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Computer shortcuts Computer shortcuts Document Transcript

  • 1BarCharts, Inc.®WORLD’S #1 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDEBASIC SHORTCUT KEYSAlt + F File menu options in current programAlt + E Edit options in current programF1 Universal help (for all programs)Ctrl + A Select all textCtrl + X Cut selected itemShift + Del Cut selected itemCtrl + C Copy selected itemCtrl + Ins Copy selected itemCtrl + V PasteShift + Ins PasteHome Go to beginning of current lineCtrl + Home Go to beginning of documentEnd Go to end of current lineCtrl + End Go to end of documentShift + Home Highlight from current position to beginning of lineShift + End Highlight from current position to end of lineCtrl + Move one word to the left at a timeCtrl + Move one word to the right at a timeMICROSOFT®WINDOWS®SHORTCUT KEYSAlt + Tab Switch between open applicationsAlt +Shift + TabSwitch backwards between openapplicationsAlt + PrintScreenCreate screen shot for current programCtrl + Alt + Del Reboot/Windows®task managerCtrl + Esc Bring up start menuAlt + Esc Switch between applications on taskbarF2 Rename selected iconF3 Start find from desktopF4 Open the drive selection when browsingF5 Refresh contentsAlt + F4 Close current open programCtrl + F4 Close window in programCtrl + PlusKeyAutomatically adjust widths of all columnsin Windows ExplorerAlt + Enter Open properties window of selected iconor programShift + F10 Simulate right-click on selected itemShift + Del Delete programs/files permanentlyHolding ShiftDuring BootupBoot safe mode or bypass system filesHolding ShiftDuring BootupWhen putting in an audio CD, will preventCD Player from playingWINKEY SHORTCUTSWINKEY + D Bring desktop to the top of other windowsWINKEY + M Minimize all windowsWINKEY +SHIFT + MUndo the minimize done by WINKEY + Mand WINKEY + DWINKEY + E Open Microsoft ExplorerWINKEY + Tab Cycle through open programs on taskbarWINKEY + F Display the Windows®Search/Find featureWINKEY +CTRL + FDisplay the search for computers windowWINKEY + F1 Display the Microsoft®Windows®helpWINKEY + R Open the run windowWINKEY +Pause /BreakOpen the system properties windowWINKEY + U Open utility managerWINKEY + L Lock the computer (Windows XP®& later)OUTLOOK®SHORTCUT KEYSAlt + S Send the emailCtrl + C Copy selected textCtrl + X Cut selected textCtrl + P Open print dialog boxCtrl + K Complete name/email typed in address barCtrl + B Bold highlighted selectionCtrl + I Italicize highlighted selectionCtrl + U Underline highlighted selectionCtrl + R Reply to an emailCtrl + F Forward an emailCtrl + N Create a new emailCtrl + Shift + A Create a new appointment to your calendarCtrl + Shift + O Open the outboxCtrl + Shift + I Open the inboxCtrl + Shift + K Add a new taskCtrl + Shift + C Create a new contactCtrl + Shift+ J Create a new journal entryWORD®SHORTCUT KEYSCtrl + A Select all contents of the pageCtrl + B Bold highlighted selectionCtrl + C Copy selected textCtrl + X Cut selected textCtrl + N Open new/blank documentCtrl + O Open optionsCtrl + P Open the print windowCtrl + F Open find boxCtrl + I Italicize highlighted selectionCtrl + K Insert linkCtrl + U Underline highlighted selectionCtrl + V PasteCtrl + Y Redo the last action performedCtrl + Z Undo last actionCtrl + G Find and replace optionsCtrl + H Find and replace optionsCtrl + J Justify paragraph alignmentCtrl + L Align selected text or line to the leftCtrl + Q Align selected paragraph to the leftCtrl + E Align selected text or line to the centerCtrl + R Align selected text or line to the rightCtrl + M Indent the paragraphCtrl + T Hanging indentCtrl + D Font optionsCtrl + Shift + F Change the fontCtrl + Shift + > Increase selected font +1Ctrl + ] Increase selected font +1Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease selected font -1Ctrl + [ Decrease selected font -1Ctrl + Shift + * View or hide non printing charactersCtrl + Move one word to the leftCtrl + Move one word to the rightCtrl + Move to beginning of the line or paragraphCtrl + Move to the end of the