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  • 1. LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS Mateffy and Company Workforce Re- Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 Developing Engaged Leaders1
  • 2. LEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Developing Engaged Leaders Training Workshops Advanced Communication Skills 3 Building Trust with and Motivating Employees 4 Change Management 5 Coaching 6 Engaged and Inspired Leadership 7 Emotional Maturity and Management 8 The Empowering Leader 9 Growing the Influence of Human Resources 10 Hiring Excellence 11 Leading Dynamic Teams 12 Meeting Facilitation 13 Project Management 14 Strategic Planning and Decision Making 15 Transition to Leadership 16 Visioning and Innovation 17 Training with a Purpose 18 Workshop Components 19 Who is Mateffy and Company? 20 Need a Totally Customized Training Solution? 21-23 Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 2
  • 3. Advanced Communication SkillsLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Three communication styles and For most of us, communicating effectively is implications of understanding them. a hit and miss affair. Some people have no • Assessing your communication style. problem exchanging important information • Passive versus active communication. and judging their listener’s response to it. • Reading non-verbal communication clues. With others, it doesn’t seem like they are “getting through” at all. Planning for Excellent Communication • The SELP principle of communication. The Advanced Communication Skills • The role of listening in open Workshop equips participants with the skills communication. they need to communicate more effectively • The communicator’s greatest tools. with others, both one-on-one and in group • How to prepare for communication. settings. Participants will find the information • How to create an environment conducive to practical, motivating, and useful in all areas of open communication. their lives. • What to do when communicating is difficult. This workshop is a learner-centered opportunity, with exercises, discussions and test cases that help participants begin turning the information they hear into new skills immediately. Topics: How Adults Receive Your Message • The differences between child and adult This workshop will be customized with your communication. organization’s communication standards and • How the adult brain is wired. participant’s communication challenges. • Five characteristics of ineffective adult communication. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone who needs a clearer Based upon written evaluations and understanding and application of comments I received from employees, our communicating with clarity and purpose. staff thoroughly enjoyed your Advanced Communications Skills Workshop. Many Details: comments indicated our staff wished they • One day or two half days could have spent more time on this topic. • Pre-workshop assignments Steven G., General Manager MSA Consulting Engineers Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 3
  • 4. Building Trust with and MotivatingLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Employees Training Workshop Description: Topics: Let me get the manager... Youve probably • Defining "trust" in the workplace. heard this statement from your staff too often • Understanding how employee motivation before you end up taking the call or dealing and trust are connected. with the customers issue yourself. Wouldnt • Engaging employees at work by using trust it be nice if your employees just dealt with as a reward. common situations themselves? But what’s • Avoiding 10 trust-killers. stopping them? For many, they’re not • Establishing an empowered environment. convinced their managers trust them to do • Reinforcing responsibility when delegating. the job right. • Risking the trust youve built. • Allowing employees to resolve differences. At the center of motivating employees is • Developing a trust-valuing work culture. building their trust. But trust in whom? • Discussing common trust-testing Certainly, not you. If they didnt trust you, situations. they wouldnt say Let me get my manager. Maybe its trust in themselves. So, how do you build a level of trust in employees that will motivate them to take responsibility for what needs to be done? This very interactive training session will provide valuable insight on how to create a trust-building work environment and more motivated, responsible, productive, and This workshop will include case studies of customer-focused employees. your managers’ workplace challenges. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors who would like You gave us some excellent ideas to think to grow a workplace culture where about and provided interesting discussions employees trust themselves, become more among the group. Thank you for your hard responsible, and take initiative. work over the last several weeks and months. Workshop Details: • One day or two half days Yale D., President and CEO • Pre-workshop assignments Major US Retailer Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 4
