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    Birthday lookbook Birthday lookbook Presentation Transcript

    • Happy 23th BirthdayA curate display of Beverly Li.
    • Who is Beverly Li?Alot of people might know her through her Not just to inpress but to be awed. Behold my Ballerina, by Rognar. F R O N T:twitter,facebook, instagram or even in person. fellow reader and Beverly Li, I am going to just do you really know her for who she is? photos to show you all my love that i have for Misty Bridge, by Bobkeenan. R I G H T:You can tell me her favorite color, but sometime her. And i wish her all the best for her exam and might not wear the color she likes. She have birthday. May she feel the love. bridge-dark-hdr-ocean-side-black- and-white/1640429issues. lotsa it. I am still learning to adapt. ~ Jack L. Kowloon Today, we are here to celebrate the daywhere her mum gave birth to her. Her mumbirthday fall on the same day as her. Herhoroscope is cancer. She is very into horoscope.So i am here coming out with this small littlepresent that i have single handedly created.
    • ABOVE: Tonkichi Suntec City, by jack kowloon.
    • ABOVE: .
    • Boatshoes. A relationship.Struggling to be afloat. Looking down is abottomless pit. We walk. We kick fuss about eachother. We go round and round. I still don’t havethe reason. Why you keep eating. 2 pairs of shoeF R O M L E F T: Bloody Lip, Jack Kowloon
    • Celebration. Champagne. Cheers. You don’t get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can decide how you going to live now. Celebrating a occasion will make people haapy, taking great photos, creating joyful moments. And this is when we learn to apreciate to love. Loving take lots of time and knowledge. Someone need to give and one need to recieve. It’s a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Cherish this friday evening. Drinks and wine and abundance of happiness. I wouldn’t want the guests at this birthday party confusing this celebration with the Oscars. That’s why I’m having the awards ceremony after we eat cake and then I open my presents. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we’ll die. - Unknown Jack Kowloon. (let’s just say it’s me.)
    • Hong Kong Night Scene With aL E F T:Jumping Bunny, by Jack Kowloon.
    • ABOVE: An affair with Agnes B chocolate, by Jack Kowloon.
    • ABOVE: She smile, Bun Smile , I also Smile. , by Jack Kowloon.
    • ABOVE: Walking yet Cam-whoring, by Jack Kowloon.
    • ABOVE: Lady Gaga and Born this way, by Jack Kowloon.
    • Pre-post-postmodernism-esque.Beautiful weekdays inside a stylish cafe, thisis what this little girl would like to do throughout all her life, but tentatively, this is stillunachievable.Life have loans, debt and a meaningful purpose.We work for passion, money will come naturally.And usually in a very slow and steady manner.If you work for money, It will also come. But C L O C K W I S E F R O M L E F T:money won’t stay if you no longer work for it. Agnes B Cafe I, by Jack. K. h t t p : / / t h e s a r t o r i a l i s t m a r k e t e r. p o s t e r -But afterall, Life is too harsh for us. We need sit down and sip on some latte. It makes likebetter, think wiser and smile in a charismatic Agnes B Cafe II, by Jack. K. h t t p : / / t h e s a r t o r i a l i s t m a r k e t e r. p o s t e r -manners. Love it anot. Take a break. Have some Hanabi, by Jack. K. h t t p : / / t h e s a r t o r i a l i s t m a r k e t e r. p o s t e r -- Jack Kowloon
    • Dancing Queen? Louis Koo.Yes.She posing happily with madonna. It was acandid shot. She admire the queen of pop. Butthis show how much craving she have for hunks.She will use her sharpen long nail and scratch youall the way down to somewhere near your cotch.Anyway, Louis Koo was no longer in MadameTussauds. No one know where is his whereaboutsever since then.Bounty of $1,500 will be given to the hunterwhich find him back.F R O M L E F T:Madonna with Bev, byJack Kowloonck. with Stolen Louis Koo, by JackKowloon.
    • Why is Beverly ?She doesn’t appreciate love well enough. But that any position for the players. I have to run this L E F T:Bitten by insect, She is juicy,her. She yell and went crazy almost every 26.54 game on my own. by Jack Kowloon. http://thesartorialistmarketer.poster-hours. And luckily there is no one is hurt yet. And she is also kind enough. I have won She demand roses and lovely dinner, which myself a sweetheart and a Comme Des Garconi sometimes have overlook and forget but special Championship Pillow last year for the best solo-occasion like this i will never forget. If there man-managing-10-men-love-relationship-aloneanyone who say that loving someone is a chore, i champion.must add this. Loving BEVERLY LI is a 10-man To be honest.That’s a feat. With lotsachore. sweat. But fret not. I am intending to win this You need a team of soccer players to really year championship again. I hope the throphy canmanage her well. And tentatively, I am the only be a Louis Vutton Bolster or a Supreme Blanket.manager and i still have no intenton of opening ~ Jack Kowloon
    • Last Sentence. A curated display of LOVE.Happy birthday Beverly Li! I hope that you will I just wanna show to you, Beverly Li thatlike what this year is all about. Birthday are the i sincerely love you. If i am sure it is not where you re-enforce your belief and love Cause my love is alway short of something. But itthose you really love. will never have a shortage for you. I hope the music is right, photo is nice and I hope you will like it and to all my fellowthe crowds is awesome for you. You are 23 this readers, if you would like to recieve a hardcopyyear and you are still in a havoc stage of your life. of this kindly email to forAdulthood have already knock the door so many orders. I will contribute my autograph as a gesturetimes and you seem like there is no one knocking. of appreciation. Being an adult is no fun, with age come And lastly, you can find all the beautifulwith big resposibility, Money during the photos online at ilovebeverlyalotalot.posterous.adulthood will forever be not enough. But do not com, kindly ask bev for password for all theworry. Life is not just about finance. I will be candid shotsthere to love you and love you. And to all mysincere reader of my lookbook, I am not from a -Happy Birthday background. I even ask my friend to teach me -Jack Kowloonusing inDesign in order to compete this.