What is social media?

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  • 1. What is Social Media?
  • 2. Social Media is... Conversation Worldwide Easy Laidback
  • 3. Social Media is... Participation Contributions Feedback Sharing
  • 4. Social Media is... Building Communities Links to sites people resources
  • 5. 6 There are Basic forms of Social Media
  • 6. 1. Social Networks and Started by computer science students at Harvard University. One of the features of Facebook is that anyone is able to make an app and upload it. It is being made into a film, The Social Network, which will be released in 2010. Myspace was started in 2003 and is more focused on music. It was bought by Rupert Murdoch for $580 million.
  • 7. 2. Blogs More personal/conversational than social networks
    • Can vary hugely in content
    • Allow comments and RSS subscription
    • Many types including personal, political and mainstream media such as the BBC
  • 8. 3. Wiki's Hawaiian for "fast"
    • Communal document or database that allows people to add or edit content
    • Huge gathering of information
    • Accessible by everyone
    • First one created by Ward Cunningham, WikiWikiWeb
    • Wikipedia is the most popular
  • 9. 4. Podcasts Increase in popularity helped by the increased availability of personal video recorders and software The "Video Blog"
  • 10. 5. Forums
    • Discussion board, usually centred on a topic.
    • Often built into websites
    • They were around long before the term ‘social media’
    The digital bulletin board
  • 11. 6. Content Communities
    • Content communities are similar to social networks, but are focused on a particular type of content, such as video or photos.
    • Popular content communities include Youtube (video), Flickr (photo) and del.icio.us (links).
  • 12. Also, there is Microblogging
    • Microblogging combines elements of blogging, instant messaging and social networks
    • It allows the user to add brief updates using text or images that can be viewed by everyone or just a chosen group
    • The most popular site is Twitter
  • 13. So what is social media? Antony Mayfield believes that social media is: “ Actually just about being human beings” And that it is people simply looking for…
  • 14. “ Friends, allies and lovers.”