  • 5. LEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Change Management Training Workshop Description: • Responding when staff are resistant to Change is a business reality. Few, if any, change. things are guaranteed to remain the same for • Avoiding poor solutions for managing long as businesses adapt to an ever shifting priorities. economic climate and talent pool. • Removing what gets in the way of managing priorities. How well do you feel your managers respond • Clarifying your expectations and priorities. to change? Do they welcome it with open • Knowing four effective avenues to take arms? Does it threaten how they feel, think, when wrestling with your priorities. and/or act? How are they interpreting changes for their reports? This training session helps managers take a look at change from a different angle. They’ll learn not only how to handle change more productively themselves but also how to guide their employees in making the most of new challenges and opportunities. Topics: • Recognizing why you need to manage change. • Preparing for common reactions to change. This workshop will be customized to include • Buffering the impact of change. recent or upcoming changes in your • Reinforcing your role in responding to organization. change. • Reducing the pressure of middle management in the midst of change. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors working in an I have finished reading all the critique sheets environment that requires proactive from your seminar and hundreds of responses to change and changing employees wrote, "Bring that workshop priorities. back!" Your trip was a huge success from our perspective! I cant thank you enough Workshop Details: for your efforts. • One day or two half days Susan P., Operations Manager • Pre-workshop assignments Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 5
  • 6. LEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Coaching Training Workshop Description: • Creating a productive coaching In some ways, coaching in the workplace is environment. very much like coaching athletes. Effective • Avoiding common coaching barriers. sports coaches work very closely with their • Three coaching settings. athletes. They help reveal the athletes • Five performance coaching tools. strengths, weaknesses, and potential. They • Instituting practical solutions to common challenge. They encourage. Theyre development issues. supportive when the athlete struggles and • Preparing for complex coaching situations. cheer when its time to celebrate. Effective • Four effective avenues to take when wrestling with emotional coaching workplace coaches do much the same. They situations. get to know their people so they, too, are able to encourage, challenge, support, and • Moving from performance development to contribution growth. celebrate. Coaching is discovering hidden interests, talents, professional goals, and potential in the people you manage then finding ways to develop them. It is the nurturing of careers in directions that not only benefit the individual, but also the corporation. In this highly interactive full-day workshop, youll learn what coaching is and how to develop your coaching skills. Topics: This workshop will be customized to your • Knowing the role of coach. organization’s coaching standards and • Discovering the benefits of coaching. participants’ specific coaching challenges. • Learning how "optimizing the crossroads" impacts the way you coach. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors responsible for Your presentation was energetic, developing and enhancing people’s informative, full of practical ideas, very performance. organized and user-friendly. You earned a WOW!!! Workshop Details: • One day or two half days Sandy L., Events Coordinator • Pre-workshop assignments Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 6
  • 7. Engaged and Inspired LeadershipLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: Topics: Organizations that create a climate that • Linking employee engagement with health, fosters engagement in their employees’ work innovation, productivity, and profitability. lives end up with a workforce that: • Two main reasons employees say they are • Develops creative solutions to challenges not engaged. and opportunities rather than dwells on • The role engagement plays in performance problems. and leadership’s part in nurturing it. • Spreads enthusiasm to your customers for • Aligning employees’ engagement efforts your organization and the products/services with organizational goals and values. it offers. • Providing ways for employees to become • Has more energy for its work, even those responsible for their own engagement. tasks that aren’t directly connected to their • Soliciting constructive solutions to issues work-related passions. your organization faces. • Tends to be healthier, which can have a • Training to employees’ strengths not their positive impact on medical costs. weaknesses. • Becomes one of your best recruiting sources. • Feels its work is challenging and rewarding, which can bolster your chances of keeping your best employees. The Engaging and Inspired Leadership Workshop helps management teams identify, implement, and increase employee engagement. A productive and interactive This workshop will be customized to your workshop, it helps your managers develop leaders’ specific engagement challenges. the skills they need to cultivate an engaged work group. Audience: Client Comment: Leaders at all levels interested in We at Memorial Blood Center want to thank you understanding the relationship between for your exciting and informative presentation on employee engagement and the engagement. All attendees felt this was an productivity, motivation, creativity, and extraordinary learning experience. Your profitability of their people. excitement about the topic helped us to overcome our reluctance to implement an Details: empowerment approach to quality in our highly • One half to one day, depending on client regulated environment. needs Margaret H., Memorial Blood Centers Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net7
