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Resume 07 2012 Research


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Resume 07 2012 Research

  1. 1. Jack Gowen Resume 1Jack F. Gowen, Sr., M.B.A.502 S. Pollard Street Apt. 11Vinton, VA 24179(H) 540-527-0160jackgowen@yahoo.comI have known Jack Gowen Sr. for Professional Profile25 years both professionally and as  Eager to bring Business students into the twenty-first centurya friend. The skills and training using a unique combination of education experience coupledthat he processes encompasses with 26 years’ business background in Executive Management,many disciplines, and has Business Consulting.displayed through extensive  Forges profitable new paths and transforms innovative ideas intoknowledge in both pastoral new programs, projects, and strategic plans.ministry and administration.Hecommunicates well both orally and  Easily connects with all levels and maximizes human andin writing, with colleagues and financial resources.friends. I would recommend Jack  Reputed as a perceptive, resourceful leader demanding andas an outstanding edition to any delivering the highest standards of professional excellence inorganization. Please feel free to business / IT planning and non-profit service organizations.contact me with any additional  Professional Profile located on LinkedIninformation that I can provide. athttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/jack-fletcher-gowen-sr-mba/30/50/bbaContact information: Rev. G. KimGilson, Phone: 443-523-8266 & Education, Honors, and CertificationsEmail: Kggil1245@verizon.net. DBA in Global Business Anticipated Graduation 08/2015Jack was a student in MBA Keiser University Graduate Schoolprogram at Keiser University Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33311Graduate School: BusinessResearch Methods, I was teaching MBA in Leadership for Managersin the summer of 2010. Graduated with 3.86 GPAHe was extremely enthusiastic and Keiser University Graduate Schoolresponsible, very disciplined, and FT. Lauderdale, Fl. 33311did all the necessary work andmuch more than that. He earned Bachelor of Science Biblical Studies & Theology, Minor in Educationthe highest grade in the class. He is Class Vice President, & Student Governmenta very nice person and United Wesleyan Collegehardworking student. Without Allentown, PA 18103hesitation, I give Jack my strongestrecommendations. Licensed Insurance Agent since 2006Contact Information Texas State Dept. of InsuranceDr. Borivoje-Boris Djokic, Ph.D. License Number: 1396242 NPN: 8843746Graduate Professor of ResearchMethods and Statistics Key QualificationsKeiser University Graduate School 26 years Executive Management Experience ● Business Consulting ●borisdjokic@gmail.com TechnicalWriting ● Marketing & Public Relations, Sales ● HR954-318-1620 Management ● Budget Preparation / Administration ● Team
  2. 2. Jack Gowen Resume 2 BuildingCustomer Service ● Telemarketing ● Web Site Design  MarketMr. Jack Gowen pursued his Penetration, Teacher/FacilitatorOrganizational Processes, Policies, andMaster of Business Administration Procedures, Executive Recruiter, CITI Training in Ethical Research.and a former student in my Responsibilities included organizational change, and management, LeadLeadership Development class. in the recruitment, selection, training, and retention of qualified paidJack is an active contributor of the and volunteer staff. Taught within Church School setting, developedlearning exercises in the course lesson plans, taught Biblical related Studies, proficient in publicand his classmates are constantly speaking, and technical writing. Currently own and operate a businessengaged in discussions with him. consulting service, with an array of consulting services offered.Mr. Gowen demonstrates a highcommitment to his responsibilities Computer Skillsin the course as well as meeting Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Power point, and Excel, Workingimportant deadlines and knowledge of the Internet surfing various search engines.completing complex assignments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mr. Gowen has held several Employmentleadership and CEO positions inChurch Organizations. Currently, Gowen Consulting Firm, Vinton, Virginiahe operates a consulting business Founder and Consultant, 03/2009 – Presentand specializes in the areas of Consulting Services OfferedOrganizational development and Conceived and launched boutique-consulting service focused on helpingChange, Administration & non-profit organizations effectively resolve conflicts, build brandFinance, Education, Worship, awareness, develop strategic plans, and set realistic and obtainableMarketing, and programming goals. Assess client operations, formulate action plans, and guide clientspromotion. Mr. Gowen’s level of through change process.commitment, responsibility, Key Accomplishments:integrity, and ability to adhere to  We were proficient in utilizing reorganizational skills guiding thehigh standards demonstrate that he organizations development, and making appropriate changes. Wecan be a valuable asset to any provided training in marketing of products and services.organization. If you have any  Led clients in the process of strengthening their Humanquestions, feel free to contact me Resource Management, through helping them Rewrite jobat 305-851-1757. Dr. Armando descriptions, and refocus upon recruiting, quality employees,Salas-Amaro, Department Chair, offering appropriate training opportunities, and retention ofMBA Leadership for Managers quality employees. ____________________________________________________________I have had the opportunity to be IBC Insurance Group, Houston, TexasJacks instructor while he attended Contracted Insurance Agent/Broker, 01/2005 – 01/2009Keiser University. Jack has an  My skill developed in the areas of Marketing, Advertisement, andexcellent work ethic. He Promotion of Financial Products.completed projects on time for  Sold various Insurance Products, Life, Health, Accident, HMO,class and without supervision. His Annuitieswork is generally error free. Jack  Provided ongoing Customer Service to Existing, and New Clientsdemonstrates repeatedly that he  Scheduled Appointments, and Addressed Client’s Questions, andcan perform above average. He Concerns, over the Telephone, or Face to Facehas excellent communication skills  Direct Sales to Individuals, Groups, Organizations, andand addresses issues Corporations, while successfully utilizing e-commerce, andprofessionally. During the business-to-business methods in marketing and selling.
