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CT Somatom Sensation Open

  1. 1. Flexibility in CTSOMATOM Sensation Open
  2. 2. Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus, Medical Director, Radiology Department, University of Heidelberg, Germany “ SOMATOM Sensation Open gives us the flexibility of a large bore CT while having a solution for virtually all advanced CT examinations at the same time.”2
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  4. 4. The New SOMATOM Sensation Open3
  5. 5. 8 Siemens – The Trendsetter in CT12 The New SOMATOM Sensation Open – Flexibility in CT14 Expand Your View with the New SOMATOM Sensation Open18 Extensive Accessibility – Extended Clinical Spectrum22 Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT28 Lowest Patient Exposure32 syngo – It’s All About You34 CT Clinical Engines – Diagnostic Speed and Confidence in CT36 CT Oncology Engine37 CT Neuro Engine40 Configuration Overview44 Life – Our Customer Care Program 6
  6. 6. For over 30 years Siemens Medical Solutions has been a leader in CT innovation. Our philosophy has always been to integrate cutting-edge imaging technology into daily clinical practice, thus ensuring the highest level of patient care possible. We continued this tradition by firmly establishing a new industry benchmark for diagnostic excellence with the world’s first high-performance large bore CT scanner. Leading healthcare institutions and clinical experts trust SOMATOM® Sensation Open’s excellent performance in both daily routine and clinical research.8
  7. 7. Siemens –The Trendsetter in CT 9
  8. 8. “ The Sensation Open provides us with the detail and speed we need for a fast, accurate, and confident diagnosis.” Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD, Chairman and Professor of Radiology, Ohio State University Hospital, USA10
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  10. 10. SOMATOM Sensation Open meets today’s challenges, combining the advantages of a large, 82 cm bore with advanced multislice CT technology. By harmonizing patient accessibility, volume coverage, and acquisition speed, SOMATOM Sensation Open provides optimal care for virtually all patients. With excellent performance in both routine and advanced CT examinations, SOMATOM Sensation Open is the premier solution, providing you with new levels of diagnostic support for radiation therapy planning, CT-based trauma applications, interventional procedures and imaging of bariatric patients. SOMATOM Sensation Open is available on rails, our sliding gantry solution – increasing the flexibility in your individual workflow. SOMATOM Sensation Open provides you with significant performance enhancements. The revolutionary STRATON® tube, z-Sharp™ Technology* with up to 40-slice acquisition, WorkStream4D™, and a wide range of dedicated imaging applications make SOMATOM Sensation Open a complete solution with maximum flexibility. And when you equip your system with the optional CT Oncology or CT Neuro Engine, you will always have the tools needed for fast and effective diagnosis and staging of oncology or neuro patients as well as a strong foundation for radiation treatment planning.12 * Optional
  11. 11. The New SOMATOM Sensation Open –Flexibility in CT 13
  12. 12. Expand Your View with the New SOMATOM Sensation Open Extensive Accessibility – Extended Clinical Spectrum Get the flexibility to optimally position virtually all patients for radiation therapy planning. The large 82 cm gantry opening allows easy patient access for CT-guided interventions or even when treating obese patients. Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT Utilizing the unparalleled STRATON X-ray tube, obtain up to 40 slices* per rotation with the industry’s highest routine isotropic resolution of below 0.4 mm*. Lowest Patient Exposure Reduce dose up to 68 %** while maintaining optimal image quality with Siemens’ unique CARE solutions. Diagnostic Speed and Confidence in CT Enhance clinical performance and substantially reduce processing time with our CT Clinical Engines – the intelligent combination of workflow solutions and advanced applications. Available functionality depends on system configuration. * Optional with z-Sharp Technology.14 ** Results may vary. Data on file.
