mountain of Nica-ragua. The beans are grown slowly to full maturity in mountain shade. Theyare hand-picked one at a time to provide the highest in gourmet quality, andthen fermented for 26 hours so that the skin can be carefully removed with-out damaging the seed. No pesticides are ever used.Next, the beans are spring water washed, then slowly sun-dried, until theyhave the perfect humidity content of 11.5%. Finally, your beans transitioninto a 30-day “rest” period, which allows the beans to slowly complete theirtaste-enhancing richness.Given the hand-crafted nature of Kilambé Coffee, you will never see it on asupermarket shelf. Instead, it is our wish to have this coffee gifted from onefriend to another, one client to another, throughout the world. We will alwaystreat our relationship with you with care and respect, the same way that wegrow our Kilambé Coffee.$19.95 || Item #001 || Ground or Whole Bean || 10 oz.. bagLight, Medium or Dark
  • 3. Fair Trade and OrganicWe are committed to being socially andenvironmentally responsible.Many of our organic coffees are compliant with the NOP (National OrganicProgram) and are USDA Certified Organic by OCIA International (OrganicCrop Improvement Association). Our roasting is completed and registeredwith the Fair Trade registry, and many of our Organic/Fair Trade selectionsare dual-certified.We believe strongly in the importance of these two issues: Organic andFair Trade products. As a result, many of the coffees we distribute also havethese certifications. It is important that our partners in the growing countriesare receiving fair and equitable prices for their goods. Without them, therewould be no speciality coffee industry.
  • 4. Premium Gourmet Coffees FromColombian SupremoLIGHT ROASTThe pride of South America, we have selected only the finest beans of Su-premo, which is the largest and most evenly graded Colombian coffee. It isknown for being extremely aromatic with medium body, a bright taste and arich, well-balanced cup.$16.95 Reg / $17.95 Decaf || Item #717 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.Brazil SantosMEDIUM ROASTSantos is grown in the southern state of Minas Gerais, the area that pro-duces the “Best of Brazil”. Derived from the original stock of the Bourbontree, which was introduced to Brazil from the Reunion Islands in the 1800s. Itis hulled and milled by the dry process method. The cup is medium to heavy-bodied, with a trace of earthiness. It bear a subtle sweetness in its full flavor.$16.95 Regular || Item #714 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.(Not available in Decaf)Tanzanian PeaberryMEDIUM ROASTThis brilliant African coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro nearthe Kenyan border. Normal coffee develops with the “2 lobes” that are ob-served in a coffee bean. However, 3% of the beans are grown without theselobes, and grow into a more round, compact shape. Thus, the name “Pea-berry”. Many coffee lovers believe that the smaller, more compact shape ofthis bean renders a flavor that is more concentrated and more lively in thecup. This coffee has a clean, nutty aftertaste.$17.95 Regular || Item #735 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.(Not available in Decaf)
  • 5. m Around the Globe Sumatran Mandheling MEDIUM ROAST This Indonesian gem is the finest of the natural processed Sumatra coffees. Our Mandheling is double hand-picked, a true rarity, but worth the small ad- ditional cost. It possesses a smooth, full-bodied characteristic, as well as a strong earthy and somewhat musty taste, with low acidity. This Sumatra has a concentrated bouquet with a dry nutty flavor and a dash of herbs in a syrupy body. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #733 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Viennese Legacy DARK ROAST An absolute favorite amongst those that appreciate the quality of coffee from the European continent and Vienna. This is the lightest of the dark roasts, with beans that are brown to light-dark brown and a slight amount of oil showing. These beans produce a heavy body, a haunting nutty flavor and a beautiful caramel aftertaste. $16.95 Reg / $17.95 Decaf || Item #740 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Italia Fortuna DARK ROAST Among the most highly rated of the European coffees, you will be receiving the darkest of the dark roasts with the exquisite Italia Fortuna. These beans are dark brown to black and covered with oil. The coffee has a very heavy and distinctive body, medium acidity, with a bittersweet caramelized and somewhat smoky aftertaste. $16.95 Reg / $17.95 Decaf || Item #742 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.
  • 6. Premium Gourmet Flavored Co Our premium gourmet flavored coffees are crafted from the finest selec- tion of both 100% Nicaraguan and Columbian beans, roasted to a full- city roast. We then enhance the flavor with the highest quality extracts that result in a decadent treat. No Sugar. No Calories.All Flavored Coffees are available in both Regular and Decaf! Hazelnut The combination of rich, toasted hazelnuts with a Nicaraguan or Colum- bian coffee bean results in the world’s best seller. A perfect afternoon treat. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #036 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. French Vanilla A passionate kiss of vanilla wraps itself around perfectly roasted Nica- raguan or Columbia beans, resulting in a creamy, bright flavored brew. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #033 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Cherries Jubilee Imagine the blend of our sweet maraschino cherry flavor elegantly mixed in with 100% of the finest Colombian or Nicaragua beans. With no calories and no sug- ars added, this is a mouth-popping, eye-opening delightful treasure of a coffee. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #020 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Cinn-a-Nut Reminiscent of the “snicker-doodle” cookie, this flavored coffee combines the rich taste of cinnamon with the delightful hazelnut to produce a full-bodied taste. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #072 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Creme Brulee As good as it gets! Combining the exquisite flavor of a caramelized custard with a Nicaragua or Columbia coffee results in a creamy fragrant brew that will not ever be forgotten. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #073 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.
