Apps@work: Creating mobile apps to drive employee engagement


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Your colleagues and employees are already armed with smartphones and tablets—but how can these devices be transformed into productivity powerhouses tailored specifically to your business and sales needs?

In our latest white paper, apps@work, discover how adding apps to your company’s arsenal can increase productivity, creativity and credibility, and learn how apps can boost employee engagement with tools they can use wherever they are.

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Apps@work: Creating mobile apps to drive employee engagement

  1. 1. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 1 Apps@work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends
  2. 2. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 2 Introduction – The mobile revolution has forever changed our daily experiences – how we stay in touch with friends, how we get news and entertainment, how we pass the time waiting in line or sitting on the train. Is it any wonder, then, that it’s also transforming our experience at work? Enterprise apps are a rapidly growing area of app development. According to Tomi Ahonen Consulting, an estimated 5 billion of the more than 100 billion app downloads forecast for 2014, will be enterprise apps. Apple and IBM recently announced a partnership to develop more than 100 B2B focused apps for iPhones and iPads.¹ At the same time, Gartner estimates that by 2017 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store – a place where employees can download approved apps to their devices. The number of enterprise apps is huge and growing quickly. This white paper explains why, and why it’s important to your business. Joe Panepinto, PhD SVP, Senior Strategist Jack Morton Worldwide Chris Pape Executive Creative Director Genuine Interactive 2 150x per day The number of times the average person interacts with their mobile device ²
  3. 3. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 3 Why apps@work? – Two things – the consumerization of IT, which is essentially the fact that employees’ expectations are set by their consumer experiences (and all that entails); and the unique characteristics of apps that make them super useful to businesses with dispersed, heavily connected and increasingly mobile workforces. For organizations that already have a mobility strategy in place, the next phase will be to start mobilizing as many internal processes as possible to allow workers to perform their core tasks (beyond email) from whichever device they have to hand, from wherever they are. ZDNet – Enterprise Mobility in 2014: App-ocalypse Now? May 1, 2014.
  4. 4. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 4 The growing interest in apps@work is because it finds easy solutions for these 4-C’s – Control Consistency Creativity Credibility
  5. 5. Most company intranets are dumping grounds of irrelevant information, and your field force is working from outdated docs. Apps offer a nice solve for this – you can send updates to a field app that keep everyone on the same digital page and working off of the same version of a document. – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 5 Control Consistency Creativity Credibility
  6. 6. Unlike the slew of browser versions, there are only two major platforms for apps (iOS and Android), so creating a consistent experience across them is a much simpler affair. Plus, in today’s bring-your- own device culture, creating for iOS and Android only is a relief for development teams, who have to worry less about the many versions of browser software that can negatively impact the experience. – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 6 Control Consistency Creativity Credibility
  7. 7. Mobile devices have key features that people are used to using that can make for interesting application in the business context. Just take cameras and GPS capabilities, for example. “If it isn’t shiny and iPad-y, they don’t want to use it,” said George Lawrie, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Just like consumer applications, business software has to be intuitive and immediately usable.” ³ – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 7 Control Consistency Creativity Credibility
  8. 8. Today’s recruits – your new employees – live on their mobile devices. They’re going to judge by how well your company allows them to live on them as well. With competition for tech talent at an all time high – and mobile tech savviness a common characteristic of new employees – demonstrating that your org “gets” the new IT landscape is incredibly important. – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 8 Control Consistency Creativity Credibility
  9. 9. In the end, though, it winds up being about productivity – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 9 Can you estimate the productivity increase you’d expect to see in your organization if all enterprise applications were mobilized? Source Mobile Helix/Vanson Bourne (July 2013) 23% 14% 14% 11% Percentage productivity increase Percent of respondents 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 2% 2% 0% ~10% ~20% ~30% ~40% ~50% ~60% ~70% ~80% ~90% 50% of all enterprises in a recent survey by Mobile Helix estimate productivity increases of more than 40% of all enterprise apps were made mobile.
