Augmented reality (AR): The future of digital, social & mobile


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Jack Morton's Matt Jones, SVP, Creative & Strategy, spoke at this year's Event Design Conference on the (potentially) provocative topic of Augmented Reality.

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  • Matt Jones
  • Matt Jones
  • The next fgew slides are ones where the local Brand Camp host can build on the group discussion by talking about brands that use experiences to engage consumers and build tribes.
  • Augmented reality (AR): The future of digital, social & mobile

    1. 1. Matt Jones SVP, Strategy + Creative Jack Morton Worldwide
    2. 2. Setting expectations
    3. 3. Google is good for information. Speakers are good for insight (hopefully).
    4. 4. Augmented reality.
    5. 5. The next big thing?
    6. 6. Really? I thought that was
    7. 7. In 2009, I hated social media. This year, I think I hate AR.
    8. 8. Now what is augmented reality? What counts as AR?
    9. 9. Optical recognition by computer. Computer-added visual layers. Creating a new (augmented) reality.
    10. 10. Not to be confused with... Virtual Reality QR codes Location-based data
    11. 11. Optical recognition by computer. Computer-added visual layers. Creating a new (augmented) reality.
    12. 12. Mobile Static
    13. 13. Mobile Static
    14. 16. ‘ It’ is in front of you. AR creates an augmented experience of ‘it’.
    15. 23. Visual search Recognition-based data Human 2.0
    16. 24. Mobile Static
    17. 26. ‘ It’ is not there. AR creates an augmented reality where ‘it’ is now there… to be interacted with.
    18. 31. Virtual mirror/lens Context-sensitive product visualization
    19. 32. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it
    20. 33. A gimmick A ‘new’ interface A way to lock content A way to collect data
    21. 39. Stop looking at what has already been done.
    22. 40. Very soon “wow that’s cool” is not going to be enough of a reason to invest in AR…
    23. 41. So let’s focus on the post-novelty era of augmented reality
    24. 42. Let’s take a step back and be clear why we are all here…
    25. 43. Design + Events Environments Experiences
    26. 44. Design + Real-time engagement of brand communities through experiences
    27. 45. Design + Real-time enhancement of brand experiences to build communities
    28. 46. AR as a way to engage people AR as way to enhance their reality AR as a new platform for creativity and expression (as long as it serves one of our two objectives)
    29. 47. How do brands want to engage their communities? What experiences are brands trying to enhance?
    30. 48. Personal Personalized Rich, engaging, immersive Pull, not push Viral/social
    31. 49. Are you engaging people? Are you involving people? Are you persuading people? Are you influencing people? Are you co-creating with people?
    32. 50. How do brands want to engage their communities? What experiences are brands trying to enhance?
    33. 51. Discover Shopper/customer User/owner Community Employee/partner
    34. 52. Are you solving a problem? Are you improving something? Are you adding value? Are you being real?
    35. 53. So let’s think about digital…
    36. 54. The smartest digital hot shots are trying to humanize their ideas
    37. 55. Online social networks are still rooted in real world friendships and real world experiences
    38. 56. The smartest social media thinkers recognize that it’s just plumbing…a way to connect people with communities, stories, and ideas
    39. 57. Fun/creative/novel/inventive/cool Useful/relevant Talkable Simple Integrated
    40. 59. Apps Augmented Reality Physical World Hyperlinking Social Media Mobile Devices Geolocation-Based Content Interactive Multimedia 3D + Holographic Technology Touch Interfaces It all matters
    41. 60. Live experiences Real experiences Human experiences
    42. 67.
    43. 74. What mattered in 2000 is still what matters in 2010.
    44. 75. Engaging, life-enhancing experiences…communities and movements anchored by powerful social stories…creativity, utility, narrative, and purpose…all that remains ‘the next big thing’.