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A demonstration portfolio/brochure of my photography work with modelling clients in 2010. Mainly glamourous females shot with natural light, on location.

A demonstration portfolio/brochure of my photography work with modelling clients in 2010. Mainly glamourous females shot with natural light, on location.

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  • 1. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r t PhotograPhy Models - Black And White Portfolio Late 2010..• Events, Portait Photography, Fine Art, Glamour• Serving the South East and London• FREE no obligation quotes• FREE parking• Capture your precious memories forever, in stun- ning high resolution prints and on CD/DVD• Your choice of post production• Someone commited to you, and making the most of your event and your time.• No hidden costs or expensive ‘surprises’ T: 020 3286
  • 2. Jade T: 020 3286
  • 3. Jade T: 020 3286
  • 4. Danielle T: 020 3286
  • 5. Stephanie T: 020 3286
  • 6. Zoe T: 020 3286
  • 7. Annie T: 020 3286
  • 8. Zoe T: 020 3286
  • 9. Annie T: 020 3286
  • 10. Annie T: 020 3286
  • 11. Zoe Gibbs/Annie T: 020 3286
  • 12. Nick T: 020 3286
  • 13. Nick T: 020 3286
  • 14. Anne T: 020 3286
  • 15. Anne T: 020 3286
  • 16. Anne Winterburn and Nick T: 020 3286
  • 17. Anne Winterburn and Nick T: 020 3286
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  • 19. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r t ∞ PhotograPhy About I am a photographer and mixed media artist from Croydon, UK. I also go by the alias of ‘Xij’ I’m truly passionate, coming from an ‘art pho- tography’ background, which gives me a unique and creative view and approach in shooting for others. I really understand how important your special occasion is to you, I am always happy to discuss your needs and offer advice if I can. I plan me- ticulously and can help you get clear on exactly what you are aiming for. If interested, please contact me through your preferred social media channel or via my work number below (I have not listed an email ad- dress for security reasons). I’d love to hear from you. Images (C) Jack Oughton and respective models but nobody really cares about Thanks! copyright on the T: 020 3286