Big brother postmodernism
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  • Big brother started in the UK in 2000 and originated from the novel 1984 by George Orwells. The story consists of a dystopia in which the government watches over people as big brother does. The show is about a group of people isolated in a house for a couple of months or until they are voted off by the public. All the housemates are watched 24 hours a day by cameras, that are edited and later shown to the UK audience.
  • The editors have to pick and choose what they want to show and what they don't. This means that not everything is shown, and all the boring bits are cut out.Editing is done, so it can be shown to the audience in chronological order. But really it could of happened hours apart.
  • Usually, in tv dramas there is always one main narrative. Whereas, in big brother each character has their own little story and we never quite know what is going to happen. This allows the audience to judge the character and gain their own views of the people in the house. The different characters who are put in the house, vary in religion and cultures, this shows their is no single meta narrative which joins the housemates. For example, jade goody and shilpashetty had an argument in the big borther house.
  • In 2002, Jade Goody entered the big brother house. She was just a working class nurse, and in the house she didn’t prove to be very popular. After leaving the house, Jade made a living out of newspaper and magazine deals and became a successful celebrity without being talented in anything.During the programme, the editing is done to attract the audience. Because of this, we don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. The house could be really boring, but because they want to attract a big audience they mix and match different parts of the day to make it seem interesting.


  • 1. Big Brother
  • 2. Introduction
    Big brother started in the UK in 2000
    George Orwell’s: 1984
    Consists of a group of people
    Watched 24 hours a day
    Viewed, voted and evicted
  • 3. Confusions over time and space
    Shows 24hours in an hour and a half
    Editing distorts our sense of time
  • 4. The decline in meta-narratives
    TV dramas in comparison to big brother
    cultures and religion- being mixed
  • 5. An emphasis on style over substance and content
    ‘In the future everybody will have their fifteen minutes of fame’ – Andy Warhol
    Confusion over what is reality and what is the representation.
    We watch Davina watching the housemates
    The emptiness of fame