  • 8. Emotional Maturity and ManagementLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Building emotional management (EM+) We’re as much emotional beings at work as skills: we are away from it. Whenever people come 1. Communicating intentionally. together with varied perspectives, needs, 2. Linking emotions to productivity. and emotional maturity levels, emotions, 3. Building trust during conflict. (both positive and negative) are going to 4. Navigating negativity and anger. come out. In a healthy work environment, 5. Applying compassion, graciousness, there’s room for both. Leaders who know and empathy. how to navigate the troublesome waters 6. Using emotional coaching skills. emotions can create are leaders with skills in 7. Instituting crisis management plans. emotional maturity and management. Topics: • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Maturity (EM), & Management (EM+). • Assessing your emotional awareness. • Considering five emotional capabilities. • Overcoming self-defeating emotions. • Building an environment that rewards EM. • Recognizing and properly responding to common workplace situations that will test your EM. This workshop will include case studies • Taking advantage of three EM builders. written to reflect emotionally taxing situations • Establishing more supportive workplace your managers face. relationships. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors who wish to We appreciated the unusual content, understand the role emotional maturity including the emphasis on each individuals plays in leadership and how building it ability to control their personal response enhances all work relationships. when confronted with a negative situation. Workshop Details: Many staff members left with new ideas for • One half to one day, depending on client both their work and home lives. You needs certainly held the audiences attention! • Pre-workshop Emotional Maturity Karen K., Human Resources Director Assessment City of Roseville, Minnesota Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 8
  • 9. The Empowering LeaderLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • How traditional organizational up-down Ask any manager if he/she could use another structures make people hesitant, fearful, few hours in the day and you’re likely to hear and complacent. a resounding, “yes!” No matter how fast we • Organizational barriers and strategies. pedal, it can feel impossible to keep up with • Charles Garfields nine points of time pressures, quality rubrics, added job empowerment. tasks, and staffing issues. While you can’t • The requirements of empowerment. add hours to your day, you can get more • Employees first reactions to being done in the same amount of time by empowered. empowering your employees. Managers and • Empowerment models. supervisors who know how to empower • Powerful empowerment techniques. others are able to share authority as well as • Three ways to approach empowerment. responsibility for results. Not only does more • Four steps to starting empowerment. get done but employees also feel more • Creating a space for people to grow. fulfilled, valued, and trusted—all things that • How to give power away rather than just add to retention. This workshop teaches change the rules. managers how to hand over the reigns in a way that ensures quality results and develops employee decision-making skills. Topics: • Why empower employees? • The path to empowerment. • Do people want to be empowered? This workshop will be customized to • Engagement and empowerment. opportunities for empowerment unique to • Empowerment, TQM, and continuous your organization. improvement. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone in leadership who wants a clear We appreciate the time and effort it took to understanding of how empowerment put together an excellent program such as works and tools to build a more the “Empowerment” presentation. We responsible, empowered workforce. always look forward to your informative and Details: entertaining presentations! Christine S., R.D. • One half to one day, depending on client needs Healthcare Sales • Pre-workshop assignments SYSCO Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net9
  • 10. Growing the Influence of Human ResourcesLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Flight or fight: Reactions to HR policies. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you served • Laying track ahead by showing how others understood all the benefits that Human have effectively used HR services. Resources provide your organization? How • The HR big black box: Explaining how your much more enjoyable would work be if most decision-making process works and how of the people in your organization long it will take. appreciated the role Human Resources plays • Confidentiality and the best way(s) to in each of their job functions? More communicate with you. importantly, how much more effective could • What are the benefits of asking your you be if you had new ways to educate and advice? inform your constituents on important Human • 5 ways to train your constituents to be Resources issues. great HR customers. • 4 presentations you might want to have This thought provoking-thinking session is ready at a moments notice. designed to give you some practical ideas to increase your influence and that of Human Resources. Topics: • Why help others to see Human Resources differently? • 3 ways to make HR engaging. • What kinds of influence do we have that we need to use more effectively. This workshop will be customized to include • The best opportunities for HR to influence your organization’s HR challenges. constituencies and build their trust. • How do employees want to learn about the Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. relationship between HR and their jobs? Audience: Client Comment: Human Resources professionals who want I especially appreciated your responsiveness to expand their influence and acceptance to our timetable and your ability to within their organizations. personalize your training to include I.C. Systems needs and philosophy. Workshop Details: • One day or two half days Linda H., Training Specialist • Pre-workshop assignments I.C. Systems, Inc. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 10
