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Magazine presentation

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis Jack Liddle
  2. 2. The layout for Kerrang! Is very organised for a magazine with all these stories because it has the mainstream bands at the top and more at the bottom so the audience looks at it all to be thoroughly entertained for the music genre The font and colouring for this they like which includes, rock, pop-punk and metal. The Splash image isnt obscured in any way which could mean particular issue is quite interesting that the band and genre which is represented is boasted where the audience is a subject to cultural hegemony because of the woman (Hayley because of all bands they have within their pages. Williams) on the cover. The sub- headings (good charlotte) are the same type of colour as her hair. The woman on the cover (Hayley Williams) expresses This would be because the hegemonic masculinity because she’s a popular female company want to make this eye singer in this genre of music who’d appeal to the men. catching towards the audience so As well she’d be a role model for the people in bands they read the sub-headings to who listen to the type of music she plays. make it eye catching for the As well shes an aggressive pose which would compare audience. with the `rebels` sub-heading. It could say that their type of music is rockish where it could be loud which Feature headlines are there for the big conveys different messages for the issues that they write thing. By this I mean the latest story. about. that could be political views, life, a special person For the audience this would create a or just sticking it to the man etc. sense of knowing, they’d know up to To contrast this she’s in a feminine view because of her the minute latest information. It hair; she has it quite long which could say that she’s your reflects the readership for teens all average teenage girl who’s audience are both male because of a stereotype of feeling they and female. As well as this, her hair and makeup say need to know up to the minute that she’s fine with the way she looks. It doesn’t look like information. she has too much to convey the confidence she has to transpire to her female audience.Menu Strip with buzzwords.This is here as a last attempt to get the reader to The pug (freebie) is there to make the audience think, ifbuy the magazine. It lists well known bands you buy a magazine just for the product it could bewho’re generally advertised more often because cheaper to buy it in the magazine . This tell us that notthe publishing company (Bauer media) knows the A necessary feature for magazines is the all the audience (working class) could be loyal to it iftarget audience will buy the magazine if it barcode where it can have the issue number to they buy it for the one band.features more mainstream bands. They have on see how long it’s been published as well as For the long-time buyers it’d be an added bonus to theoccasion, smaller or local bands that are similar to ordering any that you may enjoy. It’s usually weekly magazine because they’d feel that this is a onebigger bands to get the audience to listen to small so it’s the last things the audience see. time offer to make them more interested in looking atother music, sometimes genres they don’t This is because if they see the price first an the magazine and buying it.enjoy, so they have another reason the working expensive magazine will put them off buying it. From the look of that it’s been painted on it tells thatclass will listen. They generally have some artists this type of magazine is quite messy and the audiencesimilar to the feature headlines to tie into that may not be expecting something’s that may be includedspecific genre. This reflects the readership in the magazine that they’ll fully enjoy. It says that thebecause if they know the open minded target audience couldve done it themselves to tie into theaudience enjoy knowing about new artists then `rebels` sub-heading which ties into the stereotype ofthey’ll buy it again if they’re likeable and within the teen audience which is the target audience
  3. 3. The masthead is the title kerrang! With a white background. The wearing away of the letters could mean that the amount of bands they have in the genre to say that it’s expanding but getting old. The smashed screen effect links to the sound a guitar makes when its really loud and plugged in. It adds to the fact that this type of music uses lots of guitars for the music every band makes which fits in with the emotion of the songs for example anger and rebels within the magazine for the stereotypes are aggressive teenagers, some of which who buy this publication so it reflects the readership of the target audience because it is teens that buy this magazine.The subheading afflicts with asecondary band that the magazinecovers, usually not in so much detail.The reason for this is to acquire abigger audience so if they don’t Buzzwords are there to attempt the readerthoroughly enjoy one band they will into buying the magazine. It says that youanother. As well they have the sub- need to know these things if you have animage to make the audience think the interest in listening to these bands. Thesestory is bigger than they realise which words afflict with `dirty little secrets`could say they’re on the same amount because it’s gossip and everyone secretlyof exposure but they wanted to have does want to know about others secrets. Thisthe bigger fan base of Paramore’s band reflects the target audience for the femaleread this issue. It reflects the gender because of a stereotype for thereadership because it’s saying that if amount of gossip some women know of.theres one band they dont particularlyenjoy then there’s many others which Special is a buzzword because it gives an ideathey can. that it wont be out ever again (this particular issue). This says that its audience could be desperate to get this issue, being the audience is the working class this says they do enjoy listening to bands like this (Panic at the disco) because of a number of reasons; emotions from the songs, the gender of people in the band etc. Young is a buzz word because it connects to the target audience for the feeling that this band is similar to the audience that read it so it creates a connection between the two.
