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Krista Nehr's AdClub Groundhog Day Event Presentation

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  • Perhaps no Republican campaign monitors Twitter more closely than Mr. Romney’s operation, which believes that it can ferret out bias among reporters by analyzing their posts. Top aides say they watch Mr. Romney’s events with a Twitter stream open on their computer. Their war room compiles all the Twitter messages from the press corps at every event and e-mails them to the campaign staff. “ Twitter is the ultimate real-time engagement mechanism, so it’s moved everything to a much faster speed,” said Zac Moffatt, the digital director for the Romney campaign. “You have no choice but to be actively engaging it at all times.” Mr. Romney’s aides say they can get a sense of where a story is headed before it is published simply by reading reporters’ Twitter messages. If reporters have flagged a particular incident on Twitter — for instance, the woman who stood up at South Carolina event and asked Mr. Romney , a Mormon, if he believed “in the divine saving grace of Jesus Christ” — Mr. Romney’s aides might pull him aside before a press conference and warn him that the topic is likely to come up.
  • he used Twitter to reach out to voters who had posted positively about guns, a group he felt would be receptive to Mr. Gingrich. “ I’ll e-mail them links and press releases and stories,” Mr. Hemingway said. “Almost every day, I’m pushing a bunch of that out to them, and they’re pushing a bunch of our message out to the public.”
  • “ Someone who is a supporter of the campaign can then download the app, get a Square attachment and can go around collecting donations.” The application would automatically send donation money directly to the Obama campaign.
  • Ad club candidates event

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    5. 5. “ It’s a leading indicator of what people are thinking about. It’s almost like an early warning signal: ‘This is what someone’s thinking.’ ” - Zac Moffatt, Digital Director for Romney Campaign - Zac Moffatt, Digital Director for Romney Campaign
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