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Walking businesses and brands through Facebook Fan Pages. Addresses the benefits of using Facebook Pages, how to use it effectively, and how to measure your success.

This presentation is posted at http://buzzmanagerblog.blogspot.com/2009/08/facebook-for-your-brand.html

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  • Cat Sidh on Flickrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/cat-sidh/2190781982/
  • Statistics from Tech Crunch - http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/07/15/facebook-crosses-250-million-user-mark-adds-100-million-new-users-in-6-months/
  • Flickr User: Dustin Diazhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/polvero/3466964233/
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/3041510366/Flickr User: Pink Sherbet Photography
  • Tech Crunch
  • Facebook 101

    1. Facebook 101<br />How to use Facebook to enhance your brand<br />Presented by:<br />
    2. Agenda<br />WhyFacebook?<br />Facebook vs. Twitter<br />Fan Pages vs. Groups<br />How do I:<br />Make a successfulFacebook Page?<br />Promote my Page?<br />Measure my results?<br />All-star examples<br />
    3. WhyFacebook?<br />?<br />Participate in the largest social network with 250 million global users (as of July 2009)<br />8 million users become fans of pages daily<br />Meet the consumer in their daily routine<br />Interact with your consumers<br />Spread information virally<br />*For statistics on who uses Facebook, please see the appendix.<br />*Statistics from Tech Crunch<br />
    4. Facebook vs. Twitter<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />Community oriented<br />Multimedia sharing<br />Larger user base<br />Better for established brands<br />Convenient metrics available via Facebook Insights<br />Very simple<br />Closer to real-time<br />Great for up and coming brands<br />Slightly older demographic<br />
    5. Fan Pages vs. Groups<br />Fan Pages<br />Groups<br />Vs.<br />Publishes updates to fans’ streams<br />Extremely customizable<br />Able to use Facebook Insights (metrics)<br />Ability to obtain custom URL which increases SEO<br />Create Facebook events linked to fan page<br />Better integration with rich media (links, photos, videos)<br />Visible to unregistered people<br />Group members can bulk invite others attracting attention faster<br />Consolidated into one simple page<br />
    6. How do I make a successfulfan page?<br />
    7. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Publish photos, videos, etc.<br />Give your fans exclusive content and behind the scenes information<br />
    8. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Host giveaways/promotions<br />Helps give fans a reason to contribute/interact<br />
    9. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Create events linked to your fan page<br />These are just like normal facebook events, but drive traffic to your fan page<br />
    10. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Talk with your customers<br />Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation<br />Helps establish emotional connection to a brand<br />
    11. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Add custom html, fbml, flash boxes<br />Allows for unlimited customization of fan page<br />
    12. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Use polls and voting applications<br />Encourages participation and interaction<br />Can help you collect data<br />
    13. Ways To Use Facebook<br />Takeaway:<br /> You are only limited by your own creativity.<br />
    14. Now that I have a sweetFacebook Page, how do I get people to visit it?<br />
    15. First determine if your fan page is effective, by asking yourself:<br /> “Am I adding valueto the lives of my fans?”<br />If the answer is no, people will have no reason to visit your page.<br />
    16. Promoting Your Page<br />Use Facebook ads<br />These can be targeted to only the demographic you’re interested in<br />Use your organization’s website to promote<br />Link to your page<br />Use Facebook Connect<br />Mention your Page at events<br />Use other social media platforms to promote<br />Include the URL in marketing materials<br />
    17. How do I know how well I’m doing?<br />
    18. Using Facebook Insights<br />Comprehensive metrics tool provided by Facebook, allowing you to see:<br /># of visitors<br />Basic demographic information<br />Photo and video views<br />Analysis of interactions<br />Important to utilize this analysis to monitor and improve your page<br />
    19. What are some great examples?<br />
    20. Threadless<br />Great implementation of daily contests encouraging fan participation<br />Good use of video<br />(click logo to visit Facebook Page)<br />
    21. NBA<br />Great behind the scenes access and informative content<br />
    22. Target<br />Great use of custom html, fbml, and flash<br />
    23. Red Bull<br />Great job at making sure the Red Bull lifestyle permeates through the fan page<br />
    24. Starbucks<br />Very devoted fan following on page<br />
    25. Appendix<br />
    26. Extra Tidbits<br />You can set which tab you want fans to enter on and vary this depending on whether they’re a fan or not.<br />Can maximize profile picture size by setting it to 200x600<br />You can set your fan page to only show your updates when they visit to avoid “noise” from all of your fans<br />You are able to moderate fan generated content (photos, wall posts, etc.) on your Page<br />
    27. Who Is On Facebook?<br />Source: Tech Crunch<br />
    28. Photo Credits<br />Photos used under Creative Commons-license<br />Slide 2 - Cat Sidh on Flickr<br />Slide 4 - Dustin Diaz on Flickr<br />Slide 17 and 18 - Pink Sherbet Photography<br />Remaining background images were stock photos<br />