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Mri d stream brochure_final_16 nov 12

  1. 1. Philips Healthcare is part of Royal Philips Electronics The smart approach to digital MRIHow to reach • healthcare@philips.comProduct© 2012 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time Philips Magneticwithout notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this publication. Resonance SmartPathPrinted in The Netherlands.4522 962 89721 * Nov 2012 to dStream program
  2. 2. Launch yourMR systeminto thedigital eraSmartPath to dStream offers all the Ingenia owners enjoy enhanced image quality, outstandingbenefits of digital broadband architecture, clinical capabilities, an excellent patient experience and exceptional workflow from dStream, Ingenia’s broadbandwithout the cost and hassle of installing a digital architecture. Now you can launch your MRcompletely new system. system into the digital era, benefitting from dStream and all its advantages – on your existing magnet. dStream delivers • Clarity: You will benefit from fully digital coils that boost image quality by capturing the MR signal as close as possible to the patient. • Speed: FlexStream streamlines workflow and reduces exam time, by enabling imaging with fewer, lighter coils and faster patient set up. • Expandability: With EasyExpand, you will never again have to upgrade your RF receive channels. Channel independence means you can expand your coil family without channel conflicts.Imaging 2.0 More for less SmartPath to dStream brings you:Imaging 2.0, Philips’ revolutionary imaging • dStream image qualityapproach signals our endless quest to raise • dStream patient management: up to 30% improvement in yourthe bar on clinical excellence – by working throughput in a variety of routine exams • Increased patient space in routine applications like spine andwith you to develop innovations that body, due to integrated posterior coil.enable you to collaborate freely, diagnose • Higher return on investment than with a new system purchaseconfidently, and care passionately. • Faster installation, minimal disruption: no magnet removal • Green choice with re-using your existing magnet2 The smart approach to digital MR The smart approach to digital MR 3
  3. 3. The digital advantage A technological breakthrough, dStream elevates DirectDigital MultiTransmit 4D EasyExpand clinical performance, accelerates patient dStream DirectDigital RF captures a high purity MR For 3.0T systems, dStream delivers consistency With dStream’s EasyExpand you never have to worry signal – directly in the coil on the patient. It then and speed with MultiTransmit 4D, which allows about upgrading your RF receive channels to keep up management, and improves economic value. sends the signal to the reconstructor via fiber-optic for optimal RF transmission even during real-time with advantages in coil technology. Because digitization cable, for lossless broadband data transmission. With applications. MultiTransmit reduces dielectric shading, occurs in the RF coil, the channels available are SmartPath to dStream, you’ll benefit from an SNR that helps manage local Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) determined by the coil, rather than the system. This equals that of Ingenia, as well as dS SENSE parallel and takes advantage of optimized RF management. enables plug-and-play expansion of clinical capabilities imaging, for outstanding image quality and speed. without major hardware upgrades, resulting in lower lifecycle costs and improved economic value.Your MRI todayIntera/AchievaYour MRI tomorrowSmartPath to dStream Enhanced SNR and speed Enhanced volumetric imaging Enhanced uniformity and contrast T2W TSE, Achieva 1.5T Torso XL coil 30 VISTA FLAIR in 8:16 min. versus Brainview FLAIR Cine Balanced TFE, conventional 3.0T versus seconds versus SmartPath to dStream with in MPR 4:53 min. SmartPath to dStream with MultiTransmit 4D. dSTorso 14 seconds 4 The smart approach to digital MR The smart approach to digital MR 5
  4. 4. Accelerate patient management SmartAssist and FlexStream workflow – as part of the dStream architecture - accelerate patient management to match that of Ingenia. SmartAssist is the next generation of Philips powerful combination of SmartExam and ExamCards. It can halve the number of repetitive tasks supporting greater efficiency, consistency and reproducibility. Pre exam Post exam Achieva 1.5T Scan time set-up time set-up time SmartAssist efficiency assistance includes: • SmartLine: Performs intelligent background • SmartStart: Moves the table to isocenter and starts processing (such as volume view, diffusion, perfusion the exam at the touch of a button. etc.,) of multiple image datasets in parallel with image • SmartSelect: Automatically determines which coils acquisition which saves time. Increase your throughput and elements should be activated to produce the SmartPath 30% FlexStream workflow significantly shortens set-up highest SNR for the selected area. FlexStream workflow to dStream times by streamlining workflow and strongly reducing • SmartExam: Positions slices on the target anatomy, FlexStream is a new concept in exam management the number of repetitive tasks. Bringing up to 30% reducing operator input to as little as a single mouse designed to streamline workflow enabling imaging improvement in your throughput. click. It is optionally available for brain, spine, shoulder, with fewer coils, increase flexibility and reduce knee and breast imaging. time, bringing up to 30% improvement in your total exam time • SmartLink: Simplifies the planning, viewing and throughput in a variety of routine exams. processing of multi-sequence, multi-station exams, treating multi-station exams as one volume. FlexCoverage Anterior coil* FlexCaddy coil storage cart* FlexTrak Patient Transport System* By combining the lightweight FlexCoverage If other dStream coils are required, you can choose FlexTrak dockable patient transport system anterior coil