  4. 4. Here the contents has a crashing image The title is bold to stand out front the rest of the page and to let theeffect. This is because it has the audience The subheadings are set in Columns because I think audience know what sort of page they’re looking at. As well itview these pages so they’re fully interested the magazine still wanted to give it a newspaper feel corresponds with a colour scheme and getting ready to let you knowand know what they’ll be looking at. It says to make you still think this magazine was once in the there’s going to be all sorts of different ones across the issue.that the audience will view this first and 1990’s. They want the audience to feel like they’rebecause it’s a big festival (Leeds & Reading) part of history with them being a huge magazine asthey promote it to the cultural hegemony well as being launched into the present with theof the target audience who go to these type amount of bands that are around now to go with theof festivals (mostly teens) because its a concept of cultural hegemonyhuge celebration of what they love which is As well as this, the contents page helps the readerthe music. find what article they want to view easily.In magazines, sometimes they have a smallsection for the editor, sometimes to have a In some magazines they have subscriptions that stickquick insight to the issue to go along with the out with colour to get you to notice it. In kerrangcontents to influence the reader on the main they do this brilliantly because on the bottom theyartist they have to get a message across about have a white background then they crash colours towhat great people they are and influence their make it stand out so the audience will notice it moreown view and agenda to get them into this type often than other items on the page. It makes theof music as well as getting them to buy the audience feel that there’s no escape from looking atmagazine again. This would be cultural it because of such a colour clash.hegemony because the magazine programs As well if a magazine has a subscription then it tellsyour thinking. If the target audience knows what us that they have an amount of their readership thatgreat people they are then you will believe collects the issues.them. You will then think that their music couldbe for you because they say their for fans of: fora band you enjoy. As well if they know if this is a Notice the circle which says `cover story on someband you enjoy and have more of them in the within the column. This gives off the fact that it’s amagazine, you’ll buy it in the future because you big story they’re covering. A major story which saysknow this is what you like. that you must turn to it. Its a navigational tool usedThis tells us the audience would crave music like so that you know what you want where it’ll showthis is if they continue this pattern and would the amount of pages covered which can say theoverall choose to buy the magazine. range of an interview with the artist. With the language used, it sounds really personalThey promote another band by splitting the which makes the audience feel closer and more inpage almost in half. With blink 182, they want depth to the focus the target audience into finding the When they list the bands, they list them as sub-article with them in it to appeal to the targetaudience. Its the same thing they do for the They have small sub-images which engage the audience into diving headings to make them stand out so you knowfront cover to get you interested into buying it. into the issue to see the full article(s) with these artists. whos in the magazine as well as the cover storyBecause the page is split in half, this will prompt artists.the audience to scan for the page with either The captions on the images of the pages help the audience They use a consistent house style so they relate tothe artist in the splash image or artists in the know what page they’re looking for from the arrow shaped one another. i.e. headings and subheadings are incontents page , in this case, Blink 182. boxes they have on the top half of the page yellow so the audience knows what to look for is they get this publication weekly.
