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Jack Holcombe

  1. 1. JACK HOLCOMBE 3415 Highland Pine Drive E-Mail: jack0352@bellsouth.net Duluth, Georgia 30096 Telephone (404) 934-9817 SUMMARY Professional Synopsis: Certified Project Manager who challenged traditional ways of conducting business, and am willing to take on calculated risks. Demonstrated ability to think strategically, act tactically and have the strength of character to motivate others to buy into my ideas, concepts and values. Value honesty, accountability, and trust in a business environment. Trust my gut instincts and takes the initiative to drive change. Possess the ability to assess a situation, and react to it appropriately. Commanded respect of clients and project team members and have a natural ability to hold the interest of the listener. Experienced in managing Software Implementations, Process Analysis, Business Process Reengineering, and IT projects. As Project Manager, coordinated all software development initiatives and served as the focal point for the customer. TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Word - Excel - PowerPoint - Project 2000/2002/2003/2007 - Visio – SQL – SharePoint TRAINING AND CERTIFICATIONS Certified in the field of Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). Certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP) Six Sigma Green Belt Vice Chair for Manufacturing Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Project Management Institute PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Waters Management Group, Roswell, GA Program Manager Nov 2008 to Current Developed, documented, and taught Professional Project Management Courses. Project management principles were taught using the Project Management Body of Knowledge and Best Practices for a Project Manager as the baseline for the course. Documented the Workforce Investment Act requirements for Waters Management Group to be a Eligible Provider of classroom instruction Documented the Project Management Registered Education Provider for Waters Management Group to be a Registered Education Provider Wrote the revised documentation for training using PMBOK v4 Audited a Fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2007 taught by Microsoft Certified Instructors from PM Resources Group for inclusion in the PMP Certification Review Courses taught to WIA students.
  2. 2. Evaluated other education providers course that solicited Waters Management Group to become part of the WIA offering Environments: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Act Contact Manager Advance Auto Parts, Inc., Roanoke, VA Senior IT Project Manager July 2008 to October 2008 Contracted through RCG Information Systems Managed an integrated portfolio of 24 projects or program initiatives for the Visual Merchandising Group. Painted a vision of a successful project to each of the project teams. Developed Project schedules based on the Work Breakdown Structure of each project or Initiative. Established a Master Project Schedule and uploaded each of the 24 Projects and Initiatives to load cross dependencies between tasks of each Project or Initiative. Built strong cross-functional partnerships in a matrix environment, the business and IT organizations relationships were managed, resolved conflict and communicated complex issues across each project or initiative. Project status was communicated to the sponsor including Critical Path and Earned Value updates, and the project teams to ensure communications of the information to the internal and external customers and third party vendors. Managed the change requests for each Project and Initiative. Budgets forecasted for each project or program initiative and tracked the Earned Value. Documented each project closeout and identified lessons learned.  A JDA Intactix Floor Planning Planograms, Space Planning Planograms, and IKB a three dimensional store floor and space planograms project was implemented successfully on time and 29% under budget using SDLC methodologies and Quality Assurance processes to manage the project. The JDA vendor and other vendors were managed for the Point of Sales systems in the retail stores.  HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) were used to capture actual costs weekly and captured vendors cost manually form bi-monthly invoices.  Used Microsoft Project schedule to execute the tasks and manage business users, technical programmers, and the vendors during the implementation. Environments: SQL, AS-400, ETL, Intactix Knowledge Base The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, GA Senior IT Project Manager for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Feb 2008 to June 2008 Contracted through TrueBridge Resources Managed a new secret consumer product implemented at two manufacturing plants during the Beta phase. Work streams managed were the SAP Order to Cash, Forecast to Deploy, and Procure to Pay. The Supply Chain included distributors and third party warehouses using an Oracle Shipping system that SAP had to interface. One plant had SAP ECC and the primary plant for the new product had Prism as the planning software. Supported the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management to drive timely creation, review/approval, and archival of project quality data records in conformance with company IT Program Management methodology. Developed Work Breakdown Structure to determine tasks and use Microsoft Project to manage the project schedule. Conducted JAD sessions and performed gap analysis for the new business processes on new equipment with a new SAP system. Managed the development and documentation of business processes of the Prism plant to SAP ECC in order to manufacture the new product at the plant using third party SAP subject matter
