Ct acute care


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Ct acute care

  1. 1. CT Clinical Engines 2013 Edition www.siemens.com/ct-acute-care Get further. With the CT Acute Care Engine. Driving progress for reliable therapy decisions against the clockInternational version. Not for distribution in the U.S. Answers for life.
  2. 2. What is a CT Clinical Engine? • powerful combination of software applications and A scanner features – tailored to meet your clinical challenges • solution that helps you get the most from your CT scanner A With a CT Clinical Engine, you can continually enhance speed, workflow efficiency, and diagnostic information.2
  3. 3. 2013 Edition: OverviewHow far can you get with your CT?Rising patient expectations, increasing efficiency needs: The best way to meet thesechallenges is to get detailed diagnostic information faster.Whether it’s for triple rule-out of acute chest pain, for stroke assessment, poly-trauma,or acute abdominal pain – the CT Acute Care Engine provides clinical functionalitythat delivers decisive results for all of these challenging indications. Automatic CasePreparation has your case ready for reading as soon as it is opened. Above all, speed anddependability add confidence for critical decisions made against the clock.Driving progress for reliable therapy decisions against the clock. 3
  4. 4. Rapid generation of images for comprehensivesurgical planning in thorax and spine trauma.4
  5. 5. 2013 Edition: What‘s the top innovation? 5
  6. 6. Rapid generation of imagesfor surgical planningRapid Results Technology and Bone Vessel Technology produce the decision basis in the acute careIsolation Mode scenario, whether in severe trauma cases or rule-out of aortic dissections. Save time in the “golden hour” by auto-In trauma cases requiring surgical intervention for the spine, matically creating just the right amount of information –the orthopedic surgeon usually requires several standard- for standardized and reproducible surgical planning.ized views of the affected region to aid in a comprehensivepre-procedural workup. Generating these different views Bone Vessel Isolation Mode enables you to selectivelycan be time-consuming, which is particularly challenging in highlight vessels, soft tissue, and bone fragments causedan emergency. Furthermore, conventional single-volume by fractures. It assists you in alignment assessment whenrendered techniques can make it challenging to selectively there is a suspicion of acute trauma to the spine. Bone highlight bone fragments attributed to a fracture. Vessel Isolation Mode facilitates identification of spinal fractures, injuries to the spinal cord, and damage to theWith Rapid Results Technology you can automatically gen- vascular system, thus providing a sound basis for surgicalerate visualizations of the spine and general vessels in var- planning.ious types and orientations. Be creative and design yourown personal protocols that suit your institution’s standardsbest. Define your workflow once and let Rapid Results6
  7. 7. 2013 Edition: What‘s the top innovation?Unparalleled speed whenever time is of the essence fractures or lesions. Additionally, with the STRATON tubeThe SOMATOM Definition Edge and Rapid Results and the newly designed gantry using Siemens’ most ad-Technology vanced patient table, this high spatial resolution is achieved even at an acquisition speed of up to 230 mm/s.In acute care scenarios unconscious or severely injured This takes motion out of the equation, increasing the di-patients have to be scanned quickly. Here the “golden agnostic reliability in crucial cases like acute care patients.hour” to diagnosis mandates precise localization and iden-tification of critical injuries. Therefore one of the most By combining the strengths of the SOMATOM Definitionchallenging demands is providing high acquisition speed Edge and Rapid Results Technology Siemens offers a fastwithout compromising spatial resolution. and reliable basis for tackling the challenges in the acute care setting.The SOMATOM Definition Edge with the Stellar Detectoris in a class of its own. The new level of image detail witha routine spatial resolution of up to 0.30 mm providedby the Stellar Detector allows visualizations of very fine 7
  8. 8. syngo.CT Neuro Perfusion* syngo.CT Cardiac Function – EnhancementLifesaving decisions, whenevery second countsQuantitative evaluation of dynamic CT data Localize the perfusion defect – assess thesyngo.CT Neuro Perfusion* hemodynamic relevance syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Enhancement**In acute stroke it may be challenging to differentiate thecore infarct from tissue at risk for infarction (penumbra). A coronary CTA might yield an intermediate coronary ste-This is important, however, as the latter is potentially nosis with unclear hemodynamic relevance. The evaluationsalvageable with further therapy. in standard cardiac planes may be challenging, since the correlation to the coronary vessel in question can beWith a range of unique features syngo.CT Neuro Perfusion difficult.helps you easily assess the potential benefit of treatment.It directly visualizes tissue at risk in 3-D color maps, based syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Enhancement solves thison the mismatch between blood volume and flow. Alter- issue. It features AHA-compliant 17-segment polar mapsnatively, feel free to select individual mismatch parame- for first pass myocardial perfusion data. Perfusion defectsters such as Siemens’ Time-To-Drain. Refined algorithms are easily localized and the overlay with the VRT in theoffer automated gray matter segmentation so you can Hybrid View helps to correlate a defect with the supplyingimmediately focus on the relevant tissues. coronary artery. Rule out coronary artery disease in less than a minute syngo.CT Coronary Analysis When suspecting an acute coronary syndrome, it is essen- tial to assess the entire coronary tree. Severe stenoses may degrade a detailed visualization of the coronary vessels.8