  • 11. Hiring ExcellenceLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Age and Discrimination in Employment Act Finding and hiring qualified candidates for of 1967. positions you have open is more difficult now • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. than ever. Not only is the talent pool • Five steps to analyze the job and prepare shrinking, but the expectations of younger your questions. candidates are different than those of years • Preparing the interviewing setting. past. Even when you get qualified candidates • Five types of interviewers. in to interview, asking the right questions to • Six steps of interviewing the candidate. determine if they’re a good fit for your • Probes, verifying questions, and bridges. organization and the open position isn’t easy. • Qualifying candidates. And what about difficult situations that come • Narrowing your options. up, like when a candidate cries during the • Making hiring a process not a production. interview, or his/her references don’t check out, or when you realize none of the people you interviewed is right? In this one-day workshop, hiring managers will learn how make the best possible hiring decision and handle everything that comes up along the way. Topics: • Ways to attract candidates in a tight labor market. This workshop will be customized to include • Three goals of the interview. your organization’s specific hiring challenges • The key to excellent interviewing. and realities. • Interviewing and the law. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors who want a I have worked with several consultants on comprehensive look at a successful, different projects and Mateffy and Company legally-defensible hiring process. It can is exceptional in every respect. You also be a refresher for hiring professionals. designed and delivered a quality 3M Workshop Details: Interviewing and Hiring Training Program. Ellen M., Manager • One day or two half days 3M Organization Learning Services • Pre-workshop assignments Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 11
  • 12. Leading Dynamic TeamsLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • The purposes for giving away authority. “This team needs some direction and focus. • Ways to build team member responsibility Why do I have to do all the work in this rather than dependence. group? Why isn’t there coffee or donuts for • How do you hold people accountable? this meeting?” Sound familiar? • Listening and open communication. • Hearing from every team member. Leading or facilitating a team is one of the • Ideas to keep discussions productive and most challenging assignments a manager on track. can receive. This workshop will give any team • Barriers and filters blocking your team. leader or facilitator a solid foundation on • Measuring your team’s effectiveness. which to build trust-honoring, focused, • Team leadership and ethics: the proper use productive, and successful teams. of authority. • Tips for facilitating cross-functional teams. Topics: • The rise of teams. • What is the role of the team leader/ facilitator? • When to form a team. • Who should be on your team? • How to create a shared vision/purpose. • Five steps for transferring a team vision. • Why building trust is the key to motivating others. • What makes delegating in a team challenging. This workshop will be customized with your • Delegation requirements. organization’s specific workplace realities. • How to delegate tasks. • Ways to document what you’ve delegated. Audience: Client Comment: Leaders at all levels of management who Its difficult for a speaker to hold the lead or facilitate teams and want to learn interest of our audience, but your content new ways of communicating more and delivery was outstanding. You took effectively, delegating tasks, and keeping time to learn as much as possible about team members engaged. your audience and our needs, and shaped your presentation accordingly. Your Details: preparation paid off in a talk that was a • One day or two half days highlight of the event. • Pre-workshop assignments Gerald R., Process Engineering Manager 3M Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 12
  • 13. Meeting FacilitationLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: Topics: You’ve probably heard or delivered this • Why meet? phrase countless times, “Let’s have a • When to call a meeting. meeting and discuss it.” Does that statement • Agendas and guest lists. generate more excitement or dread within • What to prepare for a meeting. your workgroup? With more and more • Setting ground rules for meetings. demands on staff members’ time, every • Assigning responsibilities before the meeting needs to be purposeful, organized, meeting. interactive, and directed at obtaining specific • Six tips for effective speaking. results. Yet most surveys show that attending • Presenting new information. meetings is considered one the top five time • Handling signs of boredom or confusion wasters. graciously. • Interpreting non-verbal expressions. From learning how to confirm the need for a • Using non-verbal expressions to reinforce meeting, give each attendee a responsibility, your message. create a positive, open environment, • Creating an open, creative environment. participants learn how to make meetings time • Facilitating respectful discussions. savers instead of wasters. • Keeping the discussion