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Powerpoint Presentation Lucy Mongan
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Powerpoint Presentation Lucy Mongan


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Published in: Design, Technology
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  • 1. By using a questionnaire I have gained lots of ideas for my magazine product, I have decided that I will definitely use the genre RnB as it’s the most popular music genre. There is lots of artists that fit into this style of music that I will feature either inside or on the cover of my product, such as; Rhianna, Keri Hilson Drake etc.. These artists are perfect for my magazine as they are extremely popular and are a unique selling point. Which will benefit the product. If they are on the front of my magazine, the audience would be drawn to look and buy my product. Their style of fashion is cool and sexy. This is the style that everybody wants, so I will be using this style in my magazine.
  • 2. I will be using three or under different colours, that contrast well together. And whatever the main image has on the colours will match what they are wearing. I will either use pinks, greys, whites or blacks. As they compliment with each other. And they aren't focused on girls and aren't focused on boys. So this product will be for both a male and a female audience. The masthead will have a black background with a lighter font inside of it, which is dominant contrast to catch the audiences eye. And also to allow the product to stand out. Most of my audience preferred the dress style of Top Shop and Hollister. Which are fashionable styles, so I will be dressing in this style of clothing. Which is cool, sexy, bubbly, confident clothes.
  • 3. This is the type of style that will be featured in the magazine. For example the wet look leggings. Its a very stylish look. The poses she is doing are perfect for my style of magazine, and what she is wearing stands out. So my main image will be dressed to stand out. But to also fit the genre of my product, the glamorous look. The make-up looks great and suits her skin tone, she has obviously been photo shopped as her skin looks flawless. My main image will be photo shopped. Hair is definatley going to be down, as it looks sexy and glam. Overall the main image will have the style of this girl, bold colours, a strong pose and beautiful make-up. I will photo-shop any flaws that need to be fixed. To make the main image look the best it could.
  • 4. This is what my magazine is going to be called, as many people think when they hear the name “Lush” they automatically can picture the target audience, the style and genre of this magazine. Its obvious that I will be producing a RnB product, just by the style of font and lettering. Its big and bold, also it will stand out on my front page, which is what I was aiming for. The magazine will aim at people who enjoy listening to RnB music, who are also fashionable and materialistic. Out going, bubbly, social, confident middle-class people aged at 16-24 years. People who listen to music all the time and enjoy hearing the latest news and gossip will love this magazine.
  • 5. The layout of my product will contain a logo, masthead, many of cover lines, images, a main image and things to catch the publics eye. The main image will be on the left hand side of the cover, with the cover lines to the right of it. The mast head will be big and bold at the top of the cover, with colours that compliment what my main image will be wearing, e.g.- make-up, accessories, clothing etc.. Here is an example of what it could look like. However I will not be using all the pinks.