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  15. 15. ” With the 82 cm gantry aperture of the SOMATOM Sensation Open, we are able to optimally position our patients regardless of positioning aids and patient size.“ Jeff Forget, BS, RT (T) Chief Therapist Radiation Oncology William Beaumont Hospital, Troy, Michigan, USA 17
  16. 16. Extensive Accessibility – Extended Clinical Spectrum SOMATOM Sensation Open combines the advantages of large bore CT and advanced multislice CT technology for radiation therapy planning, CT based trauma applications, interventional procedures, and imaging of bariatric patients. The large 82 cm gantry aperture allows easy positioning for virtually all radiation therapy patients, thereby meeting your treatment workflow needs – without compromise. In addition, the unprecedented 82 cm extended Field of View enables visualization of the complete anatomy for more accurate treatment planning. With our completely integrated respiratory gating solution*, we have taken image-guided radiation therapy planning one step further. By integrating the 4th dimension – time – into your treatment plan, we enable you to capture tumor movement caused by respiratory motion, resulting in increased precision of your treatment. Interventional procedures also require easy positioning of patients and sufficient space for safe and sterile handling of interventional instruments. With its large gantry aperture, SOMATOM Sensation Open offers you the ultimate flexibility in CT guided interventions. Two different reconstructions, corresponding to different phases of the breathing cycle, used to determine the range of tumor motion during respiration.18 * Optional
  17. 17. In addition to the large bore, our uniqueHigh Capacity table increases your scanningcapability and accessibility for bariatricpatients weighing up to 280 kg/615 lbs.Dedicated scan protocols and our uniqueSTRATON X-ray tube let you experiencedelay-free scanning of bariatric patientsresulting in images of exceptional quality. 19
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  19. 19. ” With z-Sharp Technology, imaging of this quality, sharpness, and speed gives us the opportunity to study the human anatomy at a level that has only been dreamt about.“ Werner A. Bautz, MD, Chairman, Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany 21
  20. 20. Principle of z-Sharp Technology* for SOMATOM Sensation Open with 40 slices per rotation. Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT22
  21. 21. STRATON tube 1 2 Alternating focal spots 0.6 mm Over- sampling 0.6 mm Up to 40-slice detector Up to 40-channel acquisition electronics Siemens always aims to offer you the perfect Clinical Benefits: solution to help you with your clinical work. • Previously unachieved image quality with The most decisive factor is image quality. We up to 40 slices per rotation. know that only the sharpest CT images, showing the finest diagnostic detail and clarity, • Visualization of smallest anatomical structures give you the confidence you need for an with the industry’s highest isotropic resolution accurate and reliable diagnosis. This is why of below 0.4 mm – at any scan speed and we equipped SOMATOM Sensation Open with any position within the scan field.* a combination of Siemens‘ proprietary, cutting- • Exceptional image quality with complete edge technologies, providing CT images with visible spiral artifact elimination. previously unknown sharpness, diagnostic detail, and clarity. Instead of decreasing the detector elements’ size, z-Sharp Technology* utilizes two overlapping X-ray beams resulting in significantly increased resolution without a corresponding increase in dose. It provides you with the industry’s highest isotropic resolution of below 0.4 mm at any scan and rotation speed and at any position within the scan field. Additionally, z-Sharp Technology* provides previously unknown sharpness and clarity with complete elimination of visible spiral artifacts. Finest anatomical details are now shown in high quality images with finest vascular structures – without compromise.* Optional Available functionality depends on system configuration. 23
  22. 22. Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT STRATON X-ray tube and mobile phone shown in comparison.24
  23. 23. Conventional anode heats Due to real-time anode up quickly and cools down cooling, STRATON never slowly after exposure. accumulates heat during exposure. Anode Vacuum Cathode Anode Heat 1 2 1 Cooling oil Cooling oilCathode Taking our role as innovation leader seriously, we aim to revolutionize CT in every aspect. Our goal is to give you the latest and most advanced technology, like our proprietary STRATON X-ray tube. Our unparalleled 0 MHU STRATON X-ray tube is a paradigm shift in CT imaging. It offers you the combination of maximum speed and exceptional image quality. The tube’s direct anode cooling eliminates the need for heat storage capacity, permitting a compact design. You will not experience cooling delays, even after long range scans or scanning obese patients. By selecting SOMATOM Sensation Open, you get flexibility in CT. Clinical Benefits: • Virtually unlimited power reserves for imaging of bariatric patients. • 0 MHU anode heat storage capacity combined with the unique cooling rate of 5 MHU/min eliminates any cooling delays and maximizes patient throughput. • No limitations when using thin-slice acquisitions together with long coverage ranges. 25