alive. • Methods for getting discussions on track. • Steps for handling irrelevant, but important, issues that come up during a discussion. • Concluding your meeting. This workshop will be customized to address the unique challenges about meetings your employees face. Audience: Client Comment: Managers and supervisors at all levels will Your presentation was energetic, find the information in this workshop informative, full of practical ideas, very practical and be able to apply it at the organized and user friendly. Some next meeting they attend. comments were: I would love to hear him speak on other topics.” “Cant say enough Details: about the relevance of the seminar and the • One half to one day, depending on client quality of the speaker. Super!” Effective needs Knowledgeable. • Pre-workshop assignments Chris K., Education and Events Coordinator Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 13
  • 14. Project ManagementLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Building a working knowledge of staffing, To guide a project to successful completion, ground rules for team participation, there must be a hand on the wheel managing procurement, and design. all aspects of it all at times. While most • Three elements all project managers must managers have some of the skills needed, keep in balance. like writing a clear vision statement, creating • Using a case study to walk through an a comprehensive scope definition, organizing orientation meeting and learn ways of limited resources, working within tight reporting your project’s progress. timelines, controlling project costs, and • Practical skills for resolving disputes. generating optimal team performance, they • Ways of managing all the documents for may not have them all or have them to a level your project. of proficiency. Originally designed for one of • The signs of good scope control. the world’s largest corporations, this • Getting a handle on post-project issues workshop uses a case study from your such as the final punch list, reporting, hand organization to teach a proven project over, start up, and critiquing the project and management process. Participants will learn process. how to successfully plan, manage and deliver excellent results. Additionally, learners walk away from the session with enhanced team building and facilitation skills. Topics: • Defining the project’s vision and scope, creating an accurate budget, and developing a useable schedule. • This workshop is built around past project • The impact of pre-project planning and run at your organization. consensus. Audience: Client Comment: Managers needing to learn foundational Your participation in our program helped project management skill sets, people make this one of our most successful new to project management, or project conferences. Your subject matter was managers seeking a refresher course. interesting to the wide range of attendees and most beneficial for those directly Details: involved in management. • Two days Steve C., Training Director • Pre-workshop assignments City of Saint Paul Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 14
  • 15. Strategic Planning and Decision MakingLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Recognizing and applying the six elements At the heart of every organization’s success of the planning process. are the plans created and the decisions • The SMARTS model for setting objectives. made by each supervisor/manager. Every • Completing the Strategic Planning plan laid, every decision made either Worksheet. contributes to or takes away from realizing Decision Making strategic results. That’s why this workshop is • Monitoring outcomes. so critical. Mastery of the concepts • Recognizing the impact of each decision. presented will equip participants to mold • Decision-making pitfalls. their work and the work of others in a fashion • The six steps of the decision-making that helps reach objectives at all levels. process. This training session examines two critical • The role of emotions in decision making. business and strategy skills: strategic • Using the Decision-Making Worksheet. planning and making decisions. The planning lesson provides a useful tool called the Strategic Planning Worksheet and examines two primary elements of the planning process. In the decision-making lesson, participants work through six steps of the decision-making process and complete a Decision-Making Worksheet. This workshop will be customized to help Topics: meet your organization’s current planning Strategic Planning and decision-making challenges. • Principles of strategic planning • Developing process-oriented thinking. Audience: Client Comment: Managers new to strategic planning There are many things other than your principles and skills sets as well as those presentation style that made this so enjoyable. I who need a set of practical steps to appreciated the effort you gave in calling successful decision making. employees beforehand to better understand our company and our situation. However, the nicest Details: thing was the ease in doing business with you and your employees. This is what really makes • One day or two half days you “heads above” the competition in your field. • Pre-workshop assignments Al L., Sales Supervisor Minnesota Power Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 15