paragraphCtrl + Del Delete word to right of cursorCtrl+Backspace Delete word to left of cursorCtrl + End Move cursor to end of documentCtrl + Home Move cursor to beginning of documentCtrl + Space Reset highlighted text to default fontCtrl + 1 Single-space linesCtrl + 2 Double-space linesCtrl + 5 1.5-line spacingCtrl + Alt + 1 Change text to heading 1Ctrl + Alt + 2 Change text to heading 2Ctrl + Alt + 3 Change text to heading 3F1 Open helpShift + F3 Change case of selected textShift + Insert PasteF4 Repeat last action performed (Word 2000+)F7 Spell check selected text and/or documentShift + F7 Activate the thesaurusF12 Save asCtrl + S SaveShift + F12 SaveAlt + Shift + D Insert the current dateAlt + Shift + T Insert the current timeCtrl + W Close documentEXCEL®SHORTCUT KEYSF2 Edit the selected cellF5 Go to a specific cellF7 Spell check selected text and/or documentF11 Create chartCtrl + Shift + ; Enter the current timeCtrl + ; Enter the current dateAlt + Shift + F1 Insert new worksheetShift + F3 Open the Excel®formula windowShift + F5 Bring up search boxCtrl + A Select all contents of worksheetCtrl + B Bold highlighted selectionCtrl + I Italicize highlighted selectionCtrl + C Copy selected textCtrl + V PasteCtrl + D FillCtrl + K Insert linkCtrl + F Open find and replace optionsCtrl + G Open go-to optionsCtrl + H Open find and replace optionsCtrl + U Underline highlighted selectionCtrl + Y Underline selected textCtrl + 5 Strikethrough highlighted selectionCtrl + O Open optionsCtrl + N Open new documentCtrl + P Open print dialog boxCtrl + S SaveCtrl + Z Undo last actionCtrl + F9 Minimize current windowCtrl + F10 Maximize currently selected windowCtrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks/windowsCtrl + Page up& Page DownMove between Excel®worksheets in thesame documentCtrl + Tab Move between two or more open Excel®filesAlt + = Create formula to sum all of above cellsCtrl + ‘ Insert value of above cell into current cellCtrl + Shift + ! Format number in comma formatCtrl + Shift + $ Format number in currency formatCtrl + Shift + # Format number in date formatCtrl + Shift + % Format number in percentage formatCtrl + Shift + ^ Format number in scientific formatCtrl + Shift + @ Format number in time formatCtrl + Move to next section of textCtrl + Space Select entire columnShift + Space Select entire rowCtrl + W Close document
  • aAbBcCdDeEfFgGhHiIjJkKlLmMnNoOpPqQrRsStTuUvVwWxXyYzZAShift+ABShift+BCShift+CDShift+DEShift+EFShift+FGShift+GHShift+HIShift+IJShift+JKShift+KLShift+LMShift+MNShift+NOShift+OPShift+PQShift+QRShift+RSShift+STShift+TUShift+UVShift+VWShift+WXShift+XYShift+YZShift+Z11223344556677889900!Shift+1@Shift+2#Shift+3$Shift+4%Shift+5^Shift+6&Shift+7*Shift+8(Shift+9)Shift+0,,..;;:Shift+;--//?Shift+/‘‘“Shift+’¡Alt+0161¿Alt+0191–Alt+0173+Shift+=‫ן‬‫ן‬Alt+0215÷Alt+0247==±Alt+0177<Shift+,>Shift+.[[]]{Shift+[}Shift+]‘Alt+0145’Alt+0146“Alt+0147”Alt+0148‹Alt+0139›Alt+0155«Alt+0171»Alt+0187‚Alt+0130„Alt+0132—Alt+0151~Shift+`|Shift+_Shift+ -…Alt+0133°Alt+0176·Alt+0183•Alt+0149äAlt+0228âAlt+0226áAlt+0225àAlt+0224ãAlt+0227åAlt+0229ëAlt+0235êAlt+0234éAlt+0233èAlt+0232ïAlt+0239îAlt+0238íAlt+0237ìAlt+0236öAlt+0246ôAlt+0244óAlt+0243òAlt+0242õAlt+0245üAlt+0252ûAlt+0251úAlt+0250ùAlt+0249ÄAlt+0196ÂAlt+0194ÁAlt+0193ÀAlt+0192ÃAlt+0195ÅAlt+0197ËAlt+0203ÊAlt+0202ÉAlt+0201ÈAlt+0200ÏAlt+0207ÎAlt+0206ÍAlt+0205ÌAlt+0204ÖAlt+0214ÔAlt+0212ÓAlt+0211ÒAlt+0210ÕAlt+0213ÜAlt+0220ÛAlt+0219ÚAlt+0218ÙAlt+0217çAlt+0231ÇAlt+0199ñAlt+0241ÑAlt+0209øAlt+0248ØAlt+0216ßAlt+0223æAlt+0230ÆAlt+0198œAlt+0156ŒAlt+0140ÿAlt+0255ŸAlt+0159ªAlt+0170ºAlt+0186¨Alt+0168ˆAlt+0136´Alt+0180``˜Alt+0152¯Alt+0175¸Alt+0184£Alt+0163¥Alt+0165ƒAlt+0131¢Alt+0162 Alt+0164©Alt+0169®Alt+0174™Alt+0153‰Alt+0137µAlt+0181§Alt+0167†Alt+0134‡Alt+0135¶Alt+0182SPECIAL CHARACTERSBrowse Over 300 Titles • For school, computers, home, office and more • www.quickstudy.comLaminated Reference GuidesAnswers You Need. . .Get theDo aGetwith• Help your Career• Get a New Job• Prepare as a Student• Get Down to BusinessSolutions for you or your employeestheSkillsComputer Based TrainingYou Need2