Stand up for your dreams


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Presentation on "why" You Need to Stand Up for Your Dreams.

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Stand up for your dreams

  1. 1. Stand Up for Your Dreams
  2. 2. The #1 Reason Why Dreams Die “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” ~ Malcolm S. Forbes ~
  3. 3. Why Do Your Dreams Matter?"Something that did notexist before you, will nowexist because of you“ ~David Wittman ~
  4. 4. You Can Make a Difference  “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.”  ~Dr. Seuss ~
  5. 5. The #1 Key to Success “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln~
  6. 6. Reclaim Your Hope“Hope is not a dream buta way of making dreamsbecome reality.” ~Anonymous~
  7. 7. Set Yourself Up for Success "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. Its as simple as that." ~ Earl Nightingale ~
  8. 8. Know Yourself ~ Grow Yourself“He who knows muchabout others may belearned, but he whounderstands himself ismore intelligent. He whocontrols others may bepowerful, but he who hasmastered himself ismightier still.” ~ Lao Tzu ~
  9. 9. Get Clear About What You Want“The best way to succeedis to have a specificIntent, a clear Vision, aplan of Action, and theability to maintain Clarity.Those are the Four Pillarsof Success. It never fails!”― Steve Maraboli, Life,the Truth, and Being Free
  10. 10. Goals Fire Up Your Passion“Every great dreambegins with a dreamer.Always remember, youhave within you thestrength, the patience,and the passion to reachfor the stars to changethe world.” ~Harriet Tubman~
  11. 11. Goals Grow Your Strengths “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” ~Napoleon Hill~
  12. 12. Goals Inspire Persistence“Success is to bemeasured not so much bythe position that one hasreached in life... as by theobstacles which he hasovercome while trying tosucceed.”~Booker T. Washington~
  13. 13. Goals Keep Your Dreams Alive!“Keep your dreams alive.Understand to achieveanything requires faithand belief in yourself,vision, hard work,determination, anddedication. Remember allthings are possible forthose who believe.”~ Gail Devers ~
  14. 14. Start SMART ~ Finish STRONG  Taking action is powerful because "doing" is a way of "being" which tells the Universe that you are committed to "having”.  Purchase the Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook. Available on
  15. 15. How-to Script Your SuccessAuthor, Jackie Capers-Brown will be conductingSuccess Becomes You!Strategy Sessions ,sponsored by localorganizations in theCarolina’s. Check out herblog, It’s Your Move formore details.
  16. 16. “Script Your Success” Event Objectives of the Program:1. Identify what makes you feel powerful2. Identify habits that nurture a positive belief system and self-confidence3. Identify key experiences you really want to have and the steps to make them happen4. Learn 3 steps to Accelerate your Success5. Participants enjoy and engage the learning experience
  17. 17. Schedule a “Script Your Success” EventIf you are interested in booking Jackie for her2012 summer event “Script Your SuccessStrategy Session” or for any other training andcoaching needs, contact Jackie Capers-Brown,founder and CEO of the SaySo Training Group,located in Wilmington, NC with your proposeddates and location at 803-586-6185 or by emailat
  18. 18. @CoachJackieB Empowers You to Win!