  • 16. Transition to LeadershipLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • SMART communication. Timely, practically applicable, and powerful, • Building the critical listening skills of this workshop provides a clear map for new attending, following, and responding. supervisors and mangers as they begin their Human Resources Policies Transitions: careers directing the work of others. By • The main purposes for Human Resources acknowledging the transitions they are policies and procedures. making and teaching core leadership skills, • Learning the main categories of Human this interactive session sets the foundation Resources Policies. for success in any leadership career. • Interpreting Policy Statements accurately and knowing when to using counsel. Topics: • Responding to policy questions and • Four Relationship Transitions: complaints appropriately. 1. With direct reports—both former peers and people you’re just getting to know. 2. With your new peer group and other department’s leadership. 3. With results. 4. With planning and decision making. • Building trust. • Reinforcing positive behavior. • Modeling appropriate behavior. Communication Transitions: This workshop will be customized with your • Understanding communication styles:  Results-driven communicators. organization’s policies, procedures, and new  Process-driven communicators. leaders’ challenges.  Relationship-driven communicators. Audience: Client Comment: New mangers and supervisors who need Mateffy and Company not only delivered a high- practical and proven skills for leading in any quality 3M International Supervisory work environment. Development Training Program, it was completed on time, meeting all agreed upon Details: specifications. It was excellent working with Mateffy and Company! We look forward to • Two days future projects. • Pre-workshop Leadership Strengths Donald S. HR Development Manager Assessment Asia Pacific, 3M HR Consulting Services Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 16
  • 17. Visioning and InnovationLEADERSHIPWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Becoming passionate about your vision. The visionaries in our midst see targets and • Transferring your vision. solutions the rest of us don’t and know the Innovation: The Path to Invention steps to making their ideas reality. But what about the rest of us? Is this an all or nothing • Innovation defined. • Why we need to innovate. proposition—you either are a visionary or you aren’t? Can we learn how to incorporate the • Innovation tilts your world, it doesnt’ turn it upside down. skills of vision and innovation into the work • Ten innovative organizations. we do each day? • An innovation process. This workshop offers a fresh perspective on • Converting your ideas into our innovations. visioning and how it can direct the efforts of • Five ways to feed innovation. organizations, departments, and individuals. It also equips leadership of all levels and all functions to foster innovation not only in the work they do, but also in the work of those they direct. Topics: Visioning: Seeing What Could Be • The history of visioning. • Overcoming blindness to look into the future. • Why visioning is difficult for adults. This workshop will be customized using your • Elements of a vision statement. organization’s vision and mission statements • Creating a vision statement for yourself. and opportunities for innovation. • Creating a concise, practical, and behavior -driving vision statement. Audience: Client Comment: Leaders who want to develop a vision for Please continue the great work in helping their organization and gain an corporations communicate their values. understanding of how to build an Mateffy & Company is a winner of the most innovative work culture. unusual kind. You are a dynamic company with tremendous depth and knowledge of Details: how to communicate programs in the • One day or two half days traditions of 3M culture. • Pre-workshop assignments JG, 3M Human Resources Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 17
  • 18. Training with a PurposeMateffy and Company training experiences are structured to meet these goals:• To put the participant at the center of learning. This makes the learner responsible to participate in the training and use the new knowledge and skills developed afterward.• To present new information in engaging, interactive, meaningful ways. Rather than endless lecture that bores the trainees and wears out the trainer, Mateffy and Company classroom training sessions are filled with opportunities for participants to work with and retain the content. Materials are written with a sense of humor that keeps the learner motivated and involved.• To build connections between the training session and real life. Nobody wants to spend precious training dollars providing information for information’s sake. To change behavior and motivate employees, new information has to translate into practical, real life action. Throughout the training sessions, participants plan how they will use the skills they build the minute they return to their workstations. The result is trackable behavior change that justifies dollars spent.• To be fun with a purpose. Too often people greet the idea of training with the grim expectation of mind numbing hours spent stuck in a chair. By getting people up and moving, challenging their creativity, and allowing them the chance to have some fun along the way, we create a learning experience that boosts retention.• To provide opportunities to share expertise. We believe that in any given room of participants, there is a vast reservoir of experience, ideas, and practical solutions to common challenges. We create training that builds in plenty of opportunities to tap this reservoir through discussions, exercises, and network building.Along with award-winning training program creation and delivery, we also offer:• Candidate competency evaluation tools.• Coaching services for leaders.• Engagement level measuring tools.• Candidate interviewing worksheets.• Keynote presentations.• Organizational development surveys.• Printing, assembly, and distribution services.• Script writing.• Training program review services.• Videotape production.• Writing and editing services. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net18