  5. 5. The main heading `LIVES¬ tells you what the The rating is a quick review of the band that’s playing. Because this is a necessary featurepage’s about, it gives you an indication of which is in kerrang, the audience look to this page more than others because theres a They use a quick interview to get anwhat band will be on the page because of the possibility it will always contain a good band which can open up the target audiences genre insight to the gig they were at and tosize of the text. Being on a double page into a more broad one. build on the personal feature it bringsspread, we know it’s a relatively big band As well this is a necessary feature for the bands because they know if they’ve done well if towards the magazine to get an insightplaying. they’ve got a good review in a respected and well read magazine. It reflects the readership to the band but the audienceThe Text: picture ratio is around ¾ text because because if it’s a bad review most of the audience will skip it because they wont find it themselves.they want the audience to be engaged with the enjoyable so from then on they could be seen as a bad band from the target audiences This could influence the audience intovisual impact of what they’re viewing. The effect perspective. liking the band as well as opening themit has upon the audience is that theyre more up to a variety of bands within theintrigued into what they have to say about the genre.bands being played. Cultural hegemony would `How was it for you?` shows theircome into here because from the images they’re personal quality which other magazinesimplying the bands are hard workers to relate to sometimes lack to where they can havethe working class target audience kerrang has an advantage in influencing theirwithin the 16-25 year old demographic audience to the subject of cutural hegemony for the audiences full This double page spread shows a live review of a and the supporting act(s). Mainly for The font communicates a laid back styleKerrang they have the best mainstream band kerrang has. This reflects the readership because it shows that people do enjoyfrom the last 1 or 2 weeks on here to attempt to this sort of laid back, friendly style itengage the target audience into a band they’re creates for the full aspect of the loudfamiliar with (a mainstream band to maximise music the pages contain.their viewing pleasure of the magazine. Complete with images from the gig, it bringstogether crashing effects which will be overall The page number is conventional for magazines with big stories to cover sovisually pleasing for the audience. They’ll be they can be linked to the contents pageintrigued into viewing those first because of thepeople in them. Mainly the singers becausethey’re the most notable people from the bands. They have captions on the pictures toBeing males the have a lot of dominance, this make little jokes so the audience will bebeing the male gaze because of this and the way It has a consistent house style because of the green text from the `LIVES` and the more engaged into viewing them. Itthey present themselves, looking from bring me supporting bands makes you look towards the font and text size. the text used on the gives the magazine something morethe horizons singer who looks very forward and review is the same as on the second page. The white and black colours give off the than others have ,which appeals to the aggressive side that a band in the is genres music has as well as the text that’s highlightedengaging in the audience in turn which the target them to remind them of what they do red.audience enjoys. more to be remembered by theFrom the pictures, you see the reality of a live where you see how hardworking some The language kerrang uses is in the 3rd person. A reason being for this is to engage the audience inbands are which relates to kerrangs initial target being fully interested so the similar style can be compared to other articles within the magazine. Alongaudience; the working class. From this issues live with this they tell you whats happened, what songs, if any member of the band’s ill and cant go onband (Bring me the horizon), this issues live band etc. It has a personal quality that makes you stop reading for a moment and think that they’ve actuallyshows a creative atmosphere to show what this talked to the bands and talked to them directly. As well as this, it mentions a brief history of some people within the magazine’s pages to give you a background on how hard some bands work to getband’s capable of as well as showing off the style them to the point of cultural hegemony, so that if you admire how they work, the audience isand genre of kerrang!; i.e. Rock and metal. fascinated an will view them.
  6. 6. Metal hammers masthead is black. This is to do Menu strips are set all over the cover to spread out For splash image; the man (Oli Sykes) is to thewith the type of music it writes about. Very hard, the variety of bands that are being advertised to the subject of cultural hegemony because not everyoneloud music . audience. This is because theres always an audience does like this type of music and not everyone will They have the title as metal hammer because a for music so the company spreads out the bands enjoy it. This says that the target audience shouldhammer is a working mans tool which says that the around the cover and issue so that the viewer will read be the defendants because if they enjoy his type ofreadership is mainly male (64%) continued by the every band name before making a decision to buy the music then they’re getting in the way of the arrowsfact its a magazine aimed at the working class issue and reading it in its full. and being accused to.