  24. 24. 26
  25. 25. ”CARE Dose4D and its real-time mA adjustment provides best image quality at the lowest dose. Based on a 1,000 patient study, we achieved up to 68 % dose reduction in comparison with fixed mA while maintaining excellent image quality. “ Tom Mulkens, MD, Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Hospital, Lier, Belgium 27
  26. 26. Lowest Patient Exposure The desire for as little radiation exposure as The combination of our CARE solutions possible lies at the heart of our CARE research significantly reduces dose while providing and development philosophy. Based on this, exceptional image quality. SOMATOM we have developed a wide range of dose- Sensation Open leads the way to a higher level reduction solutions that provide exceptional of patient care – setting a new benchmark in image quality at the lowest possible dose. CT performance. With SOMATOM Sensation Open, saving Clinical Benefits: dose starts right at the point where image data is acquired – the Ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC™) • CARE solutions provide lowest possible dose detector. This highly efficient detector requires while preserving exceptional image quality. the smallest possible dose to deliver exceptional • Siemens’ proprietary UFC detectors provide image quality. Another breathtaking example up to 30 %* dose reduction compared to of our focus on CARE is our exclusive CARE conventional CT scanners. Dose4D™, an unparalleled combination of maximum image quality at minimum dose. • CARE Dose4D provides up to 68 %* Because every patient is unique in terms of dose reduction compared to fixed mA size, weight, and anatomy, we have developed examinations. a fully automated dose management system. • HandCARE™ yields dose savings up to 70%* The tube current is adapted in real-time to the to physician’s hands during CT-guided anatomy of each individual patient’s organ. interventions. By using this automated dose management system, your patients benefit from a dose reduction of up to 68 %*. Available functionality depends on system configuration.28 * Results may vary. Data on file.
  27. 27. Advantage of CARE Dose4D at a glance:only the radiation that’s really needed isapplied to your patient – not more, not less. X-rayScan with doseconstant mAReduced doselevel based ontopogramReal-timeangular dosemodulation Slice position X-ray dose 81 mAs 210 mAsAvailable functionality depends on system configuration. 29
  28. 28. Elliot K. Fishman, MD, Director Diagnostic Radiology and Body CT, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA ”In my opinion, what makes Siemens CT so good is that details are excellent in themselves, but also work well when integrated with the rest.“30
  29. 29. 31
  30. 30. syngo – It’s All About You syngo®, our unique solution for the diagnostic and therapeutic cycles, knows how you work. What you need. What’s most important. Fast, easy, and intuitive, syngo brings together all of the solutions critical to you – and your patients. Uniquely role-based for your workflow, syngo completely integrates your day, your department and beyond. Leading to a whole new level of clinical excellence. And a partnership you can grow with. It’s the beginning of a virtualized, “always on, anywhere” world of healthcare. The time to syngo is now.32
  31. 31. 33
  32. 32. CT Clinical Engines – Diagnostic Speed and Confidence in CT Our new generation of CT Clinical Engines provides you with the optimal clinical configuration for a CT designed to simplify your clinical workflow. Focus on delivering exceptional clinical outcomes with speed and increased diagnostic confidence. CT Clinical Engines are a unique combination of Siemens’ innovative CT technology and syngo solutions – intelligently integrated into clinical solutions. They are available for oncology and neuro imaging in order to maximize clinical performance of your SOMATOM Sensation Open. With CT Clinical Engines you benefit from synergy across your entire clinical workflow – with everything you need for optimal image acquisition and quality, exceptional visualization, comprehensive evaluation, robust quantification, and flexible reporting, all in one intuitive syngo environment. The CT Oncology Engine provides high precision scanning – vital for highly sensitive tumor staging – together with excellent tools for early detection, evaluation, follow-up, and biopsy of tumors from head to toe. For time-critical neuro exams, the CT Neuro Engine delivers the scan speed, high image quality, and fully automated diagnostic workflow you need for stroke, intracranial bleeding, and other brain evaluations as well as for treatment planning. The outstanding performance of the CT Clinical Engines is driven by syngo CT.3D – automatic image reconstruction and interactive 2D, 3D, and 4D postprocessing tools configured on a powerful syngo MultiModality Workplace. Build on your syngo CT.3D – choose one or more CT Clinical Engines for one or multiple workplaces, creating a syngo workplace world that is configured to meet the demands of your clinical environment. Diagnostic speed and confidence with CT Clinical Engines – the easy way to answer complex clinical questions.34