  • 7. offees Mexican Liquer (Kahlua) Honestly, who can resist this taste? With the flavor extract of Kahlua result- ing in a that “ahhhh” in your mouth, this favorite among our flavored coffees is sure to be a “repeat” in your selection. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #075 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Chocolate Coconut The rich flavor of coconut married to the exquisite chocolate we provide, all mixed together with premium coffee beans. Need we say more? $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #127 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Chocolate Hazelnut An absolutely beautiful combination that is consumed in abundance in the fall and winter months. The exquisite blend of the hazelnut, delicately mixed with our hearty chocolate and premium gourmet coffee bean results in a 5-star favorite among coffee lovers. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #118 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Chocolate Macadamia Nut A full-city roast of perhaps the most delicious nut available, mixed with a bountiful blend of chocolate to make the “perfect pair” of flavored coffee. This is too good to pass up! $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #119 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. Chocolate Raspberry The only thing better than hearing about this is tasting it! The flavor of fresh ripe raspberries covered with creamy milk chocolate. A delicious after-dinner coffee. $18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #071 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.
  • 8. Decaffeinated Coffee Cafe’ Stefano LIGHT ROAST With a perfect blend of beans from South America, Africa and Indonesia roasted to a full-city roast, this coffee is perfect 24/7! Aromatic, bold, good acidity, and a smooth buttery mouth feel. It has a chocolate aftertone that brews up bright and spicy. $18.95 || Item #1703 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. bag Legacy MEDIUM ROAST Considered amongst the finest in the globe. The beans are a combination of a full-city roast of South America, Central America, and dark roast beans. It is aromatic with a smooth lingering aftertaste. $18.95 || Item #1777 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. bag Reflections DARK ROAST The strongest of our decaffeinated blends, it has a heavy dark chocolate taste with excellent aftertones and good acidity. It uses French roasted cen- tral beans combined with Viennese roasted Indonesian blends for a truly outstanding cup of coffee. $18.95 || Item #1751 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. bagAll Flavored Coffees are also available in Decaf!
  • 9. Swiss Water ProcessSwiss Water Process Decaffeinated CoffeeThe 100% Chemical-free Swiss Water Process be-gins by soaking high-quality green coffee beans inpure clean water to create “flavor-charged water.”The steps occurs only once, and these original beansare then discarded. The flavor-charged water is thenrun through a carbon filter, which traps only the caf-feine molecules in the carbon’s pores.This flavor-charged water, now decaffeinated, is thencirculated over the green coffee beans and the caf-feine, not the flavor, naturally flows out of the beans via simple diffusion.Because the water is already saturated with flavor components, any possibleflavor crossover or removal that might occur is held to an absolute minimum.This is why the Swiss Water Process maintains coffee flavor and complexityso accurately, without adding foreign “process” flavors to the coffees.Guatemalan, C.A.This superb coffee comes from the Antigua region of the southwest moun-tains on the Pacific side of Guatemala. The soil, climate and altitude all worktogether to produce a wonderfully distinctive coffee. It maintains a fruity fla-vor with good acidity and chocolate aftertones.$23.95 || Item #6722 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. bagOrganic MexicanoGrown at an altitude of over 4,000 feet, this medium-bodied coffee is veryclean, with acidity reminiscent of dry, white wines. It has a hint of nuttinessfollowed by a slight woodiness in the finish.$24.94 || Item #7729 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz. bag
  • 10. Certified Kosher CoffeeWhile coffee is inherently kosher, the processes by which it is roasted and thefacilities in which it is handled can affect its kosher status. Kilambé’s koshercertification ensures that our customers receive an unadulterated koshercoffee. All Kosher coffees are available in both Regular and Decaf.AwakenLIGHT ROASTThis wonderful 100% South American coffee is smooth, nutty and aromatic.“Awaken” to this hearty, delicious morning blend, and the full bodied roastwill provide you the quintessential flavor for starting a new day!$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #704 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.Corner BistroMEDIUM ROASTJust like your favorite corner bistro, the soft sweet acidity and wholesomebody makes this coffee as approachable and comfortable as one’s favoriterestaurant. Very aromatic with dark chocolate after tones, the notable har-mony and superb balance offer an ideal cup with which to sit and watch theworld go by.$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #702 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.VeritasDARK ROASTThis European style coffee is perfect with dinner or a decadent dessert. Withnatural dark chocolate overtones, this coffee is blended and then roasted toa light dark roast resulting in a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee. Very bold,buttery finish and lingering aftertaste.$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #706 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.