(CZDE) through the price (£3.50) as well as that this According to his pose, tying in the idea oftype of music is dominated by the male population accusation, I assume he’s looking at a judge andof bands and singers such as the man on the front awaiting his verdict. He looks quite laid back wherecover (Oil Sykes). As well the title has a bit of irony the assumption is that he’s free to go because hisas a hammer is a metal object to tie into the fact band’s music is everything that metal hammerthat the magazine represents hard and loud music. stands for; i.e. for the working class people thatFeature headlines (bring me the horizon) covers the make music for their fans who enjoy the hardcentre of the image. This could signify how sound that comes from this type of genre.mainstream the band is or how much they’ve grown As well he’s a feminine view of desire because he’sin the music industry. It signifies that the magazine shirtless, quite well built and has tattoos. Aknows what their target audience wants, which is positive of this is that it will reach out better to theloud heavy music in which anything can happen. female audience (36%) because of the stereotype of`accusers` inflicts that they’ve committed a crime. women enjoying men like this, tall, who hasThe word `Heretics` backed up by the magazine dominance, not afraid of pain and has an artisticsignifies that they’re their defending them and they side of things because of his tattoos.will continue as long as they make this type of music A stereotype of this genre of musician is he’ll have ai.e. Metal backed by the target audience by both tattoo to show that they’re not afraid of pain but asgenders which buy it. As well, you can say that even well to show their fans they don’t back down easy.though there’s dominance of the malegender, there’s an influence because of the amountof women reading the magazine (36%).The font is interesting for this particular issue There’s a lot of subheadings within thebecause they start of with `Bring Me The Horizon` front cover which suggests that thisreally big and in a bold yellow font which is the fist magazine is weekly because of the amountthing the audience will see. This is to do with the of information. This tells us that the`accusers` statement and it could represent a light of audience enjoy hearing about other bandshope from the heavens; i.e. the fans) that let them similar to the cover. They’re subject toknow they’re innocent. cultural hegemony because they’re listing A necessary feature for magazines is the barcode bands that are in the same genre to theThey use the different fonts to represent status for different bands where it can have the issue number to see how band on the front cover (bring me theand how mainstream they are within the world. ` a day to long it’s been published as well as ordering any horizon)remember, Matt Tuck` etc. ,are well known within this type of that you may enjoy. It’s usually small so it’s themusic; i.e. loud icons to tie into the main image with the convention last things the audience see. This is because if theof rebellious where not everyone does enjoy the music. this tells us audience see the price first an expensivethat target audience of 18-19 year olds enjoys hearing more magazine will put them off buying it.mainstream artists so we can say it represents one generation ofthe audience within this specific magazine.
  7. 7. The layout of metal hammer is similar to a The Masthead on the contents page is repetition towardsnewspaper because of the columns it has. It’s They use a pug because It’s simple catchy the reader. It makes the title stay in your head and makes theinserted to contrast to the images that surround it. wording which the magazine use to get into audience look at future issues in shops because you know the mind of the audience. For the audienceIt looks like a big contents page but they spread outthe bands so its audience scan for what they’ll what sort of magazine it is and what it covers within its that enjoys their cd’s they’d be interested inenjoy the most and pick off want they want to read pages. what they’re talking about so a reaction couldfirst. This can be because of the gender of the be to turn that page.different musicians, age or ethnicity which intrigues For the target audience that’s been collectingthe target audience because of the magazines style them for a while they could want informationand layout to what they’ll see first on a subscription to save money. They have these for the more loyal audience that’sWith the Fine style of the magazine it gives off an interested in everything that the magazineold newspaper quality because of the font. I think offers.because of this, the audience is pleased with the This says that the some of its working classmagazine as it gives off an individual style which audience (CZDE) really do enjoy it and want to continue reading with what it has to offernobody else has, in which they’re intrigued within its pages.because its a different style which appeals tothem to view it and see how they’ve composedtheir other pages to.With specific punctuation with capital letters it The images on the right hand side willsets a tone for which certain bands to pop out; interest the audience because if they don’te.g. `five finger Death Punch. They put the know who they are then they’ll beemphasis on the D and P to emphasise the genre interested. The audience are subject to cultural hegemony so they know they’reof music the magazine is writing about. viewing a certain type of magazine;For the page the house style is consistent because metal, really hard music in which a lot a are listed because of the cultural hegemonyfirstly of the columns they have. They never change from the amounttheir style of layout even in the editor column.They have larger sizes for the text with subheadings all the way down; e.g. The