Click If You Like Jesus, Comment If You Love Walmart Coupons: A Chief Marketing Officer's Guide to Facebook Engagement
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Click If You Like Jesus, Comment If You Love Walmart Coupons: A Chief Marketing Officer's Guide to Facebook Engagement



Presentation by Jackie Cohen, director of social media and communications consulting at ticular. Contact us now for a free consultation:

Presentation by Jackie Cohen, director of social media and communications consulting at ticular. Contact us now for a free consultation:



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Click If You Like Jesus, Comment If You Love Walmart Coupons: A Chief Marketing Officer's Guide to Facebook Engagement Click If You Like Jesus, Comment If You Love Walmart Coupons: A Chief Marketing Officer's Guide to Facebook Engagement Presentation Transcript

  • Click If You Like Jesus,Comment If You Love Walmart CouponsA CMO’s Guide To Facebook Engagement Jackie Cohen Director of Social Media and Communications Consulting at
  • About The SpeakerSocial media consultant withtwo decades of experience incontent creation, includingserving as editor – grew thepublication’s Facebook fanpage count 50%.Previously worked as an assignment editor atBloomberg News, a senior editor at The IndustryStandard and a personal finance reporter at CBSMarketWatch, among other gigs.
  • There’s No Standard For Measuring Engagement – Only ConventionsNew formula suggested by Wise Metrics requires Facebook Insights API: (Users engaged/ # of Posts/Users reached) x 100 = Engagement rate
  • Counting Likes, Comments And Shares Might Not Be Enough 20 Most Engaging Pages On Facebook This Week One Year Ago ¼ of the pages in this Jesus Daily Jesus Daily week’s top 20 were also Dios Es Bueno! Mario Teguh Joyce Meyer Ministries The Bible in the top 20 a year ago – Shut-Up-Im-Talking Harry Potter Mario Teguh Lady Gaga an accurate ranking ought FC Barcelona Iker Casillas Justin Bieber Werevertumorro to show more changes JE TAIME MAMAN Manchester United than this. 9GAG “MTV Roadies” Esporte Interativo Necip Fazil Kisakurek Jesus Loves You We are Khaled Said Joel Osteen Ministries Jesus Christ Religious pages are more Manchester United Educate yourself prevalent than sports, 2pac Quedate Otro Ratito music, movies, politics, "Im Proud To Be Christian" by Aaron Chavez Im a Muslim & I’m Proud and retail. Pitbull Kevin Hart The Twilight Saga Terima Kasih Ibu Los que le dan gracias a Dios por vivir otro dia mas Dios Es Bueno! Every vendor comes up Fernando Torres Joyce Meyer Ministries with different numbers for Source:, which pulls data directly from Facebook this.
  • What’s Missing From The Formulas•Talking about this – separate from shares?•Number of times a video is played.•When people maximize the photo viewer.•Number of times people tag content.•Different weights for comments and likes.•Engagement by non-fans and fans alike.•Adjustment for percent of fans reached.•Negative threads can get huge numbers.
  • A Negative Thread Can Rack Up Huge Engagement Numbers “The statement about the cat is completely false. Someone hacked into our employee’s account and posted that update without her knowledge. We at Chipotle respect all animals and would not joke about something like that. We are working with local authorities and hope for a quick resolution. We also ask that you be respectful as this is a difficult situation for our employee. We appreciate your patience.” -- Chipotle Mexican Grill Even the apology post garnered 100s of comments continuing to riff on “cat burritos.” No one believed the account was really “hacked.”
  • Engagement Is Only A Part Of Facebook’s EdgeRank
  • What Else Is Missing From Engagement Numbers• We don’t know exactly how Facebook computes the individual components in EdgeRank, making it tough to give different weights to comments versus likes and so on.• Negative feedback is still a nascent metric that’s evolving.• Sarcasm doesn’t even register in negative feedback metrics, but this is the prevailing way people complain in social media.• No application attempting to show who has unliked you survives, due to conflict with the site’s rules.
  • We Still Need Those NumbersAt the very least you need engagement metrics so youcan sell your boss, coworkers and business partnersabout the efficacy of social media.Social media has inherited the burden that previousgenerations of advertising and marketing execs havehad: Cost justifying the investment to nay-sayers whoinsist there’s no such thing as ROI on this.But when it comes to engagement, the numbers will tellyou which posts to look at and what types of content todo more of. But they will never be a substitute forreading the words that your fans post.