  • 11. Fair Trade & Certified OrganicPeru La FloridaMEDIUM ROASTThis outstanding Peruvian coffee has a smooth, rich taste, a mediumbody, a tangy aroma, and a lively yet non-aggressive acidity. A FairTrade Organic coffee that always results in a well-rounded, delightfultaste and aftertaste. One of our absolute favorites.$17.95 Regular || Item #5743 || Ground or Whole Bean || 12 oz.. bag(Not available in Decaf)
  • 12. EspressosCafe’ BellaLIGHT ROASTOur lightest Espresso, this coffee produces a balanced rich cup profile.This blend was designed for and works perfectly in super automaticespresso machines. It is not oily, and as a result, it will not damage thegrinders in these types of espresso machines.$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #710 || Whole Bean || 12 oz. bagCafe’ VolareMEDIUM ROASTThis superb Espresso lifts flavor to new heights of concentration. Ourbest selling Espresso blend overall. It works great in super automaticespresso machines.$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #711 || Whole Bean || 12 oz. bagCafe’ MediciDARK ROASTThis is our heartiest style espresso, with a full bodied flavor andsmokey, dark chocolate after tones. This is truly an espresso lover’sespresso!$18.95 Reg / $19.95 Decaf || Item #713 || Whole Bean || 12 oz. bag
  • 13. Quarterly Seasonal Packs (4X/year) Specials, Available in Both Regular and Decaf. Four 12 oz. bags of coffee, delivered quarterly. $69.95 Regular / $73.95 Decaf || #QSP || Ground or Whole Bean Spring CHERRIES ‘N CHOCOLATE Is there a better combination to exit out of Winter and enter into the beautiful Spring months? Flavor-popping cherries richly mixed with your favorite chocolate, combined with our finest coffee beans. Unbeatable! (#2012) Summer RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Raspberries from the fields of Central Ohio, Blueberries from the Lake Erie Coast and White Chocolate from Belgium. Delicious! (#2007) Autumn PUMPKIN SPICE Everyone’s favorite this time of year — fresh pumpkin pie! Think of your favorite memory of crisp and cool fall weather combined with the best coffee on Earth! (#2076) Winter TOASTED CHESTNUT Always the Seasonal favorite, this aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts dominates and enhances the brew of this outstand- ing cup of coffee! (#2078)
  • 14. Help Kilambé Give BackHere at Kilambé Coffee, through our Desayuno Program we pro-vide kids 12 and under a solid, nutritious breakfast: Desayuno isthe Spanish word for breakfast. There are tens of thousands ofchildren who don’t receive a nutritious breakfast at home in Nica-ragua. Many of these children don’t attend school and they spendtheir days wandering the streets, either begging or selling smalltrinkets.You can help by adding a small donation to your order. It can be 25cents or it can be 25 dollars — every cent makes a difference. Wewill make sure your donation goes directly to a nutritious breakfastfor these young children, who need your help. With your help wecan serve others in many cities and countries worldwide.
  • 15. The Seven Summits ChallengeJoin the Kilambé Coffee TeamIf you believe that you were born for greater things in our world, now is thetime to follow your true calling. Greatness is achieved only when you riseabove the ordinary. Hard work, sincerity, and passion are those ingredientsthat help your dreams of greatness become a reality!Kilambé Coffee & The Seven Summits challenge you to be the best that youcan be, while having fun and reaping great rewards. Nothing that is worth-while comes easy, and like any challenge, this in not easy.Like the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who climbed the seven tall-est peaks of every continent, you too will be able to escalate the seven stepsof Kilambé Coffee’s compensation plan structure.As with any mountain climb of this caliber, you will not be alone. When helpis needed, that is when your Kilambé team is at your side — training you,motivating you, and providing you all the tools to help you to that next level.Consider us your Sherpa, with dedicated support to help you acclimatize,train and climb from Base Camp to the summit of Everest!Want to learn more about the Kilambé business opportunity? Ask yourKilambé Coffee representative or visit today.
  • 16. Host a TastingAt in-home tasting events, we offer you and your guests the opportunity tosample a selection of our premium hand-selected coffees.Learn to be your own barista as your Kilambé Coffee representative sharescoffee house brewing secrets and sends your guests home with drink reci-pes they can make easily and affordably with our in-home café products.Kilambé Coffee offers up a tasty host rewards program — ask your repre-sentative for more details!Contact us today at to schedule your in-hometasting event. Your Kilambé Coffee Consultant: See Hundreds More Products & Order Online Today!