  3. 3. experts. Developed effective processes, documented them in ARIS Business Process Management system using a process modeler. Managed the development and documentation of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain functional requirements to support the systems requirements. Environments: SAP ECC, Oracle, ARIS Business Management System Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, GA Principal March 2007 to Dec 2007 Projects were managed in the Advanced Planning Group whose vertical was the Retail Industry with customers that are tier 2 and tier 3 level companies using Microsoft Project. The software applications were Development of Business Rules for Assortment Management, Catalog Planning, Web Planning, Retail Store Planning, and Consolidated Inventory Planning. Software was on an Oracle platform that was developed in India based on the design document.  The Advanced Planning Implementation Methodology was developed to align with Manhattan Associates ISO 9001 and their PRISM Implementation Methodology. The Advanced Planning Group had recently been a separate company Evant acquired by Manhattan Associates.  A key project was managed with the first client of Evant for three modification requests to their five-year-old system that required re-configuration of the Advance Planning System. Managed offshore employees that developed the code based on the modification of business rules requested.  Managed project using SDCL methodologies and managed budgets with offshore and onshore resources.  Managed project risks and their risk responses, and tracked issues and their resolution.  Tenaciously tracked key dates using Microsoft Project and delivering a quality product, within budget and on time. Environments: Oracle, Java Activant, Austin, TX Project Manager June 2006 to Dec 2006 Contracted through Encora, Inc Implementation Methodology was developed and documented for Activant whose software applications included Retail Point of Sale, Inventory Control of planograms shelving, Purchasing, and Warehouse Management. Activant was in the Automobile Parts Aftermarket vertical with customers that were tier 2 and tier 3 level companies. The software application was either on an Oracle Platform or on Microsoft Platform  Developed and documented an Implementation Methodology that included a Microsoft Project schedule based on the Work Breakdown Structure to eliminate/prevent Activant's loses on each client because of no defined methodology.  Led multi-skilled project teams using the new implementation methodology and painted a vision of a successful implementation to the project team. Selected client subject matter experts as project team members and managed the development of customized client specific training workshops for end-users. Facilitated meeting design sessions with the client to configure the software based on the clients requirements. Budgets were typically in the 300K to 1MM range. Led project team weekly status meetings and mentored project team consisting of two or three Activant subject matter experts and 3 to 4 client team members. Environments: Oracle, Microsoft, EDI
  4. 4. T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA Customer Operations & Systems IT Project Manager Dec 2005 to May 2006 Contracted through EIS World Multi-skilled project teams were lead in implementing multiple IT projects for T-Mobile PMO with their implementation methodology. During the kick-off meeting, painted a vision of a successful project to the project team. Based on the Work breakdown Structure developed a project schedule in Microsoft Project. The new Software Applications Projects enhanced the performance of T-Mobile systems or were developed and deployed to provide a better experience for the T-Mobile customers. Projects were structured systems development that required integration with R/3 SAP, TIBCO, SQL, Web Portal, Java, J2EE, PkMS, Oracle and Streamline to enable the new features the project were delivering. Managed projects in the Order Management Program, specifically managed the projects for phone returns and refurbishment of phones with Microsoft Project. Project required collaboration with developers, testing team members, 3rd party vendors, and other application project managers in the design, construction, testing, implementation and maintenance of the web portals and applications.  Analyzed Requirements and Functional Specifications and estimated level of effort for Identified resource required for the project team, negotiated with their managers to get a commitment to the support for the project, and asked the team members for a Level of Effort required by each team member as a beginning point in developing and documenting the budget. On occasion, the manager would hire a contractor to satisfy the project needs.  