  33. 33. syngo CT.3D offers you flexibility to configure a workplace or multipleworkplaces in addition to your syngo Acquisition Workplace. syngo CT.3Dis a unique, powerful workflow solution designed for maximum speed andefficiency for image reconstruction, reformatting, and postprocessing.It combines the flexible tools you need to handle high exam volumes,large datasets, and faster scan times for interactive syngo 2D, 3D, and 4Dimage processing. You can choose from two configurations of syngo CT.3D: a dedicated CT workplace configuration or a multi-modality workplace configuration. Whichever configuration you choose, you will benefit from state-of-the-art syngo 3D and 4D processing tools. Everything at your fingertips – you will have fast access to viewing, filming, MIP, MinIP, MPR, SSD, VRT modes, 4D interactive, image fusion, and bone removal tools for easy everyday use. Both configurations can be enhanced by a selection of syngo clinical application solutions, depending on your clinical needs. A dedicated syngo CT workplace configuration offers you the possibility to maximize your postprocessing throughput, offering remote direct 3D reconstruction – of particular benefit for departments with a high patient throughput. A multi-modality configuration is your gateway to the world of CT Clinical Engines. You can configure your syngo MultiModality Workplace with one or more CT Clinical Engines, according to your clinical needs. What’s more, you can choose from our comprehensive portfolio of syngo clinical application solutions for MR, molecular imaging, conventional angiography, and radiation therapy planning. The ultimate flexibility across your entire radiology environment. syngo CT.3D – your gateway to a more efficient clinical workflow. 35
  34. 34. CT Oncology Engine The CT Oncology Engine offers you a unique combination of the most innovative scanner and syngo solutions for diagnostic imaging, evaluation, and follow-up in your diagnostic oncology setting. Our intuitive syngo computer-assisted reading tools, combined with intelligent evaluation, automated follow-up, and image guided intervention, offer you a new level of confidence for preventive care, staging, follow-up exams, and real-time guided biopsies. Comprehensive tumor perfusion enables a fast and easy visualization of tumor enhancement and aids you in differentiating tumors. Fusing images from PET or SPECT with high resolution CT images helps you not only to better localize tumors, but also in therapy planning. In radiation therapy planning, information about tumor motion in 4D is essential. Highly accurate tumor shape delineation via our completely integrated respiratory gating solution* can improve your treatment plan, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue and the reduction of side effects. Our solutions for interventional CT extend your clinical spectrum towards differential diagnosis and treatment, turning data into a diagnostic outcome within minutes. * Optional36
  35. 35. CT Neuro Engine The CT Neuro Engine delivers the technology required to perform artifact-free imaging with the high spatial and temporal resolution you need for fast and accurate visualization of complex neurological disorders of head, neck, and spine as well as injuries and stroke. Our unique portfolio of syngo automated software tools for neuro CT, will help you to deliver excellent diagnostic outcomes – with bone subtraction in neuro CT DSA studies for comprehensive evaluation of complex vascular structures, with fast brain perfusion for stroke patients, and differentiation of brain tumors. Your diagnosis will be fast and confident, turning data into a diagnostic outcome within minutes.
  36. 36. Christoph Schneider, PhD, Clinical Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands38
  37. 37. “ The detailed information obtained from high-resolution volume scans and 3D visualizations in multiple planes increases our confidence level in radiation therapy treatment planning.” 39
  38. 38. Configuration Overview40
  39. 39. SOMATOM Sensation Open SOMATOM Sensation Open 24-slice configuration 40-slice configuration Technical specification z-Sharp Technology no yes Fastest rotation time 1.0 s, 0.5 s* 0.5 s* Data acquisition (slices/rotation) 24 40 0 MHU STRATON X-ray tube yes yes 5 MHU/min cooling rate 5 MHU/min cooling rate Generator peak power 50 kW 50 kW Scan Field of View 50 cm 50 cm Extended Field of View 82 cm 82 cm CT Clinical Engines** syngo CT.3D yes* yes* CT Neuro Engine no yes* CT Oncology Engine no yes* syngo Clinical Applications* yes yes CARE Solutions* yes yes * Optional** Requires optional 40-slice and 0.5 s configuration. 41
  40. 40. Johann-C. Steffens, MD, Israeli Hospital, Hamburg, Germany ” What really pleases me is the overall customer care from Siemens – not only regarding their products. They care about you as a client. And that’s one of many reasons why I chose Siemens.“42
  41. 41. 43