images look like a collection on the rightFeatures, Regulars, Golden Gods 2010. this tells us hand side. In a way they’re a collage of onesthat they do this to grab the audience’s attention favourite bands to appeal to the targetbecause of their spacing. It has enough space so audience to get into their heads to be a partthey can go to one subheading without wanting to of their lives to show the musicians whoclose the issue. As well as this, the subheadings are make the music and the target audience ofbacked up by the background to make them visible the young adults who admire it throughoutto the reader, it makes them pop out at you. They use male gaze for promotions to get the the many bands listed in the subheadings. message across to the people in the bottom right hand corner. The woman looks really cool, stylish Review would be a buzzword because it gives the view that it’s and comfortable. Because of this, the target something `new`, as well as this, it could signify that it’s something audience will think that if they have this shirt you have to have because it’s the next big thing. This means that the they’ll be like that to. By pushing this onto the target audience enjoy hearing about the latest news where if they audience, they’re inclined to buy it or not for the have the knowledge in their social group(s), they communicate concept of cultural hegemony so it’s partly in about it because of who they see so it has the representation of age their faces . for the younger target audience of getting news around quickly
  8. 8. The house style represents the genre they’rea part of as it shows their reason for being in The image on the magazine ties into the genre of the music. A dark image is a dominant They mainly have titles at the top of a pagethe magazine. Because of the black code used because it’s the colour that’s generally associated with metal music which to let the audience know what band they’rebackground colour and a white text it gives could convey problems within the group. With a mid shot of the band member and the talking about in order to know what and whooff the genre; Metal. It connects to the quote, you can say the image is important in gaining the audiences attention because they’re talking about.audience because it’s a stereotype that metal they talk about making new music. `Little bursts and Explodes` convey that its powerfulmusic is to do with dark colours but it sounds coming out of what they’re making tieing into the genre for the fans to berepresents the audience that buy the pleased by what they’re doing.magazine to communicate the style it putsinto it from the dark colours to the gothicfont. Within the picture he’s holding a prop someThe great thing about it is that its a repeated flowers where around it, they’ve editeddesign into the headline as well as making it some leaves in. They do this to appeal toappeal to the target audience who’ve been the target audience because it implies thelistening to this genre for a long time and gothic view to tie into the genre of music soknow what they enjoy, so it’s the first thing it links to the style of the magazine.they see to draw them into the article.The quote at the bottom left hand side of the They use columns so that the image of thefirst page is taken from the article because of band member dominates. They make use of itits importance to the interviewer as it can be because if the target audience know who hisan influential for the target audience to read is then they will buy the magazine.through this article as well as the entiremagazine. It represents a main point for thearticle. The reason for it being there isbecause it draws the audience in because ifit’s a really good quote then they’ll be drawn They dont have the page number on theinto reading the full article because it may second page. They don’t always have thisrepresent themselves for the their genre because they dont want to distract thethey listen to or for their attitude for either audience reading about the band or bandtheir age or gender depending on how they members from the interview.interpret the quoteThey use a bigger Picture/text ratio with this article NOTE: this was an image taken from the internet so I cannot read the actual writing on the right hand side of the page.because they want the splash image and quote of the In magazines such as metal hammer they mainly write in the First Person because they’re talking about the band or artist to getfirst page to get into the readers head. It draws them the audience really engaged into what they’re talking about and exited for it if it’s a review of a new CD or an upcoming tour andinto the design of the title on the second page; `Grand what they (the magazine) expect from it. For this because its an interview, it’s mainly in the First person because its them talkingDesigns`. It appeals to the reader so that the name of the about themselves and what they’re doing behind the scenes which really get the audience intrigued and reading the at the top of the page (porcupine tree) sticks into This is because it has their favourite stars for their genre of music. So from the language used from the quote on the first pagetheir head. They’ll be able to remember it as their design they use buzz words such as: `bursts` , `explodes` and `great impact`. Why they use these words is because of the combination itof the black and white colour scheme as it isnt in your brings. They’re real pounding words to link to the genre of the magazine as well as to intrigue the target audience into the artistface as much because it goes along with the picture for and to have their word on anything without their words being twisted.its full effectiveness of the genre they write about for thetarget audience to communicate their message.
