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Mbs trivia
Mbs trivia
Mbs trivia
Mbs trivia
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Mbs trivia


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This is trivi

This is trivi

Published in: Spiritual, Business
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  • 1. MBS Trivia1. Please list all after hour emergencies, that your property responds to.__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________2. Where is MBS located? ____________________3. True or False- The phone etiquette has the directions on the back of it.4. How many apartment communities does MBS have in San Antonio and Austin total? __________5. True or False- The MBS procedure on the guest card follow-up is 24 hours after the first visit.6. True or False- Jump, Greet, and Smile is a policy that MBS requires.7. True or False- Your Residents First Book is to be done daily not weekly?8. Who is Katrina Avila and what role does she play with MBS? _____________________________________9. True or False- Rachel Crew is our Vice President that you contact when you activate your open door policy?10. How many service requests does MBS require that you call back? ________________.11. True or False- The model walk sheet is only for the Leasing Professional to sign off on every day?12. What is EFFECTIVE MARKETING? ___________________.13. True or False- Preferred Employers are to be visited daily for all of your marketing needs?14. Your daily traffic should be entered into AMSI weekly. -True or False?15. How many people can live in a two-bedroom apartment home? ______16. How many people can live in a three-bedroom apartment home? _____17. How many people can live in one bedroom apartment home? ________18. How many rings can your office phone ring before picking up? ______19. Where can you conduct your out-reach marketing and how many times per week does MBS require? _______________________________
  • 2. 20. True or False-Employees are allowed to live on site only after you the Manager approves the apartment and move-in date.21. What is a team close? _________________________________22. The Hot Sheet is updated how many times a week? ______________23. Please list the requirements/back up needed on any prospective applicant based on the MBS rental Criteria.______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________24. True or False- The DSR is a report that only Managers do?25. True or False- A front porch light out is considered an emergency?26. True or False- A student ID is a form of identification that MBS will allow due to many UTSA students.27. True or False- A resident that signs a 6 month lease will receive more rent off per month than a resident that signs a 12 month lease?28. How much is our resident referral discount? ____________29. Please provide the monthly concession for a prorated one month free, 13 month lease, and market rent is $1189.00.________________.30. What is the difference between a prorated discount and an up-front discount? ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________31.32. True or False- A lease is not considered on the books until you have monies in hand?33. True or False- How are we doing cards are to be put in move-in packets only?
  • 3. 34. True or False-Conservation logs are to be walked monthly but turned in every week to Regional Office?35. True or false- Green pools are allowed if you are not getting your pool supplies?36. What is the difference between the Detail Unit Status and the Hot Sheet??? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________37. True or False- You are allowed to hold your move-outs until the Manager or your Assistant walks the apartment home?38. True or False- You are allowed to show an apartment home to a prospective client that is almost in ready condition?39. True or False- A phone shop that scores a 70% in considered a passing score?40. What does H.E.A.T. stand for and why would H.E.A.T. take over your community? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________41. True or False- A make-ready is complete once the Leasing Professional walks it?42. True or False- Tour paths are allowed to have patio violations if your occupancy is sitting in the low 80’s.43. True or False- Pools are cleaned once a week not daily in the winter time?
  • 4. 44. True or False- Flower pots only have flowers planted in summer months.45. True or False- MBS allows you to close the office on Saturday so that you may step out for lunch?46. True or False- Per MBS policy, you may not show an apartment home in the rain?47. What does Fair Housing mean? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________48. Please list the colors allowed, pants and shirts for the new MBS uniform policy. ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________49. Please provide the date that you must be in uniform? ____________50. What does MBS stand for? _____________________________51. Please write the MBS Mission Statement.____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________