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Bullying Bullying Presentation Transcript

    Jackie Miller
  • Lesson Plan Jackie Miller
    Lesson Title: Bullying
    Related Lessons: Conflict Resolution
    High School Grades
    Define, discuss, and utilize interactive sites on bullying
  • Content Standards Jackie Miller
    10.3.3.C – Analyze and apply strategies to avoid or manage conflict and violence during adolescence.
    Effective negotiation
    Assertive behavior
    Anger management
    Anger management
    Peer mediation
    Reflective listening
    Walk away
    Refusal skills
    Adult intervention
    Content Standards Jackie Miller
  • ISTE Standards Jackie Miller
    Communication and collaboration
    Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
    Technology operations and concepts
    Digital citizenship
  • Instructional Objectives Jackie Miller
    Students will define the term bullying.
    Students will demonstrate and participate with 80% accuracy.
    Students will discuss bullying in understanding bullying and its effects.
  • Before Class Preparation Jackie Miller
    Begin with a general definition of bullying.
    Generate student definitions for this term using a small board with a graphic organizer.
    Show an example of bullying by playing a scenario on the OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program Teacher Guide DVD and CD-ROM.
    Identify bullying from an interactive website on a smart board.
    Arrange classroom in a horseshoe shape setting.
    Prepare a handout on different types of bullying.
    Prepare an acknowledgement sheet for students to sign, that he/she understands the topic.
  • During Class Jackie Miller
    Instructional Activities
    Begin with a general definition of bullying
    Generate student definition for this term using smart board.
    Include an example of an interactive website on smart board.
    E:Teens Against Bullying.mht
    “Cyberbullying: Feathers in the wind” (Part 1 of 3) http://www.netsmartz.org/resources/reallife.htm
  • Instructional Activities Jackie Miller
    Refer to the graphic organizer and the interactive site on white board.
    What are the prevalent types of bullying based on the students perceptions.
    Request students to describe how they felt when they were bullied or when they were bullying.
    Students will choose a type of bullying from the interactive website, using their laptops.
    They will observe and utilize videos, games or puzzles on the website.
    Ticket out door, student will sign an acknowledgement sheet committed to the understanding and prevention of bullying
  • Lesson Reflections Jackie Miller
    Students are evaluated through group participation in class discussion, class reflections and the use of the interactive website on their laptops.
    Using video scenarios as a teaching tool can:
    Provide a common language for students to comfortably talk about bullying behaviors and incidents of bullying that students may encounter.
    Provide concrete examples for students to visualize bullying behaviors from multiple perspectives and to assume points of view different from their own. This opens discussions about how bullying affects individuals and is particularly effective in empowering bystanders to consider ways to address bullying.
    Provide concrete opportunities to discuss school rules, expectations about students’ behavior, and the role of adults in helping to stop bullying.
  • RulesJackie Miller
    Our School’s Anti-Bullying Rules
    We will not bully others.
    We will try to help students who are bullied.
    We will try to include students who are left out.
    If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.
  • Acknowledgement Sheet Jackie Miller
    From the Office of: Ms. Jackie Miller, Behavior Specialist
    Strong Vincent High School
    1330 West 8th Street
    Erie, Pa. 16502
    Phone: (814) 874-6500
    Fax: (814) 874-6507
    Bullying Acknowledgement Agreement
    I understand what the term bullying means and I will not bully others.
    Student Signature: ____________________ Date: _____________