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  • It may be used to teach middle school students  how to organize their thoughts in accomplishing either or all of these taskscreate a visual map of the subject matterBe able to define characteristics and/or attributes of the topic/subject in questionorganize main ideas or brainstorm to prepare for a rhetoric or descriptive piece of writing
  • Team project6320

    1. 1. Part ACreate a Web 2.0 collaboration resource (wiki).Define individual roles for each team member. Determine an instructional opportunity.
    2. 2. Create a Web 2.0 collaboration resource (wiki).
    3. 3. Define individual roles for each team member.
    4. 4. Instructional Opportunity• Some students have trouble organizing their thoughts when it comes to writing in the classroom.• We are focusing on at-risk middle school students who need a way to organize their thoughts to be successful in school. Picture Retrieved from : tools-special-education-students.html
    5. 5. Instructional OpportunitySpicynodes isa versatileweb 2.0 toolwhich is easyand fun touse-especially formiddleschoolers.
    6. 6. Part B BRICK 1:Describe the intended learner. Picture retrieved from:
    7. 7. The intended learner. Ethnicity:Facts: 9% African American45,000. 11.8% Asian/Pacific IslanderRated Academically Acceptable. 30% Hispanic10 Middle Schools. 0.5% Native American77 languages spoken throughout the district. 44.7% White
    8. 8. Intended learner
    9. 9. REFERENCESCover pictures retrieved from: pictures retrieved from:
    10. 10. Part C Brick 2: The Learning Seat. Brick 3: Performance Seat.Brick 4: Performance Objectives.
    11. 11. The Learning Seat Retrieved from absolutedeviation.blogspot.comStudents will access SpicyNodes at school in a computer lab or on a classroom computer to learn how to use it.
    12. 12. Performance Seat Students will be able to access SpicyNodes on any computer at home or in a library if one is not available at school form them to work on their writing .Retrieved from Retrieved from
    13. 13. Performance ObjectivesStudents will be able toapply Spicynodes to theirwriting across the curriculum. Retrieved from Retrieved from
    14. 14. References• García, J., & Fidalgo, R. (2008). Orchestration of Writing Processes and Writing Products: A Comparison of Sixth-Grade Students With and Without Learning Disabilities. Learning Disabilities -- A Contemporary Journal, 6(2), 77-98.• Harris, K. R., Graham, S., Mason, L. H., & Saddler, B. (2002). Developing Self- Regulated Writers. Theory Into Practice, 41(2), 110.• Mason, L. H., Harris, K. R., & Graham, S. (2011). Self-Regulated Strategy Development for Students With Writing Difficulties. Theory Into Practice, 50(1), 20-27.• TEKS. (2012). Retrieved October 14, 2012 from,• Sundeen, T. H. (2007). So Whats the Big Idea? Using Graphic Organizers to Guide Writing for Secondary students with Learning Disabilities. Beyond Behavior, Vol. 16(3), p29-34.
    15. 15. Part DBrick 5: Assessment Component.Brick 6: Instructional Package.
    16. 16. AssessmentComponent
    17. 17. Instructional Package
    18. 18. References• Cybrarian77 (2011, Oct 26). [photograph]. CB101515. Retrieved on Nov 2, 2012 from• Dkzody (2010, March 4). [photograph]. Student photos. Retrieved on Nov 4, 2012 from• James Jordan (2012, Jan 22). [photograph]. Online. Retrieved on Nov 4, 2012 from• Stuartpilbrow (2009, Jan 11). [photograph]. 178/365 One small step for essay kind. Retrieved on Nov 2, 2012 from