  • Can You Automate Engagement?Finding the right apps means facing a bigger choice than ever: Over 232preferred marketing developers listed in Facebook’s official database, up from90 about year ago. There are 3 subcategories for page management and tensubcategories for insights. The more top-ranked pages use an app, the better – but the quality of an app’s user base is more telling than quantity.
  • The most widely used application on pages is free, and has nothing to do withengagement unless you put that in with your own effort.
  • What Jesus Daily DoesEvery single post on Jesus Daily containsat least one call to action or prompt toengage – even the about section.
  • Jesus Daily’s Most Engaging Post EverPhotos of cute things and a call to action
  • Click If You Love JesusActually, that phrase originally came fromthe most engaging post on Dios EsBueno’s page – this is translated fromSpanish.
  • Among consumer-facingbrands, Walmart has themost fans who are“talking about” it.
  • Walmart Regularly Updates Its Cover Photo
  • Walmart is askingfans to submitsummer photos,promising tofeature the beston the coverspot. Takes a cuefrom whatFacebookMarketingSolutions didrecently topromote timeline.
  • Walmart regularlyasks fans whatthey likemost, alwaystying it intosomething thatthe companyhappens to sell.
  • Walmart posts about itsefforts to help improvethe communities it doesbusiness in.Notice the use of aninfographic.
  • Walmart taps into celebrities’ strong numberson social media. A promotion asks fans tovote for which individual store will get a visitfrom the rapper Pitbull, who ranks #17 inengagement right now.
  • Get Charitable• Walmart’s holiday promotion: Nominate nonprofits and vote on which ones to allocate $1.5 million in donations. A new winner was announced every day from December 12 through 23.• Tie in a contest for more engagement – like Lady Gaga’s tickets sweepstakes for people who vote on charities.• Charitiable contests are the most engaging for brands. They make your brand look good and you can get a tax writeoff. So, get your company’s philanthropy department involved in social media. Just don’t overdo it so fans don’t think you’re being insincere.
  • Optimize For EngagementPoll your fans about what they’re most interested in –mine their profiles for leads too.Post more of whatever interests them, and stopposting things they’re not interested in.Read their comments on your wall to fine tune yourcontent.Regularly monitor your page insights and analytics tosee which posts generate the most positiveresponses. Post more of the stuff that performs best.
  • Does Timing Affect Engagement?It can. But what works for other pages might not work foryours. I suggest 1 to 5 new topics per weekday.Ask questions that appeal to users’ emotions: What do theylove or hate, etc.?Watch the responses on your wall to determine whatfrequency and timing fans say they want – then test to seewhat they really want.Don’t expect your fans to just talk amongst themselves –moderate the discussion, respond to people directly.
  • PromotionsUse promoted posts to get moreengagement on individual postings – onlyexisting fans can see these promotions.Run sponsored story ads to promote thepage who aren’t your fans yet.
  • Offer coupons and sweepstakes that appeal toyour fans interests and emotions.Facebook’s made it a lot easier to do this. Useoffers as often as possible.Ask your fans to share them with their friends.
  • Use Controvery SparinglyThese threads can get really busy, but they can backfire if youdon’t temper them with diplomacy.Deleting posts after they’re already visible on your wall may resultin not-so-friendly comments by fans who notice the deletions.Sometimes these people manage take screenshots of the originalbefore the deletion.Write up a disaster plan for managing emergencies, so youempower everyone to respond quickly. Check out Buddy Media’ssuggestions on how to do this:
  • Create Guidelines Write up a set of guidelines on how you moderate your wall discussion.You may use the one I created for AllFacebook as a template onyour Facebook page if you give credit by tagging @AllFacebook,which has the guideslines here: you first introduce the policy, pin it to the top of the page.Render it as an iFrames app that you can put in the row ofthumbnails under your cover image, so you can label it.Also put a copy on your website so you can expand the materialto include your policies for all of your social media profiles.
  • Look Beyond The NumbersMost likely, the best measurement of social mediaperformance has yet to be invented.In the mean time, focus on fostering goodconversations with fans.
  • Please Stay In Touch!I have profiles on every single social network you can thinkof, and perhaps some you might not have heard of yet.Follow my