  10. 10. What are your firm’s plans to custom-develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets in the following categories? Apps for use by our customers Industry-specific applications Business intelligence/dashboard applications for managers or sales Productivity applications other than email Role-specific applications (e.g., field service, marketing automation) Collaboration Mobile commerce applications Network systems management and alerts Social media applications Apps for use by our business partners/suppliers (e.g.,asset tracking, resource availability) Developed Planning to develop Email/calendar 13% 11% 7% 8% 6% 8% 6% 8% 6% 4% 10% 19% 20% 15% 14% 12% 11% 9% 10% 11% 4% Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 10 Where to use apps within your business? – While there’s plenty of interest and activity in creating apps for customers, there’s just as much in creating them for people within the organization. Source Forrsights Networks and Telecommunications Survey, Q1 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Base 1,238 mobile technologies and services decision-makers at North American and European companies (multiple responses accepted) 18%
  11. 11. The two areas you can most quickly make some headway in implementing apps@work are your sales & marketing and training efforts – Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 11 We believe the time has come for organizations of all sizes, in all industries, to look beyond consumer applications and consider the full transformational potential of mobile inside the enterprise. The Individual Enterprise: How Mobility Redefines Business. IBM Institute for Business Value, 2013.
  12. 12. Genuine Interactive recently worked with Novartis Flucelvax on an iFlu Calculator App for sales reps. The app streamlines the sales process and ordering during peak flu season – saving everyone time and effort. The app also allows reps to help clients more appropriately plan for demand based on the latest forecasts. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 12 Sales & marketing apps – This goes beyond just what kind of info your sales people need, to what kind of experience you want them to deliver. Buyers say they are more than halfway through their decision before they even talk to a sales rep - so what does that experience need to be, and how can you enable it with the right information in the right context available at the right time, to close the sale?
  13. 13. The Boston Children’s Hospital Virtual Ventilator is a mobile learning tool that allows pediatric care providers to become familiar with the functionality and behavior of a mechanical ventilator, a tool critical in the care for patients with pneumonia and other breathing limitations. The application walks users through a three-stage educational pathway, transitioning users through a detailed curriculum, training exercises, and challenging simulations. By applying theories in game design, the simulation reinforces proper procedures, motivating users to fully understand appropriate ventilation tactics. Learning apps – Learning sticks when it’s experienced in context, when it’s needed, and immediately applicable. On-demand learning in bite-sized, gamified chunks, is proving to be a staple of the most forward-looking companies. An estimated 70% of what people learn, they learn on the job – we think that apps are a great way of providing on-the- job learning experiences. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 13
  14. 14. You’re sold on the power of apps@work – Now what? Map the experience(s) Ask yourself, what is the overall experience the app supports? Who’s going to be there? What are their roles? What’s the role for the app? Map it out. Build-for-purpose After mapping the overall experience, map the app experience by ruthlessly focusing on what is going to move the experience along, and leave out any of the “nice to haves.” Leverage the platform How can you use the features we take for granted on mobile devices in ways that are interesting and compelling in a business setting? Still and video cams? GPS? Bluetooth? NFC? Adapt & Adopt The best apps evolve. By building for purpose and mapping the experience, you’re not setting the app in stone, you’re laying the foundation for an experience that evolves over time. Expect to iterate. 1 2 3 4 Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 14 No matter what area of the business you’re building an app for, follow these four keys to success –
  15. 15. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 15 Know when to build – Ask yourself these five things Does a good sized chunk of my workforce work remotely? Do I need to tightly control the information people use everyday? Would this information be more powerful if it’s delivered on-demand and in context? Will people be expecting mobile access (and disappointed if they don’t get it)? Can I improve a process we currently do by integrating a camera, GPS, or messaging into it? 1 2 3 4 5 And while apps@work may not be quite as sexy and addictive as the next big thing in mobile gaming, they are a dynamic evolution in the way we work –
  16. 16. Apps@Work – The world of apps beyond Angry Birds and Words with Friends 16 Talk to us – Contact Melinda Lindland SVP, New Business and Group Account Director Read our blog at Follow us on twitter @jackmorton Visit us online at ¹ Mobile News ( up-on-b2b-deal/) ² Tomi Ahonen Consulting ( ³ ZDNET – Enterprise software: The big trends and why they matter. Toby Wolpe. May 1, 2014. ( matter-7000028823/) About Jack Morton We’re a global brand experience agency. We generate breakthrough ideas, connecting brands and people through experiences that transform business. Our portfolio of award-winning work spans 75 years across event marketing, sponsorship marketing, promotion and activation, experience strategy, employee engagement, digital, social, and mobile. Ranked at the top of our field, Jack Morton is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (NYSE: IPG). More information is available at: or @jackmorton © Jack Morton Worldwide 2014