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Engineering Services Offered by Impac Systems

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Impac Systems Engineering Services

  1. 1. Engineering Design Services Statement of Capability Who We Are Impac Systems Engineering is a 20-year old Houston based company specializing in full service engineering, product design, and analysis solutions. We are also a Certified Training Center and reseller for PTC. Our organization enables our customers to generate immediate and sustainable value by delivering innovative, engineered solutions by leveraging the power of technology and our many years of experi- ence. We provide custom engineering design services with a creative development flare to companies of all sizes. What We Do We offer full service engineering, drafting, product design, and analysis. Our approach combines state of the art design tools and profes- sional engineering expertise to exceed our customer’s expectations. We provide fast, thorough, innovative solutions to your technical prob- lems. We focus on three service disciplines; strategy, development and creative design. All three are crucial elements of our engagements and work in concert to plan, design, build and implement the most comprehensive design solution. How We Do It Our Value Proposition We deliver engineering solutions by leveraging our unique combi- After a solid understanding of your design and product goals, our nation of engineering, training, FEA, dynamic analysis and staff of professional engineers will assess your needs and antici- software expertise to the benefit of our client. A flexible approach pate future developments. We provide our clients with significant to project development allows our clients to take advantage of all competitive advantages. of our resources: Ability to mitigate technology risk Professional Licensed Engineers Accelerate time-to-market Certified Training Providers Substantial cost reduction PTC Pro/Engineer software experts Fast, reliable integrated solutions Experience with Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD Virtual extension of your own operations Technology expertise Through our proven process, we have enabled our clients to Customized solutions dramatically reduce the development life cycle costs. Innovative and sophisticated applications Seamless transitions What Sets Us Apart Real time response to inquiries and service requests We provide our clients with significant competitive advantages: the Infrastructure enhancements ability to mitigate technology risk, accelerate time-to-market and Best of breed design tools reduce overall costs. Pricing Models Proven Design Development Process We offer competitive and flexible pricing models that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements. We work with our clients to We focus our engineering design process on product develop- determine the most appropriate contract for either a single or an ment, best practices, collaboration and delivery excellence through ongoing engagement. Our clients may choose from Fixed Price the product development cycle. (FP) or Time and Material (T&M) contracts. Client Satisfaction Fixed Price (FP) We exceed our client expectations. Our ability to demonstrate and Primarily aimed at clients with specific requirements and a well- deliver clear ROI advantages in every phase of the customer life defined project plan, this execution model ensures delivery of the cycle maximizes customer satisfaction. project within a pre-scheduled time frame and at a pre-negotiated (fixed) cost. Delivery Model Our Delivery Model is based on a high degree of on-going collabo- Time & Materials (T&M) ration between our clients, our on-site team engineers and our remote team engineers. Our experienced project managers, archi- This is a contractual agreement based upon the number of engi- tects and engineers spend invaluable time on-site throughout the neers (with specific skill sets) required and a general time frame for development cycle collaborating with our client’s engineering and the project. When it comes to long term projects, development or implementation teams. sustenance, T&M is the best suited method. 3200 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 370 Houston Texas, 77042 (713) 784-3500
  2. 2. Technical Capabilities Impac Systems Engineering design services are tailored to the client’s product development needs. Our technical engineering expertise allows us to leverage our industry knowledge to provide custom designs to meet your product and processing needs and maximize return on investment. Mechanical Systems Mechanical Product Design and Development We provide all types of mechanical product design with specialties Machinery and industrial equipment generally entails vast arrays of in electronic packaging, heavy equipment, hydraulics, composite weldments, structural steel, and piping. We ensure these products materials and mechanism development. Design work is performed are brought to life in an efficient manner given their enviably com- within an environment of parametric solids using Pro/Engineer as plex routing and assembly. the primary CAD/CAE tool. Assemblies, parts, and drawings main- tain bi directional associativity. Electrical Systems It is more common to see products with an electrical systems com- Structural Analysis and Design Optimization ponent. We enable these products to be designed accurately, cost We provide adaptive p-element finite element analysis and design effectively, and on schedule. variable optimization through use of Pro/Mechanica Structure. Sheetmetal This analysis is extremely well suited to complex geometric details which are directly ported from Pro/Engineer. Inefficient sheetmetal manufacturing yields many pounds of scrap, with repetitive manual operations. We gain productivity by auto- matically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standards and Styling and Surfacing form tools. With smart auto-nesting, we utilize maximum sheet Style is only relevant if it can exist in a reasonably manufactured area with reduce scrap and material costs, and shorten lead times. product. From digital brainstorming to reverse engineering, from aesthetic and technical surfacing to photo-realistic rendering, our Mold Design and Filling services allow product designers to see the product before it becomes reality, while making sure the product can become a Problems found after tooling development are generally expensive reality. and frustrating. For plastic part design and manufacture, there is a better way. By simulating the plastic filling process for injection- Reverse Engineering molding, our engineers design for manufacturability, uncover prob- lems, and propose remedies, reducing development time and Reverse engineering allows the transformation of existing physical expense. products into digital models. Our capabilities and ability to impose dramatic design changes help improve product customization and Our Mission increase design re-use opportunities. Reverse engineering enables productive use of existing intellectual property. At Impac Systems Engineering, our mission is to build trusting relationships with our customers by providing world-class design Tooling Design solutions, technical support and product training. We seek to help build and grow their businesses, and to provide strategic advan- Tooling design is frequently and unduly constrained by the design tage by offering the latest in product advancements. As shifts occur schedule, wasting precious time. We allow toolmakers to begin in market conditions and emerging technologies, our customers their work earlier, directly referencing the 3D design to develop remain our first priority. By doing so, we partner in the success of tooling concurrently. With full associativity, toolmakers work in our customers and establish long-term relationships that last long complete confidence knowing that design changes will appropri- after the moment of purchase. ately update all tooling deliverables. Structural, Thermal, Motion Throughout the new product development process, high quality product design decisions require a sound understanding of product performance under actual operating conditions. Our engineers simulate product performance under structure, thermal and motion constraints. This allows for a more informed design, one that is optimized for its environment early in the design process. This improves product quality and design innovation. Engineering Design Services - Statement of Capability 3200 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 370 Houston Texas, 77042 (713) 784-3500