with the posterior coil, you can image from a variety of coil solutions. Additional coils can provides simplified patient preparation, handling anatomies from above the shoulder to the toe. be stored in the optional FlexCaddy coil storage and transportation from the preparation room to Due to its unique design, it conforms comfortably cart, readily available at the table-side. the MR scanner, as well as easy exam set up. to the patient’s body shape, allowing fast and easy positioning.FlexCoverage posterior coil dS HeadNeckSpine FlexConnect connectionIntegrated underneath the tabletop, the The integrated dS HeadNeckSpine completes FlexConnect enables single-handed coilFlexCoverage Posterior coil is the answer for the FoV to 200 cm, simply clicked on the digital connections as well as auto-eject for easy tableabout 60% of your routine applications, providing table, allowing less steps in patient set-up and less undocking.neck-to-toe coverage, head-or-feet first, without connectors.coil handling or positioning. The posterior coilcombines effortlesly with other dStream coils forlarge coverage, and fast and easy patient setup. * optional 6 The smart approach to digital MR The smart approach to digital MR 7
  5. 5. Imaging excellence All images taken with SmartPath to dStream digital broadband MR SmartPath to dStream architecture and dS coil solutions results in high SNR that benefit every application. You no longer have to trade resolution for speed: now you can perform routine exams for brain, spine, knee, ankle and liver within less than 8 minutes with excellent image quality. Fast routine imaging dS-SENSE parallel imaging Enhanced SNR and coverage Extended coverage Fast routine imaging is enabled by dStream (dS) Powered by dStream architecture, dS-SENSE enables PDW TSE SmartPath to dStream with dSTorso, 500 mm Field of View T2W TSE coil solutions tailored to your clinical needs and higher parallel imaging factors for more speed Flex M plus dSPosterior addressing a full range of clinical situations, dStream and resolution. It includes quick, fully integrated coil solutions and have been optimized for: reference scans which are planned automatically. • Intrinsic signal-to-noise ratio.  • Imaging coverage. Enhanced workflow • Parallel imaging performance. 2 station total Spine T2W TSE with integrated “SmartPath to dStream is a phenomenal opportunity dSTotalSpine for us: not only to keep us contemporary, but to maintain our lead over our competition“ Chip Truwit MD, Chief of Radiology, Hennepin County Medical Center. Dr.  Enhanced workflow and SNR 3 station total Torso Minutes DWIBS with dSHeadNeck 8 and dSTorso 6 4 T2 Cor T1 3D IP T1 3D OP Diffusion T2 Ax 2 T1 T1 Ax T2 Ax F/S STIR Sag T2 PD Sag T1 Sag Function PD Cor Flair T2 Sag F/S T2 Sag T1 3D art. PD Cor F/S DWI PD Cor F/S T2 TSE Ax T1 3D portal T1 Cor T2* T2 Cor BFFE Ax T1 3D venous PD Ax F/S Routine exams for brain, spine, knee, 0 Brain Knee C-spine Liver Foot/ankle ankle, and liver all within less than 8 min Enhanced volumetric imaging with excellent image quality. 3D BrainView FLAIR with dS-SENSE 5; 1.1mm3 isotropic resolution in 4:53 Fast whole body imaging minutes. Sagittal source image and axial MPR. T2W TSE in 5 minutes with dSTorso and dS-SENSE8 The smart approach to digital MR
  6. 6. Improveeconomic With the SmartPath to dStream program, Philips again remain in the exam room while the makeover takes place demonstrates its commitment to ensuring long life for its resulting in much less disturbance to your facility. systems. A cost-effective path to digital broadband MR, the program essentially extends system lifetime, resulting In addition, dStream’s EasyExpand channel independencevalue in a system that is like new, at a substantially lower cost makes channel upgrades a thing of the past, giving you than a new system. There is no need to design a new MR access to coils with any number of channels without suite, and significantly less downtime. The magnet can even upgrading your RF receive system.Virtually a new system for a very affordable price SmartPath The green choiceIn addition to bringing full digital capabilities to your Your Philips imaging system is designed to be reliableMR system, SmartPath to dStream also completely and efficient, so that it remains so from day one, is ourrenews the system, just as if you had bought a new MR, commitment to you. Philips SmartPath is a way to give From a sustainability perspective, SmartPathincluding 10 years extended lifetime from the moment of you easy access to the latest updates, upgrades and to dStream has many benefits, simplypurchase. innovations throughout the cycle of product ownership. by re-using your current magnet: • It saves over 40 tons of CO2 that would beThe program includes: By maintaining your equipment at peak performance, produced with the manufacturing of a new magnet. Total cost• New digital table, with integrated posterior coil and you can realize your full clinical and operational • It saves over 13.000 kWh of energy that would be FlexConnect connectors. potential and be ready to quickly benefit from next- consumed with the production of a new magnet.• New magnet covers, with Philips’ unique light ring and generation solutions. From small enhancements to • It saves magnet weight that does not have to be dual-sided control. major system conversions, we help you maximize your transported, lifted or installed.• New digital backbone, with fiber-optics from the RF investment, for success today and into the future. coil to the reconstructor.• New PC, reconstructor and latest software release. SmartPath to dStream New install SmartPath to dStream transforms your Philips MR system into digital Broadband MR without replacing the magnet from your existing system. Saving you money on the magnet itself and on the construction work that would be necessary with magnet replacement, incl. reconstruction cost.10 The smart approach to digital MR Please visit The smart approach to digital MR 11