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  1. 1. Evaluation. Jack Hales
  2. 2. Conventions front page. <ul><li>The first conventional thing which I have used in my magazine is the title and the layout of where I have situated it. Usually the title is either all the way across the top of the magazine or in the top left corner so I used the layout of a NME magazine to base my own title on. The title is Bold and in upper case lettering this is also shown in the font which I have decided to use for my masthead, the reason that why the masthead it big and bold is to catch the eye of potential customers and to stress that the name of the magazine is important. </li></ul>The next convention was a small bar across the bottom of the magazine to introduce and give the customers an idea of what music stars to expect inside the magazine. If the stars across the bottom are big names then usually this would attract more customers to buy the magazine. The barcode was another convention these were on the front of every music magazine which I researched into and at first I was not sure which may to have my barcode, horizontal or vertical so I looked into some of the other magazines and overall I found that the small vertical barcode in a bottom corner was the most used so I used this in my own magazine. The splash across the centre of the page is used a lot in magazines so I decided to do this and the splash usually contains a caption about the star who was in the picture so I decided to use my splash saying the words “New Up Coming Star” as the person who I used in my picture is not well known.
  3. 3. Conventions front Page <ul><li>Another convention which I found on the magazine front covers was the writing down the side of the page which informs the reader of what is inside or the artists which are involved in the magazine. The writing down the side of the pictures usually the main sections of the magazine and these are put on the front cover to try and attract customers. This is the inspiration for me to but some information on what is inside. </li></ul>The major convention on a front of a magazine is a dominant picture of a star which is music based or very well known. If the magazine isn't well known then people may still be tempted to buy the magazine due to the star on the front cover. From this I made sure that my image was the most dominant thing on the page Pugs are used a lot in magazines so I thought that I would use this on my magazine front cover to make it more decorative and take up some room. An advantage o me using a pug is that it can also tell the reader another section of the magazine what they will expect to see inside. This is not so conventional but a date is sometimes used on the front of a magazine to show if it is the most recent magazine. I thought I would use this to make my magazine a weekly magazine and make it to have a bit more detail to the front of my magazine cover.
  4. 4. Conventions Contents page I got the inspiration from a vibe magazine to base the layout of my contents page title. This is an unconventional layout as the word is split into different sections so I thought I would use this idea in my work to create the same effect. The title is again purposely easy to read so for this reason I used a similar font for my own title. The picture used on the magazine contents page is always dominant like the front cover was vibe have developed their magazine so that the star is in a pose and her legs from the letter “V” which links to the name of their magazine. I have nearly achieved this with my model but the “R” is the opposite way round and this could possibly improved by flipping the image. NME in their magazine have used the Subhead of “This Week” to show that it is a weekly magazine and it helps to introduce what is going to be written underneath. So from this I thought I would use this idea and develop it into my own work I got ideas of what to include in my contents page from an NME magazine where I used some of their side headings The layout of putting the words in contrasting boxes was good as it makes the words stand out and it still sticks to the colour scheme so I thought it would be good to use this idea in my work.
  5. 5. Convention Double page spread A double page spread usually has just 1 masthead which most of the time has the name of the artist or group which the double page spread is involving. I believe that my magazine is not the most detailed by is short and sweet which creates its effectiveness. The main and very basic way to show the link between two pages are the page numbers so I have used this to show a link and then just to exaggerate this link I have got 2 lines running across the page for detail and decoration as well as the small pictures across the top which go across both pages. I thought I would use the same idea as out of the NME magazine and show the tour dates of which the star is going to undertake in the months to come. Also I have used a interview which is very conventional and realistic as this allows the readers to interact with the artists A small quote from the artist or groups are usually common on a double page spread so I thought I would also get a quote to put in my double page spread to make it increasingly more conventional and realistic
  6. 6. Representation Of particular Groups. I have take my ideas for target market from the other magazines which I have researched and overall I believe that their main target market is 16-35. So as most music magazines aim their magazines as this age group I think it is appropriate to also aim my product at the same audience. I have decided on the genre of my magazine to be mainly R&B but other artists do have the chance of being the magazine. I think that R&B is one of the most popular music genres and because of this reason I have decided to make my magazine mainly based on R&B artists so that I can hit the largest target market as possible. As I am allowing artists from other genres of music to also be present in my magazine this increases the size of my target market making it easier to sell more copies. The colours scheme which I have used for my magazine is good and I believe that it relates to the age group of my target market. I think that this is achieved as the colours are bright and contrast so that they stand out and this makes the writing throughout the magazine to be easily read. The images are relevant to the particular group which I am trying to aim my products at as the star is young and new which a lot of younger people look for and if my model can make it big then this can be an inspiration and a role model to all the other readers that they can make it like Ryan. I think that I have aimed my magazine at the right audience as these are the people that mainly would buy and read this certain type of magazine. Also I have made the writing throughout the magazine simple and easy to read to that it is aimed at a young audience.