Forecasted and managed multiple projects budgets between $500K and $2M. Project team would consist of 1 to 2 business analyst, 2 to 3 R/3 SAP, TIBCO, SQL, Lombardi's Teamwork's Portal Technology, Java, PkMS, Oracle, or Streamline resources, a tester, and 3 to 5 business users. Each project team managed with weekly live status meetings. Delivered several projects using Iterative Methodology and quite a few using Waterfall Methodology  Developed and documented a Project Scope Statement and conducted Kick-off meetings for both the Business Users and the IT organizations to understand the overall enterprise impacts of system implementations and changes.  Managed the technical requirements, project deliverables, and deployment of the application. Developed Statement of Work based on the initial Business Requirements and the Project Charter. Got sign-off on Statement of Work by the Sponsor and Stakeholders. Reviewed business requirements with business users to insure correct interpretation of requirements.  Quantified identified risks and developed risk response plans. An Excel workbook maintained the Risks Log, Issues log, Change Control, and Project team Contact Information. Communications plan identified where each folder would be located and recurring meetings for Risks, Budget, and Status to meet Sarbanes-Oxley control requirements.  Developed Project Budget based on Level of Effort and the original forecast used in approving the project. Identified when original forecast was not valid and sent the project back to Portfolio Management for re-submission for approval. Tracked the project budgets using Earned Value to track against the actual costs and calculated the Schedule Variance (SV) and the Cost Variance (CV) to date, Estimate-To-Complete (ETC) and Estimate-At-Completion (EAC). Additionally, managed the Order Management Program Budget of $12M. Return on investment on the projects ranged from 180% to 423%  The Project Schedules were managed using the using Microsoft Project and the Critical Paths were tracked. Conducted weekly meeting and produced Status Reporting using Clarity Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Managed 3 large projects and Multiple smaller projects in the Order Management Program
  5. 5.  Projects used process maps through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), conducted JAD sessions and performed gap analysis to develop the Business Requirements, created functional test cases, Specifications, Development, Testing, Training, Go-Live.  Built strong cross-functional partnerships in a matrix environment, working with all levels of the enterprise and across many functional areas to implement the projects assigned to me. Conducted JAD sessions and worked with process designers in implementing process maps. Environments: SAP, TIBCO, SQL, Lombardi's Teamwork's Portal Technology, Java, J2EE, Oracle, and PkMS Adjoined Consulting, Atlanta, GA Senior Principal Consultant Sep 2005 to Dec 2005 Reviewed current business processes, analyzed the client users input, and evaluated client business systems and user needs using SAP GUI 4.6c PP. Made strategic recommendations to positively affect the client. As the manufacturing subject matter expert, identified options for potential solutions and assessed them for both technical and business suitability. Bill of Material and Route and Work Center usage, SOP and MPS/MRP planning were reviewed. Contributed recommendations on how the client could use there existing system by creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. Recommended configuration changes to SAP for the client. Environments: SAP Propex Fabrics (formerly BP Amoco Fabrics and Fibers), Austell, GA IT Project Manager Feb 2004 to May 2005 Contracted through Matrix Resources Managed a custom and third-party implementations, using software development life cycle, for two phases of Zemeter's Integrated Supply Chain System (SQL), Forecasting and Product Supply Planning that replaced/augmented the IBM outsourced SAP MM/PP systems and an Access database. Deployments included Demand Management Planning and Supply Planning modules across eight plants and a SQL server upgrade to support the Zemeter Supply Chain requirements. Developed Work Breakdown Structure to properly planned project task dates using Microsoft Project, managing Critical Path, and calculating Earned Value. Networked extensively, working with all levels of the enterprise and across many functional areas, managed activities of developer programmers and infrastructure technical team, vendors, 3rd party contractors, functional managers, and end users assigned to project using Microsoft Project. Return on the investment for the project was 378% on an 879K budget.  Strategically planned organization-wide changes to support the Zemeter Supply Chain System. A vision was painted of a successful implementation to the project team. Developed risk mitigation strategies. Wrote concise project feasibility reports and attain financial approval and business buy-in of the cost/benefit analysis to proceed on the capitalized project. Managed project budget and managed the scope change management plan.  Tactically managed project deliverables, project plans using Microsoft Project to include defining project tasks, transitional activity, and executed the projects that supported client performance improvement, and technology integrations. Coordinated third party contractors as they relate to project requirements. Led and mentored project team consisting of 3 vendors, one third party contractor and 5 business users and 3 staff technical resources