  9. 9. I feel that spin is different to other magazines on the market. This is because of the layout is has. It has lily Allen placed in the middle. I feel they do this to build the magazine around the`cover star` (her) to get an idea of what the audience wants from the magazine. For Lily Allen its the fact that that she’s bold and artistic from the way she looks on the cover to her pose thatdraws the reader in because It looks as if she’s staring at a hater and saying, listen to my music. This pose communicates herself as an artist because shes a mainstream artist tocommunicate to the audience from different ages to ethnicities whom enjoy her music, being in this publication (Spin). As well they have her in front of the masthead to make the other partsof the magazine stand out and let other bands have an identity. They’re not part of a collective genre, they’re their own artists so they’re not being compared to one another. I think that other magazines such as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer when doing photo shoots for their cover do theirs according to a pose for a specific place on their front cover but Spin doestheirs in a way for they have a crashing effect to make the audience look so see who they’re talking about if they cant fully see the name. This does make it seem more visually pleasing so theaudience. They’re intrigued into reading it with their favourite artists/bands included where cultural hegemony is inserted here because of the amount of artists named on this cover.. Spin has lots of artists for its headline and subhead- lines on the cover to simply get people to buy theFor the magazine, the masthead’s big and bold so it sticks out magazine. People buy it because it has their favouriteand gives you the magazines identity straight away, where this artist so they’re up to date on the stories concerningwill usually be one of the first things the audience sees if them. An obvious choice would be Lily Allen simplythey’ve never seen it. because she’s a household name. (a well knownFrom the Red on the background of the masthead, it could artist).convey passion some songs have. This says that its audience They list many other and sometimes `different`enjoy songs from lily Allen because her songs do have a artists/bands to attempt the reader to listen to thempassionate quality they find demanding ,for example, her with more mainstream and `known` artists/bands thatsong; `smile`. have been in the industry for some time (cultural hegemony) . This includes Bruce Springsteen, Lady Hawke and the cover artist Lily Allen. The magazine For this issue, the splash image (Lily Allen) is in the view of the enjoy mixing with some `underground` talent frommale gaze because of a few things. Firstly because of her the current world. This would be from artists likeclothing. Its quite small which exposes her legs, arms and Charles Hamilton, Glasvega and king Kha.breasts. They do this to get the message of sex to the older This would suggest that audience do look at thetarget audience of 22- 34 year olds across because some articles with the many different artists/bands namedmusicians dont care about it and some do. Lily Allen uses a so they may know who they are next time they’re in araunchier view of herself because she wants to get across better magazine such as a male audience in which if people think she’s like this thenher music would be. She advertises herself to get across to abigger fanbase so that more people know who she is. Howevertheir opinion is they like her music or not.Another is because of her makeup. With her being dolled up, shedoes look good where she looks comfortable in her own skin. Buzz words for spin include `Big in 09`. This would beBecause of this, shes being exposed in a feminine view. By this I because it gives off a idea that all the bands listed asmean the Females who read this magazine will look up to her A necessary feature for magazines is the sub-headings are quite well known mainstream bandsand think this is the way they could look where some girls could barcode where it can have the issue number and it gives off the music taste afflicted with thissteal her style like many do with different celebrities. to see how long it’s been published as well as magazine. This tells us that the audience enjoy this type ordering any that you may enjoy. It’s usually of music because they enjoy the best, the biggest and small so it’s the last things the audience see. sometimes the more relevant music within this genre. This is because if they see the price first an expensive magazine will put them off buying it.
  10. 10. The pink guitar is there to appeal to the female audience The Masthead is still there because the magazine They use the quote from the artist which tells us because of the colour. It signifies the power because of wants to let the audience know what publication what they have to say about music or themselves. the raised height to show that she has power over the they’re reading from, they obscure their logo to Sometimes it’s relevant to the article theyre in or it men along with her position in the magazine. background themselves but still they’re tells us something about their attitude to something foregrounding themselves because it’s their specific to connect to something which can beThey build the page around an artist, just like magazine. interpreted by different ages, ethnicitys or gender.the front cover to foreground them more thananybody else. It draws the audience in to give Its a simple layout with everything a commonthe artist which is a similar effect the front magazine contents page should have; i.e. Thecover has if they’re the `cover star` to their features with some information and a main image ofmain story within the specific issue. This says an artist for the issue. This is appealing to thethat the audience are pleased with this audience as it gives a natural flow a magazine shouldbecause it gives exposure towards cultural have, making it easier to follow than the morehegemony as there’s no getting rid of the complex magazines in shops.cover star, in this case Duffy. She’s chasing youto read what the magazine has to say abouther. It shows that the target audience enjoysthis because they obviously enjoy seeing thestars enlarged in this this way to show that the For Duffy here, shes the subject of the male gaze because ofmagazine is really in the audience’s face. her pose. She gives off a rebellious image similar to the