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    Compare and contrast Compare and contrast Document Transcript

    • Compare and contrast There are many differences and similarities between Alibaba and Alladin.The purpose im writing this paper comparison paper is because, when I read Alibaba i wanted to compare him to Alladin. Another reason is that they have many similarities and differences. One similarity of Alibaba and Alladin is that there is a very important cave in both stories. In Alladin he is forced to go in the cave to go get a genie lamp. In Alibaba he goes in the cave to get treasure from the forty thieves. Another similarity of Alibaba and Alladin is that they both are very poor. Alladin is a little more poor than Alibaba because, he doesnt even have a house,and he has to steal food to eat food. Alibaba has a house but it is a very
    • small house. In both stories they both stole something. In Alibaba he steals treasure from the cave that the forty thieves have the treasure in.In Alladin he steals food and the monkey tries to steal the the diamond. One last similarity between Alibaba and Alladin is that there is treasure in both caves. but if Alladin takes it he will get locked in the cave forever. If Alibaba takes the treasure and the forty thieves catch him then they will kill him. One difference between Alibaba and Alladin is that Alladin sings and Alibaba doesn't sing at all. Some examples when Alladin sings is when he is with the princess,and when he is running away from the bad guys.
    • Another difference between Alladin and Alibaba is that there is magic in Alladin and there is no magic at all in Alibaba.Examples of magic in Alladin is when the genie comes out of the lamp, and when Alladin flies on the magic carpet. In Alladin he meets a genie, and in Alibaba he doesnt.If there was a genie in Alibaba it wouldnt make any sense at all.But in Alladin it makes good sense because if there wasn't a genie the movie woudn't be good. In Alladin he turns into a prince at the end of the movie, but in Alibaba he is still the same but he doesnt care because he is happy. So as you can see in my paper that there is many similarities and differences between Alibaba and Alladin.In the end
    • of both stories there is very different endings.