  • 19. Workshop ComponentsWe are dedicated to designing and delivering comprehensive workshops and training programs thatsave you time and money while exceeding your objectives. With any Mateffy and Company workshopyou select, you can choose from a number of workshop components:Planning and Development Meetings Here we learn about your company’s expectations, culture, and learning objectives. Throughout the design process, these meetings keep you in touch with the project’s status and provide opportunities for input.Pre-workshop Assignments and Assessments The completion of pre-workshop assignments and self assessments is part of the design of many of our workshops. These thought-provoking assignments draw participants into the training by having them think about the topics before the sessions begin. As a result participants:  Increase their interest before and participation during workshops.  Ask much more pointed questions and expect practical, applicable answers.  Tend to use and retain the information for longer periods.Workshop Delivery Only highly qualified training facilitators who are topic experts will deliver your workshop. You choose the time and place, and we’ll be there!E-mail Flyer We customize each workshop announcement flyer with your logo and all the workshop details. All you do is forward it to participants.Pre-training Calls These calls to participants and subject matter experts help us build a workshop tailored to their specific needs and work realities. Clients tell us this makes all the difference in how the information is received and, ultimately, used.Participant Workbook Each workshop includes a participant workbook that contains teaching point recaps, exercises, worksheets, a place for taking notes, and a list of additional resources on the subject at hand.Videotaping Rights These rights allow you to videotape the workshop for your exclusive use afterwards. These videotaping rights convert the session from a one-time event to a program that can be used repeatedly for training new employees or performance development. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars and built training libraries when using this component.Workshop Evaluation and Measurement Tools These record participants’ initial response to the training and behavioral outcomes weeks after the training. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net19
  • 20. Who is Mateffy and Company?Serving clients for over 20 yearsSince 1987, Mateffy and Company has designed, developed, and presented employee developmentand video-based training programs for clients around the world. We are unique in the industrybecause our work has centered around finding ways to engage our clients’ employees andcustomers. We’ve had the pleasure of creating custom programs for many of the world’s leadingbusinesses representing almost every industry and over 300 cities, counties, state and federalagencies. Our clients include:• 3M • Honeywell• AT&T • Hyatt Hotels International• Avon • Metropolitan Life• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, • Minneapolis Convention Center Illinois, the District of Columbia, and Michigan • States of California, Florida,• Cargill Washington, Wyoming• Cities of Kansas City, Minneapolis, • Sysco Foods Saint Paul, and San Diego • The United States Air Force• Counties of Hennepin, Hillsborough Fl, and • The United States Library of Congress Los Angeles • The Veterans AdministrationAdditional workshops from Mateffy and Company Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net20
  • 21. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?This catalog presents our core workshop offerings. Anyone of these workshops can be customized to alignwith your organization’s values, mission, and core competency development requirements. However, manyof our clients have training program needs more specific to their industry and/or organization or they requirea different delivery system than workshop settings. For these clients we have a six-step process for creatingtotally customized training program.Step One: Training Consultant Assigned Step Two: Learn about Your RequirementsFollowing your inquiry, a training consultant will be and Specific Needsassigned to guide you through our customization We will meet with you over the phone or face-to-face toprocess. Your consultant not only possess and in- align the training with your organization’s values, culture,depth knowledge of creating customized training training goals, and core competency developmentprograms for adult learners, he/she also is a gifted requirements. During this meeting, your trainingpresenter. He/she understands the difference objectives, main teaching points, and expectations willbetween what sounds good on paper and what will be established.positively impact participant’s behavior andunderstanding in a workshop setting. Client Comment: The 3M Global Supervisory Development Program (SDP) is a reality. That is the case, in part, because your company met and exceeded project expectations in every phase of the project. I wanted to particularly acknowledge several high points. Concept Development: You were effective in getting the SDP global team (3M people from 34 countries) to think through what it was they really wanted in a front-line supervisory development program. Team Effectiveness: Your company was willing and able to become part of the 3M team. You were accessible, particularly to me, as the project manager. I could count on you, and did count on you! Customer Response: It is refreshing to have suppliers of goods and services deliver what was agreed upon. Mateffy and Company not only delivered a high-quality product, it was completed on time, meeting all agreed upon specifications. It isn’t often that external development resources are willing to review copy at 6 am to accommodate the customer! International/Global Implications: The SDP project is a product for the 3M world. Effective world-wide products that are acceptable to worldwide audiences require design and development efforts based on global input and sensitivity. It was excellent working with Mateffy and Company! We look forward to future projects. Donald S. Human Resources Development Manager, Asia Pacific 3M Human Resources Consulting Services Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco.com21
