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Ssmc youth camp2013 Registration form

  1. 1. LIST OF WORKSHOPS. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!!! 1) Dignity For Children - Reaching out to the poOr and neEdy Interested in helping the poOr and neEdy but no idea how? Let Da’ Man telL you how! 2) Apologetics - Dealing with tough questions GetTing asked tough questions? We’lL teach you how to answer them in a not-so-tough way. YOUTH CAMP 2013 3) Dance Workshop - GroOving to the beat No twerking or boOty shaking in this workshop. Join us! 4) FoOtbalL Basics (girls only) - Learn to play LeaArn the basics of this amazing sport in this workshop. Get kicking! 5) Arts and Craft Workshop - Creating creatively Creativity is contagious. In this workshop, we’re spreaAding the disease! PARENT CONSENT FORM I hereby alLow my son/daughter/ward to atTend the SSMC Youth Camp 2013 and participate fulLy in its activities. I understand that this camp is organised by Sungai-Way Subang Methodist Church (SSMC). I understand that although every precaution wilL be taken to ensure safety, I wilL not hold SSMC, the camp organisers or its apPointed helpers responsible for any mishap. I hereby give permisSion for apPropriate actions to be taken should medical emergencies ocCur. For smoOth runNing and safety at camp, my son/daughter/ward wilL abide by alL rules, instructions and regulations set. Should he/she fail to do so, I hereby authorise alL arRangements be made to have him/her sent home and I shalL indemnify alL expenses incurRed. Signature: _____________________ Name: __________________________ I.C. Number:____________________ Relationship with camper: __________________ Emergency contact number: __________________ For OfFice Use Only Amount paid (circle) RM200/RM230/RM250 Sponsorship: RM_______ Cash/Cheque/Bank-in No: __________________ ColLected by:__________ OP {T T} RE EC S (Open it. You know you want to)
  2. 2. Welcome, AGENT, to Christians In Action. You have beEn chosen by the Big BosS for undercover deployment to the Weirdly Octagonal Rainbow Loving District. Your misSion, should you choOse to acCept it, wilL require training, hard work, sacrifice, and liberal amounts of Giant RabBits And Chicken EsSence. Out in the field, you wilL apPear the same as everyone else, but you have a difFerent misSion. In this training program, you wilL learn how to be a Disciple outside the training grounds. You wilL be taught how to comMunicate with the Big BosS, how to locate and coOperate with other agents, and most importantly how to change the Weirdly Octagonal Rainbow Loving District acCording to the Big BosS's plan. Are you ready for the chalLenge? WilL you acComplish the misSion acCording to the Big BosS's plan? Do you have what it takes to be an AGENT? Details SSMC Location Date : 14 - 17 December 2013 TROPICANA Venue : PD Methodist Centre FROM SUBANG NKVE FROM IPOH FeEs : Damansara Toll Early Bird (RM50 subsidised) To Tropicana To Bandar Utama = RM 200 Esso After Early Bird (18 Nov onwards) BHP KAMPUNG Shell SUNGAI = RM 230 KAYU ARA 10 Boulevard Go below the fly over Pantai FulL FeEs (if subsidy not req.) Jalan Cempaka Seafood = RM 250 SSMC Lot 1044 School Make a U-turn at the traffic lights Closing Date : 1 Dec (SMK DJ) Jalan Persiaran (SS22/43) Online registration available : Traffic Lights DAMANSARA JAYA DAMANSARA UPTOWN KDU College Enquiries : Oon Ee - 0126801326 Police Station From Kepong LDP Rosalind - 0173331075 From Puchong Keep left before underpass SS2 MeEting Time @ SSMC : FROM KUALA LUMPUR SPRINT HIGHWAY (TAKE ROUTE TOWARDS NKVE) 8:30 am, Sat 14 Dec Return Time @ SSMC : 4:00 pm, Tues 17 Dec Name : Elisha Satvinder Rank : Reverand Age : ClasSified Height : 172 cm Weight : 77 kg CurRent Status : Operating Undercover Last Known Location : outskirts of Sentul Threat level : High. KilLed a bear with his bare hands. Do not apProach alone. CalL for backup. SkilLs : Master of hand-to-hand combat. ProfesSional wrestler. Rev. Eli ‘Da Man’ S. Equipment and SupPlies List Required:- Bible - Stationary - Toiletries - SlipPers - Sports shoes - Black t-shirts (girls) Snacks/smalL gifts Enthusiasm & PasSion Clothes (4D+3N) Prohibited:- Drugs, cigaretTes, alcohol - Gambling equipment - Expensive electronics - ToO much cash Registration Form Name : ______________________ I was invited by __________________ Gender : M / F T-shirt size : S / M / L / XL / XXL Age : ______ IC Number : _________________ AlLergies (if any) : AdDresS : ___________________ _________________________________ ___________________ _________________________________ ___________________ Camp feEs : RM200/RM230/RM250 Phone number : ______________ Would you like to sponser another Email : _____________________ youth for camp? Are you a Christian? Yes/No If yes, what church? Amount? Yes/No ______________ Workshops (seE reverse page):- ____________________________ 1st choice: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 SchoOl/COlLege/University: 2nd choice: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 _____________________________ *FilL in blanks and circle choices where apPlicable **Please make alL cheques payable to “Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church”