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Tablets: Trendy Gadgets or Mobile PCs? - FILM 315 presentation
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Tablets: Trendy Gadgets or Mobile PCs? - FILM 315 presentation



This presentation is about the rapid rise of tablets such as the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook. It hopes to examine what made these tablets popular and appealing, as well as to determine what (if ...

This presentation is about the rapid rise of tablets such as the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook. It hopes to examine what made these tablets popular and appealing, as well as to determine what (if any) future they have.



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Tablets: Trendy Gadgets or Mobile PCs? - FILM 315 presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TABLETS: TRENDY GADGETS OR MOBILE PCs?By Jack Sullivan (@jackmsully) Image by {Flixelpix} David - Flickr
  • 2. 2010 was a banner year for the tablet. The touch screenpersonal computers(PCs) were the talk of many tech circles. With over20 different tabletsplanned for release over the next two years, people had little time toprepare themselves. Image by ntr23- Flickr
  • 3. A number of Samsung, HTC,cellphone and HP, Motorola, computer LG, Dell andmanufactures Toshiba havehave released all looked to or plan to therelease tablets increasingly that use popular Google Inc.’s Android Android system to help operating them infiltrate system. the tablet market. Image by Saad Irfan - Flickr
  • 4. Research in Motion (RIM) recently entered the tablet market by releasing the Blackberry Playbook, a tablet aimed at the millions of Blackberry smartphone owners world wide.Image by Dennis Wong - Flickr
  • 5. Last but certainly notleast there is Apple, whose iPad and iPad 2 havedefined and dominated thetablet market. There is no denying the role that the iPad has played in thedevelopment of the tablet. Image by Lost in Japan by Miguel Michan - Flickr
  • 6. Many analysts suggest that Apple’s tablet dominance will continue iPads are forecasted to account for 64% of tablet sales in 2011, and a Jeffries report suggests it will continue to dominate, selling 82 million more units than its closest competitor, Samsung, in 2014. (Source: http://www.cultofmac.com/almost-no-one-is-even-considering-buying-an-android-tablet-over-ipad/95862)Image by Stuck in Customs - Flickr
  • 7. But if tablets are reallyjust fancy smartphones with bigger screens, then the important question is... Image by LLudo - Flickr
  • 8. What has fuelled the popularity of tablets? Text
  • 9. There is no denying the trendiness of tablets. They are objects of affection for many tech savvy individuals. The iPad has begun to develop into a “status symbol”, a product that is stylish, andImage by Iceman9294 - Flickr noticeable. (Source: http://tablets-planet.com/2011/05/15/apples-ipad-app-treasure-chest-their-most-valuable-commodity-for-tablets/)
  • 10. Ranging anywhere from $150 - $1,000 (depending on contracts and features), tablets are relatively affordable when compared to many smartphones and computers. Source: 2011 Tablet Comparison Chart by groovyPost.comThey won’t cost you an armand a leg (or even a head). Image by Solo - Flickr
  • 11. Even though laptops are always getting thinner and more compact...Image by Travis Isaacs - Flickr
  • 12. Image by Waferbaby - Flickr...Tablets are successfully merging the mobility of a smartphone with the familiarity of a laptop or desktop, creating an intuitive portable experience that is unique from other platforms.
  • 13. And lets not forget that most tablets can also storeand play a variety of music, videos and games. Tablets allow users to take their digital content with them in a quality that wasn’t previously available. Image by tartanpodcast - Flickr
  • 14. Image by dview.,us - Flickr Still, nothing has had assignificant an impact on the popularity of tablets as Apps.
  • 15. There are currently over 65,000 apps available for the iPad which cover“work, play and everything in between”. Some have speculated that this app-vantage is the primary reason for Apple’s tablet dominance. (Source: Albert Madison - Tablets Planet) Image by {Flixelpix} David - Flickr
  • 16. Apps add a furtherdegree of customization to tablets, broadening their appeal while helping individualsdevelop their e-literacy. Image by Alfred Hermida - Flickr
  • 17. They encourage creativity and individuality, while at the same time providingpracticality and innovation. Image by Arbron - Flickr
  • 18. Image by ntr23- Flickr Tablets have begun to play anintegral role in many different areas of digital culture.
  • 19. Tablets are commonly used for social networking sites such as Twitterand Facebook. “In 2010, 3 million tablets were connected to the mobile network and data trafficwas 5 times more than that of the average smartphone”Source: MobiTV - How Mobile has Changed the Way We Live Image by theboybg - Flickr
  • 20. Many parents, teachers and educators have discovered that “touch screen technology is a natural for toddlers”, which has led to the development of many apps aimed at early childhood education (Source: Rob Ferguson - iPhone Apps a Hit with Preschoolers)Image by fritzon - Flickr
  • 21. Tablets are also becoming increasingly common at the University level. In a study done by the University of Notre Dame, students who had their textbooks replaced by iPads found that the tablets made class more interesting, encouraged exploration of additional topics and helped them manage their time more effectively.Image by bensmithuk - Flickr (Source: Voxy Blog - Are We Wired for Mobile Learnng?)
  • 22. So what does the future look like fortablets and digital media consumers? Image by Dunechaser - Flickr
  • 23. “57% of consumers say they plan to by a tablet or an E-reader in the next 3 years” (Source: MobiTV - How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Live) Image by iratxo.foto - Flickr
  • 24. Image by the iconoclastic yet iconic ionic icon - FlickrTablets, which currently account for just over 1% of PCsales, are forecasted to make up 23% of sales by 2015, higher than both Desktop computers and Netbooks (Source: Designers Couch - The Tablet Takeover)
  • 25. Will tablets eventuallybecome an essential part of abalanced digital breakfast, or are they in danger of reaching their expiry date? Data suggests that they are here to stay, but ultimately consumers will play an integral part in defining the role of tablets in the future.Image by Brendan Lynch - Flickr
  • 26. THE END Image by {Flixelpix} David - Flickr