  3. 3. Jack Gowen Resume 3management information systems Key Accomplishments:course, Jack researched the most  Accomplished sales goalseffective approach to staffing  Successfully developing a referral network through establishingmultinational enterprises. As he client based referrals.worked on the project, I noticed ____________________________________________________________that he naturally gravitated towards United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennesseethe operations and administration Pastor/Chief Executive Officer, 07/1992 – 07/2004of organizations. The strategic  Served as the Pastor of Local Congregations in Virginia,plan Jack developed was a good Delaware, and Marylandsummary of everything under  Performed Daily Pastoral Tasks including Counseling,considered for globalization today. Visitation, and OutreachI encouraged him to consider  Lead in the Recruitment of Perspective Memberspublishing his work because it was  Prepared & Taught Weekly Sermons, and Bible Studiesso vitally important and relevant  Supervised both Paid, and Volunteer Staff., Lead thetoday. This innovative approach Recruitment, Training, Retention, and Equipping, New, andextended his experience in Existing Staffoperations and administration and  Daily Management of Church Ministry, and Educationalproduced a very professional Programmingproposal. Most recently, Jackexpressed an interest in pursuing a  Supervised the Development, and Marketing, of Churchdoctorate degree. Toward this Activitieseffort, Jack developed an action  Wrote Grant Proposal Requesting Funding, for Educationalplan, including his alignment with Programs, and Construction Projectspeople in his profession and his  School Administrator/Principalenterprising personal instinct to trynew things. I am very proud of his Key Accomplishments:initiative. Jack would be a  Developed and introduced programs to reduce expenditures andtremendous asset to your retain staff members, volunteers, and congregants.organization. He is very smart and  Authored grant proposal and secured funding for educationalintuitive, but he is also very programs and construction projects.committed to completion of tasks.  We met church growth goals through the development of diverseI am pleased to recommend him to programs and outreach events.your organization. If you have ____________________________________________________________additional questions, that you Calvert County DSS, Prince Frederick, Marylandwould like to ask me personally, Human Service Worker V / Adult Protective Service Investigator,you are free to contact me. Dr. 05/1987 - 06/1992Laura Thompson  Conducted Investigations into Allegations of Abuse, Neglect, orKeiser University – Graduate ExploitationSchool (MBA Program)  Performed Client Based Case Management Services includinglauthompson@keiseruniversity.edu Development and Implementing Case PlansPhone: 678-793-3186  Supervised Adult Group Homes  Performed Generic Intake, and Initial Assessment of ClientsI know Jack Gowen both Eligibility for Servicepersonally and professionally over ____________________________________________________________the last couple of years and highly Wesleyan Church, Indianapolis, Indianarecommend him for your Pastor/Chief Executive Officer, 07/1982 – 02/1992
  4. 4. Jack Gowen Resume 4organization. He is very ethical  Served as Pastor of Local Congregations in Pennsylvania,and Virginia, Maryland, and DelawareDedicated to any task that may  Responsibilities, Pastoral Ministry and Oversight to Churchcome his way. Jack is very Membersorganized and communicates well  Prepared and Taught Weekly Sermons and Bible Studieswith all types of disciplines. I have  Daily Management of both Volunteer and Paid staffconsulted with Jack on matters of  Supervised the Daily Operation of the Local Church Ministry,employment through my agency. Programming, and OutreachYou can contact me personally at(O) 540-890-3153 or (C) 540-890- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3153. Certifications and RecognitionsSincerely General Lines Agent, Life, Accident, Health, & HMOCoy Renick License ID 1396242President, the Renick Group State of Texas Department of Insurance Who’ Who in Business & Professionals OrdainedMinister
  5. 5. Jack Gowen Resume 5