  7. 7. Institution. There were many different companies which I could use to distribute my magazine. As my magazine was the same type as Vibe I decided to look into their distributors as this may be good for my own. The Other magazine distributor which I think would be good for my magazine is “music mags”. I think that this could help make my magazine successful as they have a lot of experience when it comes to distributing magazines and other magazines are having the success which I am hoping for. There are only a small amount of R&B magazine in the market and mine is even more unique as I allow other bands even from different genres to feature in my magazine which increases my target market. As my target market has increased the demand for my magazines should hopefully increase having to distribute my magazine on a larger scale so I think that it would be good to use a larger reliable company. My final choice on the magazine which I am going to use is music mags as it is a larger company and distributes for 48 other larger magazines so I think that this makes music mags a reliable source to distribute my products.
  8. 8. Media Audience I have looked into the audience size of other magazines and the main audience size which I was interested in was the vibe magazine as I think that my own magazine genre is close to that of vibes which would give me an idea on the amount of potential customers which I have but due to me allowing other stars from different genres to be involved in my magazine boosts the size of the target market hopefully making my magazine a success. My magazine appearance is mainly based on two magazines which are Vibe and NME. These two magazines are well known and have a large target audience so taking ideas from their magazines and putting them into my own would hopefully have the same large target audience as they have. As my music magazine is of a R&B genre I thought up the name of rhythm which I think relates to the genre of what I am doing. It is a simple title which should be easy to remember making my music magazine well known if it takes off as Vibe and NME have done.
  9. 9. Attracting the Audience. By looking at my earlier research which I did at the beginning of the coursework I have found what things are likely to attract an audience. As Blender have done with their magazine I have put a font colour which contrasts with the background and the font is bold but detailed which could also attract an audience. Just from the font and the name of the magazine the reader can see the genre of the magazine which may help to persuade them to buy the magazine if it is the type of music genre which they like. The main attraction on a magazine is the picture and because of this it has to be the main attraction on the page and the largest section to catch the eye. Also the picture should be of the star as others look up to these people for inspiration and have them as role models which could help to make the audience buy the magazine. Although my image may not be in colour which would catch the eye I think that it is different and may catch the eye in a different way as it is unconventional. The language which I used is informal which i think makes the magazine suitable for the audience which I wish to aim my product at. The is effective because teenagers would not want to read a magazine which is all formal which gives away the excitement while reading a magazine. NME used competitions and prizes which buyers can win so I thought I would use this idea to try and attract customer to buy my magazine. This creates a bond between the magazine and the reader as know the reader is involved in the magazine making it more appealing.
  10. 10. Use of Technology. The main use of technology which I used would be the computer program which is called micro media fireworks. I produced all my products on this programme and it helped me to add images text different colours and fonts as well as other affects which would be hard to perform on any other programme. I have learnt a lot about technology during the making of my magazine products. I have used what I have learnt and put it into my own magazine products to make them look authentic. I used other computer programmes throughout my work to help me develop my products such as Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, slide share and Blogger. Microsoft word and PowerPoint were already in my knowledge and I used these with ease but I had to learn how to use blogger so that all my work could be published and seen easily and I had to learn how to but my PowerPoint on to slide share so that the document could be seen on my blog. The websites which helped me to gain the fonts for my title and subheadings was dafont. This allowed me to get any font I wished off the website but it into the desktop and use it when ever I wanted throughout my work. This made making my products a lot easier as I did not have to keep finding the same font over and over again on the website and I didn’t have to use boring fonts which would not be as affective for my magazine.
  11. 11. Progress From Prelim From my prelim to my final products I have learnt how to use micro media fireworks a lot better and this has helped to develop my products so that they are at a better standard I have made my products to look more authentic by following and using the ideas of other well known magazines and used the conventional layouts which is found in most magazines. From my prelim I have made my final products and made sure that I have used a conventional title which is usually bold and in Upper case in most cases to catch the eye, used an image to dominate the page, a splash across the picture which is found on a lot of other magazines which makes mine look increasingly authentic. Over time I think I have developed a better understanding of what conventional aspects are included in most music magazine so this has helped me to create my own and make it look more realistic. I have managed to attract an audience a lot better with the final products as I have ways of interacting with the customers through competitions and I have included famous stars in my magazine which would attract customers to buy the magazine.