  • 22. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?Step Three: Value-Driven ProposalUsing the information gathered in Step Two, the next stepis to create a proposal. This proposal will demonstrate ouraccurate understanding of your training programobjectives, main teaching points, and expectations andprovide an appropriate value-driven solution. We can alsoshow you how to reduce, if not eliminate the cost ofdeveloping your training programs. Client Comment: This year Mateffy and Company will develop around $100,000 worth of video-based training programs for us. In addition, they showed us how we dont have to pay for one dime of the development cost. Brian M., Training Manager International Retail Chain Step Four: Create a Training Program Blueprint After receiving a signed agreement, we begin writing a training program Blueprint. This outline will suggest a breakdown for each workshop/module’s: • Learning objectives. • Content to be covered. • Pre-Workshop Assignments to prepare participants for the training sessions. • Assessments to help participants determine their skills levels. • Exercises to reinforce the content and test the learning. Our clients feel that blueprints allow them to "see" their training programs and make initial changes before the writing even begins. This time and money-saving step is an opportunity to make sure were on track with your vision of the training program from the very beginning. Client Comment: Your experience, knowledge and wisdom made this project possible in what was a nearly an impossible time-frame for completion. In addition, the criteria you established for retaining production companies saved us thousands of dollars. If you remember when we first discussed this project I explained that trust between us would be critical. You have earned and retained that trust. Thank you for a job well done. Mark S., Director of Training, Development and Communications National Retail Chain Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net22
  • 23. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?Step Five: Create Training Materials Client Comment:After you’ve made any changes to and approved the Mateffy and Company has been ablueprint, the training materials are developed. Training significant contributor in our production ofmaterials can come in many forms, including: cost-effective, high-quality training videos.• Pre-Workshop Assignments. Their consultation has been readily• Participant Workbooks. available; it doesnt matter if it is a 2-day• Training Facilitator’s Guides. seminar or a quick phone call. We have• Videotapes. been very pleased with the services• On-line assessments and resources. provided by Mateffy and Company.• Power Point Slide Shows. Dale B., Training/Recruiting Coordinator• Training Reminder Cards. Animal NutritionAs the materials and course work are written, we will also Cargill Corporationspeak to a number of training participants, customers and/ Step Six: Rollout Training Programor leaders to gather any undiscovered topic needs, realwork experiences for case study exercises, and language As important as any step in our process,specific to your industry and organization. Once the step six is critical to any programsmaterials are completed, they are sent to you for any success. Our clients have chosen achanges and final approval. number of ways to rollout their customized training programs including: • On-line. • At industry and educational conferences. • Via closed circuit television broadcasts. • Using regional training centers. • Through a Train-the-Trainer model. We offer the Training Facilitation Skills Workshop to assist our clients who want to use their own staff to deliver their training program. This two-day session is outlined in this catalog within the Productivity and Communication section. Client Comment: Step Seven: Evaluate Program Success Mateffy and Company helped organize our To ensure that your training program meets the goals first attempt at video/workbook employee and requirements set out in the proposal, we use a training. Mateffy and Company staff held number of evaluation tools to measure the success of our hands through the entire process. Not each training program. These tools are tailored to only did the project come in on time and appraise the specific qualitative and quantitative results on budget, Mateffy and Company also each program is designed to obtain. Qualitative handled rollout and distribution. Our evaluations range from internal perception assessments restaurant managers and employees were to customer satisfaction surveys to cultural alignment able to raise the level of performance to gauges. Our quantitative data capture and analysis uses new highs. tools to that measure everything from sales percentage changes, to accident reduction data, to productivity Greg S., Training Director impacted by employee engagement levels. Old Country Buffets Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net23