  9. 9. 2013 Edition: What else is new?syngo.CT Coronary Analysis syngo.CT Vascular AnalysisNevertheless, you may need to make a confident decision In syngo.CT Vascular Analysis, reference markers are nowin a very short period of time. displayed in the VRT, enabling an easy placement at, e.g. ostia or the iliac bifurcation. The exact position can nowsyngo.CT Coronary Analysis now features a robust seg- be fine-tuned through direct scrolling in cross sectionsmentation of the coronary vessels and provides a compre- along the curved centerline. Also, the system automati-hensive visualization of the coronary tree, despite high- cally provides effective vessel diameters, based on cross-grade stenoses. You can reliably assess the case and make sectional area and perimeter.a sound decision – even when time is close. * Not commercially available in the U.S.Comprehensive length and diameter measurements ** Optionalfor therapy planningsyngo.CT Vascular Analysis Your benefits at a glanceAccurate measurement is key to reliable AAA and TAA stentplanning. Inexact placement of start and end points of a • ore comprehensive – differentiate between the Mdistance measurement compromises the optimal choice of core infarct and penumbrathe implant device. The calculation of the effective vesseldiameter can be cumbersome, since vessel cross sections • asier – detect perfusion defects and correlate Eare usually noncircular. them with the supplying coronary artery • ounder – experience robust coronary S segmentation despite high-grade stenoses 9
  10. 10. Quick risk assessment and coronary Comprehensive global and local left Right ventricular analysis –age calculation ventricular analysis even with MinDose datasyngo.CT CaScoring syngo.CT Cardiac Function syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Right Ventricular Analysis*Automatic detection of pulmonary Dynamic quantitative myocardial Volumetric quantification and differentiationfilling defects perfusion assessment of lipid, fibrous, and calcified plaquessyngo.CT PE CAD** syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body – syngo Circulation Plaque Analysis* Myocardium*Get further – with our CT Acute Care Engine10
  11. 11. Do you know the whole picture in acute care CT?Dynamic vessel evaluation Zero-click tracing of the main Accurate bone removal with Dual Energysyngo.CT Dynamic Angio* general vessels syngo.CT DE Direct Angio* syngo.CT Vascular Analysis – Autotracer*Detailed visualization of the cerebral Zero-delay quantitative aortic annulus Quantification of myocardial iodine uptakevasculature assessment with Dual Energysyngo.CT Neuro DSA syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Valve Pilot** syngo.CT DE Heart PBV* * Optional ** Optional and not commercially available in the U.S.and optional applications 11
  12. 12. Global Siemens Headquarters Global Business UnitSiemens AG Siemens AGWittelsbacherplatz 2 Medical Solutions80333 Muenchen Computed TomographyGermany Radiation Oncology Siemensstr. 1 DE-91301 ForchheimGlobal Siemens GermanyHealthcare Headquarters Phone: +49 9191 18 0Siemens AG Fax: +49 9191 18 9998Healthcare SectorHenkestrasse 12791052 ErlangenGermanyPhone: +49 9131 84 0www.siemens.com/healthcareOrder No. A91CT-15018-22C1-7600 | Printed in GermanyCC CT WS 11120.5 | © 11.2012, Siemens AGIn the event that upgrades require FDA approval, The information in this document contains generalSiemens cannot predict whether or when the FDA will technical descriptions of specifications and options asissue its approval. Therefore, if regulatory clearance well as standard and optional features which do notis obtained and is applicable to this package, it will be always have to be present in individual cases.made available according to the terms of this offer. Siemens reserves the right to modify the design,On account of certain regional limitations of sales packaging, specifications, and options described hereinrights and service availability, we cannot guarantee without prior notice. Please contact your local Siemensthat all products included in this brochure are available sales representative for the most current information.through the Siemens sales organization worldwide.Availability and packaging may vary by country and is Note: Any technical data contained in this documentsubject to change without prior notice. Some/all of the may vary within defined tolerances. Original imagesfeatures and products described herein may not be always lose a certain amount of detail when reproduced.available in the United States.www.siemens.com/healthcare