magazine cover they usually have to go with their ideas on the male gaze as a collective. She has the make-up to attract theI feel that the contents page is similar to the male audience because she looks great without it but, its therefront cover because it’s one artist that dominates to attract a wider audience because of it. As well to contrastthe entire page. Because of this, it gives the this she’s in a feminine view because of her hair. She has itfeeling, again that the issue is built around artists quite long to be aimed at the male and female audience to sayand they have an ownership over a specific page. shes just great with the way she looks and feels in her skin toThis is because nothing’s in her way in the page. transpire to the powerful female she is to influence her fans inNo text collides with her as well as the title, she’ that way.fore grounded to suggest she’s more important Her pose is really in your face to say that shes got somethingthan the magazine itself. This tells us that the to say and you should listen to her being the outspoken artistaudience enjoy seeing the artist in this way she is to transpire to an audience find appealing.because she has dominance over the people thatlisten to her music because her words can As well as this, she has the guitar prop in her hand for an addedinfluence other people into listening to her in a effect which shows from one perspective shes not afraid ofdemanding way. This is similar to the way she’s anything because of the way she’s holding it. It looks as if she’sbeing demanding in the image; almost in a The consistent font tells us the For more of the cover star, they about to hit someone. This appeals to the audience because itthreatening way to suggest the rebellious side house style it follows with this foreground the artist with the shows she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and wont take noDuffy has. This tells us again that the audience particular magazine. It says that blue box. This keeps up the for an answer, which is what she’s doing being the strongenjoy her this way, she doesnt want to be the the sub-headings are larger and consistent house style because singer she Is to communicate the message of rebellious to thegirl singing `Mercy`, she’s in power over the bolder so that it can draw the of the blue font on the page. As younger audienceaudience. target audience in, not just by well it catches it eye catching for the images that tower over the audience as for the fans of them and are really in their the artists face.
  11. 11. The quote is quite interesting because its unconventional of the The splash image is just lily Allen on The word `honest` within the quote sums up what magazine to do it. It sets it apart from the other magazines sold her own in a large mid shot. This can sort of person she is, really outspoken to the point to the effect of someone doing it effortlessly because it looks as say what a big deal she is to us and of shes not really bothered about what she says. if someones just cut the large letters out from a magazine title how mainstream she is within music. People could refer to the haters of her music or just and stuck them down. This tells us that the audience will view Because the image is so big we can the general critic who thinks shes just not worth this first because it’s eye catching and it covers a large amount of say that she may have a lot to say listening to. space to emphasise what the artist has to say. which is good for her fans who buy The buzz words within here make the audience the issue because they like her side think who it is the writers are talking about and the of the story more than interviewers ways it can be interpreted. This appeals to the Note: I cannot read the actual asking the questions. readership because they read this magazine a lot text at the bottom of the page. so, they have a better insight to the writing style for What Spin likes to do in its interpretation. interviews is to gain an insight into the artists personalities Her pose in the image gives off a within the articles they make so demand because of her hands on her the audience feel as if they’re hips. Its as if shes screaming look at the ones interviewing them to the audience without speaking. Her give it a personal note to the facial expressions says this as well readers which other magazines because her eyes draw us in as its similar to Spin has. This gives it something that can’t be missed as well its first and third person quality as the mesmerizing gaze she has which which makes it similar to the draws the reader in. as well because other magazine sold in shops she’s leaning forward it more appealing but also gives it a personal in the male gaze so it appeals to the identity of what Spin magazine men of all ages within the target is which makes it recognisable audience. to the audience. Her makeup and tattoo sum her rebellious nature. Its quite heavy which connotates her emotion to say to herThe article is written in columns mainly for the audience; listen to me, as well as herbenefit of the reader. It spaces out the text emotion of honesty given within theevenly so the reader can find his place. As well The colour scheme is similar to a newspaper because of the quote at the top of the page.the image dominates for the reader to have a black and white feature it has. One thing that’s striking is the Her pose is quite leant forward as wellview on what the artist looks like. multicoloured shirt she wears. This gives an impression of the as her hands being on her hips as ifAdding to this it has a newspaper feel to relate rebel quality she has because she cancels the newspaper she’s got something to say. This saysto the magazine because most people read feature out and replaces it with something eye catching for the that she’s not one to stay quiet for anewspapers on a daily basis so they wanted audience. The audience will enjoy it because in this way she long time which the audience will likesomething to read inside their comfort zone. foregrounds herself and sets herself apart form the magazine because an audience will craveAs well because the target audience for spin is so the younger target audience will appeal to the rebel side of someone who has enough to say givenan older audience, they have the columns to Lily Allen. that because of the article it’ll berepresent a more sophisticated demographic written in the first person for a majorityfor which the audience is a part of. of it.