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Digipack analysis
Digipack analysis
Digipack analysis
Digipack analysis
Digipack analysis
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Digipack analysis


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. Digipack analysis A2 Media Studies
  2. Rihanna Loud Digipack In Rihanna’s Digipack loud there is a running theme of roses through out the whole album as the two CD’s as they both have a picture of a pink rose on them. The other pictures of roses is on the main album and is a panoramic photo that is behind the two CD’s. This shows Rihannas laying on a bed of roses and her hair colour is almost identical to colour of the rose. This is repetition so when fans see or think of roses they will thing ofThis shows the name of the artist Rihanna and this albumwhich is Rihanna. The writing is in thesame font and the same colour as thetitle of the album. But is slightly in a This is the picture booklet in thedifferent size which makes it seem album and includes images ofless important. Rihanna which relate to the album and the overall them of the album which is red and roses. And this again makes that relation of roses to rihanna and the colour red to rihannaThis is the album name and isset in the bottom of thealbum cover and is alsoplaced on the booklet cover,the colour of the writing isvery subtle and does notmajorly stand out, whichmake the viewer morefocused on picture of theartist and her new image. Thetitle loud is in a large fontwhich makes it seem loudwhen you read it. The way This is the front cover of the album and the front cover of thethat I see is that the artist album booklet, it has the same photo covering it and links therihanna is looking at the title album to that booklet. The way the photo has been directedof the album and wish’s she means that rihanna is looking away and make her look like she iswas loud and had a voice embarrassed and is shying away from the camera, this makes the viewer feel that she is just a normal human being which has fears and can get embarrassed
  3. Rihanna Loud DigipackThe overall feeling that I get from this album is that the Rihanna is trying to get the message across that the music on the album is more soft and delicate from her previous albums. The main reason for this is because firstly of the roses . The reason for this is that roses are a soft and delicate flower with delicate and subtle colours, which are shown on the digipack with reds and pinks. The second thing that makes the message of the album is the way the photos have been conducted. They shows a more sensitive and shy person which a person can automatically feel for and fall in love with. These two element send across a message that these songs really means something and really have a strong emotion behind them.
  4. Katy Perry teenage dreams Digipack This is the spine of the Digipack and includes the This is the front cover of the Digipack and shows one main name of the album and the picture of the artist. It againThis is the picture booklet This is the barcode that the shop assistant will artist name so if buyers do follows the theme of sweets asfor the album and includes scan to get the sale price of the item, it is very not know who the artist in again she is laying on a cloud ofseveral pictures of the important and when I make my digipack I will the front they can look on candy floss naked. And thisartist which is Katy Perry. have a unique barcode to make it look as the spine and see again could relate to a childThis is very important as it professional a possible hood love. The front cover ismakes the buyer feel as if very important as it is the firstthey have brought a thing that a buyer will see andspecial edition item and could potentially determine ifmakes that album feel they buy it or not. I will take thisunique to them element and use it on my digipack as I think it is a very important feature. This front cover does not have any artist name or any title of the album which makes it look very This photo is in the inside minimalistic and basic but at the of the digipack and shows same time professional. the artist laying naked on a bed of candy floss This is the back of the which shows this may be digipack and shows the one of her childhood songs that are included in memories and might the CD, The red writing show her love for shows information about candyfloss. This is a key the CD and the Blue writing part of the digipack as it is what is included in the shows the viewer up to DVD. And below that is date images of the artist general information about and allows them to see if These two CD’S have sweet themed covers. The one of the left is the Artist and the recording they have changed there meant to be a doughnut. And this works out really well as the studio for example when it image. hole in the middle of the CD works out be be the ring in a ring was recorded and the doughnut. The one on the right is meant to be a cream and copyright. strawberry sweet and again works out really well as the sweet is round and the CD is also round. This could link to that fact that the artist katy perry likes these sweets.
  5. Katy Perry teenage dreams DigipackIn the Digipack teenage dreams the overall feeling that I get from this album is that the artist is trying to make the viewer and listener see her as sweet but at the same time see her as sexy as she is naked in most pictures. There are several elements that point to this as firstly there is an overall theme of sweets for example the CD that look like doughnuts and sweets also the background of candyfloss clouds that span across the whole digipack. And on the digipack picture booklet there is pictures of Katy Perry with cakes and sweets . The next thing that makes the album have the feeling is because of the pictures of Katy Perry naked on the clouds of candyfloss, this makes the view see the feeling of her being sexy. The last reason how this feeling comes across is because of the colour scheme that have used, for example the blues and the reds which stand out from the pink and colourer background. These are the ways that the message is conveyed through out the digipack and makes the buyer see the album as being fun and sweet.