Catcher In The Rye
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  • 1. Landmark Project By: Torey Markowitz, Jenna Bieller, Jackie Jacobs, Kenzie Jones
  • 2. New York Tourist Map
  • 3. Wicker Bar
    • “ In case you don’t live in New York, the Wicker Bar is in this sort of swanky hotel, the Seton Hotel. I used to go there quite a lot, but I don’t any more.”
    • “ It’s one of those places that are supposed to be very sophisticated and all, and the phonies are coming in the window.”
  • 4. Central Park Lagoon
    • “ I know right where is was-it was right near Central Park south and all-but I sill couldn’t find it…Then, finally, I found it. What it was, it was partly frozen and partly not frozen. But I didn’t see any ducks around.” (154)
  • 5. Rockafeller Center Ice Rink
    • “’ Let’s go ice-skating at Radio City!’
      • That’s the kind of ideas she always had.
      • Ice-skating at Radio City? You mean right
      • now?”’(128)
    • “ The funny part was, though, we were the worst skaters on the whole goddam rink. I mean the worst. And there were some lulus too…We must’ve looked gorgeous.” (129)
  • 6. Radio City Hall
    • “ I had quite a but of time to kill till ten o’clock, so what I did, I went to the movies at Radio City. It was probably the worst thing I could’ve done, but it was near, and I couldn’t think of anything else.” (137)
    • “ I came in when the goddam stage show was on. The Rockettes were kicking their heads off, the way they do when they’re all in line with their arms around each other’s waist. The audience applauded like mad.”(137)
  • 7. Grand Central Station
    • “ And I certainly didn’t feel like going to a hotel. So what I did, I told the driver to take me to Grand Central Station.” (107)
    • “… I figured what I’d do, I’d check my bags in one fo those strong boxes that they give you a key to, then get some breakfast.”(107)
  • 8. Museum of Art
    • “ So I just went over to the museum and hung around for a while.” (202)
    • “’ Where’re the mummies, fella?’ the kid said again. ‘Ya know?’
    • I horsed around with the two of them a little bit.
    • ‘ The mummies? What’re they?’ I asked the one kid.” (203)
    • “ To the to where the mummies were, you had to go down this very narrow sort of hall with stones on the side that they’d taken right out of this Pharaoh’s tomb and all. It was pretty spooky…” (203)
  • 9. Edmont Hotel
    • “ We got to the Edmont Hotel, and I checked in.” (61)
    • “ They gave me this very crumby room, with nothing to look out of the window at except the other side of the hotel. I didn’t care much.”(61)
    • “ After he left, I looked out the window for a while with my coat on and all. I didn’t have anything else to do. You’d be surprised what was going on on the other side of the hotel…I’m not kidding, the hotel was lousy with perverts.” (62)
  • 10. Central Park Zoo
    • “ When we got to the zoo, I yelled to her, ‘Phoebe! I’m going in the zoo! C’mon now!’ She wouldn’t look at me, but I could tell she heard me, and when I started down the steps to the zoo I turned around and saw she was crossing the street and following me and all.” (209)
    • “ There weren’t too many people in the zoo because it was sort of a lousy day, but there were a few around the sea lions’ swimming pool and all. I started to go by it, but old Pheobe stopped and made out she was watching the sea lions getting fed….”(209)
  • 11. Central Park Carousel
    • “ I went over and sat down on this bench, and she went and got on the carrousel… Then she sat down on this big, brown, beat-up-looking old horse.”(211)
    • “ I felt so damn happy all of the sudden, the way old Phoebe kept going around and around…It was just that she looked so damn nice, the way she kept going around and around, in her blue coat and all.” (213)
  • 12. Penn Station
    • “ The first thing I did when I got off at Penn Station, I went into this phone booth…I left my bags, right outside the booth so that I could watch them.” (59)
  • 13. The Biltmore
    • “ So all I did in front of the museum, was get a cab and go down to the Biltmore. I didn’t feel much like going.” (
    • “ I knew old Sally, the queen of phonies, would start drooling all over the place when I told her I had tickets” (116)
  • 14. The Museum of Natural History
    • “’ She’s prob’ly in the museum, then. We went last Saturday,’ the kid said.
    • ‘ Which museum?’ I asked her.
    • She shrugged her shoulders, sort of. ‘I don’t know,’ she said. ‘The museum.’”( 119)
    • “ Then a funny thing happened. When I got to the museum, all of a sudden I wouldn’t have gone inside for a million bucks. It just didn’t appeal to me -and here I’d walked through the whole goddam park and looked forward to it and all.” (122)
    • “ The best thing though, was that everything always stayed where it was… The only thing different would be you” (121)
  • 15. Ernie’s
    • “ Even though it was late, old Ernie’s was jam-packed. Mostly with prep school jerks and college jerks. Almost every damn school in the world gets out earlier for Christmas vacation then the school I go to.” (83)
    • “ They finally got me this stinking table , right up against a wall land behind a goddam post, where you couldn’t see anything.(85)
    • “ I was surrounded by jerks. I’m not kidding. At this other tiny table, right to my left, practically on top of me…” (85)
    • “ If you were only six years old you could get liquor at Ernie’s… and nobody even cared how old you were” (84)
  • 16. Lavender Room
    • “ They had this nightclub, the Lavender Room, at the hotel” (66)
    • “ The band was putrid. Buddy Singer. Very brassy, but not good brassy-corny brassy. Also, there were very few people around my age in the place. In fact, nobody was around my age. They were mostly old show-offy–looking guys with their dates.” (69)
    • “ And the whole three of them kept looking all around the goddam room, like as if they expected a flock of goddam movie stars to come in any minute. They probably thought movie stars always hung out in the Lavender Room when they came to New York.(69)
    • “ It was one of those places that are very terrible to be in unless you have somebody good to dance with, or unless the waiter lets you buy real drinks instead of just Cokes” (76)
  • 17. Mental Institute
    • “ He’s in Hollywood. That isn’t too far from this crumby place.” (1)
    • “ A lot of people, especially this one psychoanalyst gut they have here, keeps asking me if I’m going to apply myself when I go back to school next September.” (213)
  • 18. Pencey Prep.
    • “ Pencey Prep. It’s this school that’s in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. You probably heard of it.” (2)
    • “ They don’t do any more damn molding at Pencey than they do at any other school” (2)
    • “ They give guys the ax quite frequently at Pencey. It has a good academic rating, Pencey” (4)
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