  42. 42. Life – Get the Most from Your Investment Life is the unique customer care Skills Productivity solution from Siemens that helps Maximizing your skills and clinical Our aim is to help you run your you get the most from your CT know-how is the central key for system at peak performance every investment. From the moment of getting the most out of your system. day. This is why Life provides your purchase, Life surrounds you Life, our customer care solution, you with a comprehensive and with an array of programs and helps you with a full range of individual range of assistance that support that enables the continuous learning programs – from start up assures your system’s availability, development of your skills, training and application support to from safety checks and pro-active productivity, and technology. clinical training. And because we remote services to updates and Allowing you to broaden your have designed Life to adapt to your spare parts. Additionally, Life capabilities. Increase profitability. needs at all times, you can learn supplies you with analytic tools to And take patient care to the next online or offline, onsite or offsite – which you can assess performance level. or from our clinical partners in and utilization data* in order to workshops, fellowships, and at maximize uptime, increase patient symposia. throughput, and optimize system utilization. Because we want to help you improve your system’s performance.44
  43. 43. Technology SOMATOM LifeNet*Keeping you at the technological SOMATOM LifeNet is our unique informationand clinical cutting-edge is what and service portal. Designed to help you inwe designed Life for. So you can your daily work, it connects your CT scannereasily keep on top of software and console directly with Siemens via an Extranet.computer hardware upgrades and This enables you to easily access informationupdates. Because we want you to and services immediately from your console –benefit from the latest workflow including Frequently Asked Questions, learningimprovements, clinical applications, programs, and the possibility to downloadand diagnostic functions – in the newest scan protocols. Additionally, as aaddition to the most advanced SOMATOM LifeNet user you are able to receivecomputer technology. What’s more, many of our new software applications for awe let you try out the latest, most 90-day trial period, free of charge, and with thepromising clinical developments option of future purchase.before you buy. And when it’s time Take advantage of the many services ofto upgrade, Life helps you make an SOMATOM LifeNet. And profit from an easiereffortless transition to the new work routine.platform. Siemens Remote Service Siemens Remote Service (SRS) offers you an efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for the entire spectrum of remote services for your CT scanner. Your benefits? Services that formerly required onsite visits are now easily available via data transfer. And some of our remote services guarantee maximum system availability and continuous support in your daily work routine. * Powered by Siemens Remote Service. 45
  44. 44. 46
  45. 45. Proven Outcomes. This is what Siemens ishelping to deliver right now.Outcomes that result from trulyefficient workflow. Outcomesimprove your bottom line.Outcomes that lead to a levelof care that feels exceptional tothe patient and the care provider.Proof positive of the value ofintegrating medical technology,IT, management consultingand services. In a way thatonly Siemens can. 47
  46. 46. On account of certain regional limitations of sales rightsand service availability, we cannot guarantee that allproducts included in this brochure are available throughthe Siemens sales organization worldwide. Availabilityand packaging may vary by country and is subject tochange without prior notice. Some/All of the featuresand products described herein may not be available inthe United States.The information in this document contains generaltechnical descriptions of specifications and options aswell as standard and optional features which do notalways have to be present in individual cases.Siemens reserves the right to modify the design,packaging, specifications, and options described hereinwithout prior notice. Please contact your local Siemenssales representative for the most current information.Note: Any technical data contained in this documentmay vary within defined tolerances. Original imagesalways lose a certain amount of detail when reproduced.The statements contained herein are based on the actualexperience of Siemens customers. Siemens maintainsdata on file to support these claims. However, thesestatements do not suggest or constitute a warranty thatall product experience will yield similar results. Resultsmay vary, based on the particular circumstances ofindividual sites and users.Please find fitting accessories:www.siemens.com/medical-accessoriesSiemens AGWittelsbacherplatz 2D-80333 MuenchenGermanyHeadquarters Contact AddressSiemens AG, Medical Solutions Siemens AG, Medical SolutionsHenkestr. 127, D-91052 Erlangen Computed TomographyGermany Siemensstr. 1, D-91301 Forchheim © 12.2005, Siemens AG Order No. A91100-M2100-1665-1-7600Telephone: +49 9131 84-0 Germany Printed in Germanywww.siemens.com/medical Telephone: +49 9191 18-0 CC CT 41665 WS 12054.