Here and Now! Making Print Brands Digital
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Here and Now! Making Print Brands Digital



At ABC’s annual conference in San Francisco, November 10, 2011, media industry veteran Jack Griffin gave the annual luncheon speech. Griffin recently founded Empirical Strategic Advisors, and he ...

At ABC’s annual conference in San Francisco, November 10, 2011, media industry veteran Jack Griffin gave the annual luncheon speech. Griffin recently founded Empirical Strategic Advisors, and he explained to attendees why the new model for media is the “here and now.”



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    Here and Now! Making Print Brands Digital Here and Now! Making Print Brands Digital Presentation Transcript

    • ABC’s 2011 Annual ConferenceThe Integrated Audience—Bridging Consumers, Communities & ContentJack Griffin | @JackGriffinESA | November 10, 2011
    • The Mathematics of Change 2
    • Remember calculus in college?If you didn’t keep up…it caught you! 3
    • Like calculus, digital is cumulative. 4
    • Once Upon a Time… “A brand is the collection of assets and capabilities that allow one company to charge and to realize premium prices versus like competitors in the same category through time.” — David A. Aker 5
    • The Comfortable, LinearWorld of Print AD SALES SUBSCRIPTIONS NEWSSTAND 6
    • The Customer Has Escaped! “You should be rethinking the core logic of your go-to-market strategy. Instead of designing channels to capture targeted demographic segments, you must design them to support unfettered buyers’ behaviors.” — Harvard Business Review - 1993 7
    • The Non-linear Networked World 8
    • A Connected, Mobile World 7B People as of November 2011 (and growing…) 77% Connected by mobile devices 95.3 billion at the end of 2010; U.N. Telecommunications Agency,
    • 10
    • The Only Constant is Change 11
    • And More to Come… 8B People 202090% Connected by mobile devices 125.3 billion at the end of 2010; U.N. Telecommunications Agency,
    • Transformation 13Source: CoRise, October 2011
    • Transformation 14Source: CoRise, October 2011
    • Transformation 1961 2011 15
    • From Find It Now to Get It Now 16
    • From Find It Now to Get It Now 17
    • The Now Consumer•  Wants it her way•  Wants it now•  Demands price transparency•  Demands value•  Cares what her friends think•  Will share what she thinks 18
    • iGeneration. Always Connected… 19
    • iGeneration. Always Connected… 20
    • …And Out There. 21
    • The Battle for Attention 22
    • Top-selling Paid App in US and UK 23
    • “You can’t make it go back.”—King Canute 24
    • “If something can be done, it will be done. The only question iswill it be done by you or to you. Just don’t think it won’t be done.”– Thomas Friedman, December 9, 2008 25
    • Media Business Models Erode 26
    • Internet Advertising Is No Silver Bullet While revenue continues to grow, up 23% in 2011 YTD: • 91% of dollars go to top 50 players • Search advertising = 49% of total • Google at 76% share • Facebook on track to be #1 in display • Twitter will become an advertising factor • CPMs continue to fall 27
    • Have We Been Here Before? “A new medium is never an addition to an old one, nor does it leave the old one in peace. It never ceases to oppress the older media until it finds new shapes and positions for them.” – Marshall McLuhan, 1964 28
    • Here and Now A New Way of Thinking About: 29
    • The “Here and Now” Revolution… MOBILE SOCIAL DATA COMMERCE LOCAL 30
    • The Google Blueprint ? PLACES TRANSACTIONS Googlemaps Googlewallet COMMUNITY PROMOTIONS SHOPPING Google+ Google Offers Google Catalogs TheFridge 31
    • The Consumer is the Destination What does the consumer want to do? Listen? Contribute? Watch? Learn? Browse? Purchase? Compare? Share? Read? Play? 32
    • Media Brands are Outposts 33
    • Creating the Best Experience forEach Audience and Platform 34 34
    • “There’s not a single businessmodel… There are really a lot of opportunities and a lot of options and we just have to discover them.” – Tim O’Reilly, CEO O’Reilly 35
    • The Wall Street Journal 36
    • The Economist Economist Group: All Platforms 37
    • The New York Times 38
    • Vanity Fair “Engagement with the reader is everything…Touch technology will transform what magazines are, will transform the way they are made, marketed and consumed...We want to be everywhere the consumer wants us to be.” Tom Wallace, Editorial Director, Condé Nast 39
    • Financial Times HTML 5 The Web as “News Database” The Data Workflow • Visualizing complex dataset - Bank debt exposure data • Monitor site for updates • CSV source • Clean in Excel • Import MySQL database • Generate SQL query • Publish XML • Parse with ActionScript • Publish with Flash 40
    • The New York Post 41
    • Hearst “Unbound” 42
    • Why Here & Now?It is being done by peopleand players who are cominginto the space of traditionalplayers from the other end. 43
    • Content from Commerce Roots 44
    • Where are you now in this landscape?Where are you heading?—CoRise, 2011 “Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong, but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists.” – Thomas Friedman, December 9, 2008 45
    • Here and Now Accelerators •  The iGeneration •  4G connectivity •  The Personal Cloud •  Kindle Fire @ $199 •  Geolocation •  Touch Interfaces •  Analytics/Omniture •  Aggregators •  YouTube •  HTML5 •  IPTV/Apple TV •  Mobile Payments 46
    • The Here and Now Way 1.  Be a digital native—it’s cumulative, like calculus 2.  Set a user baseline for all digital experiences 3.  Pay the tolls – be there even when you don’t know the return 4.  Know that technology is core, not support, particularly in data 5.  Examine workflows, processes and CMS 6.  Develop specific domain expertise 7.  Look for recurring revenue and transactions 8.  Spread your bets – there is no one future 9.  Experiment, partner and collaborate 10.  Innovation has been turned upside down 47
    • ABC’s 97th Conference and Annual MeetingThe Integrated Audience: Bridging Customers, Communities & Content THANK YOU! Text follow JackGriffinESA to 40404