  6. 6.  Facilitated design session to analyze the clients' requirements, outlined data flow processes using VISIO as the document tool, and managed project team and met timelines. Managed the project critical path to insure project stayed on schedule. Managed the change control process for the statement of work for the implementation. Managed budget, resources, the scope of the project, and the quality of the project.  Identified project risks, conduct risk quantitative and qualitative analysis, and provide risk mitigation recommendations to Executive management when needed escalating.  Tenacious in tracking key dates, would review the task due a week out with the person responsible to ensure the task would be completed on time. Conducted live project status meeting with project team each week.  Managed issues by maintaining record of issue, who is responsible for resolution and the date the resolution is due. Reviewed issue record each project team meeting. Environments: SQL, SAP, Windows NT, Microsoft Access Waters Management Group, Roswell, GA Principal Instructor Sep 2003 to Feb 2005 Professional Project Management Courses taught by me at Universities. Project management principles were taught using the Project Management Body of Knowledge as the baseline for the course. Documented the Project Management Professional (PMP) course of instruction based on PMBOK v2 Developed a project team teaching methodology where the students were grouped into 4 to 5 students to manage a project I assigned them Environments: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office Siemens Homeland Security, Irving, TX Contractor - Strategy Coordinator Oct 2001 to Aug 2003 Contracted through Nicklas & Partner, Inc A response /call center for Siemens Homeland Security was implemented. Customer requirements were translated into specific plans and tasks using knowledge of the industry and delivery methodology. Excel Database was initially used to track trouble tickets, but later replaces with Access database. Implemented Electronic Trace Detections devices used at airports passenger security station at several airports Presented DCAS status report using Excel Pivot Tables covert to graphs for presentation Six Sigma methodologies were used to reduce open trouble ticket backlog from 2250 trouble tickets to a backlog of 125 trouble tickets. Implemented ISO9000 in the strategic response call center to provide standardized processes and forms. Environments: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access American Software, Inc, Atlanta, GA Project Manager and Senior Business Consultant Sep 1988 to Mar 2001 Led multiple project deployment teams at clients' sites implementing global ERP, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management and/or Business Decision Management Knowledge Based systems. Developed the customer relationship as a Pre-Sales consultant through
  7. 7. implementation and beyond as the Implementation Manager. Developed and documented the project Charters with inputs from Clients and identified client management that need to be on the project team. Painted a vision of a successful implementation for the client to the project team during the kick-off meeting. Worked across the business to managed change management, using Software Development Life Cycle and Microsoft Project. Gathered requirements, and facilitated design sessions, managed software development of code, testing to develop system test plans to ensure the delivery of a high quality implementation of the software application. Managed change management, integrated system testing, training development, documentation, and delivery, cutover and post-production support for both sequential and concurrent deployments. IT professionals, Statistical, and Business Analysis groups were led in integration to legacy systems, data migration, system reconciliation, re- engineered business processes, end-user training, and conference room testing were managed to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and internal application acceptance of new systems. Diverse business processes were analyzed and recommended technology and automation strategies. Additionally training and pre-sales presentation were conducted by me that required strong presentation and facilitation skills.  Facilitated live strategy session meeting with each new client to determine scope, milestones, constraints, and assumption. Analyzed clients' problems and issue resolving the problem immediately or capturing the problem or issue in an issue log with the date the resolution was due. A tactical project plan using Microsoft Project was developed to support the strategies developed. Over 75% of the projects I managed were large project affecting most of the clients’ enterprise.  Presented steering committee meetings project status at key milestones or as requested and obtained approval for the project to date.  Set client expectations and managed the client expectations utilizing my strong interpersonal skills and relationships I had developed with the client identifying additional business requirements that existed with the customer. Managed the project timeline, earned value, statement of work and change control process for each assigned implementation. Budgets for the implementation would be between $750K and $7M and the project teams would range between 8 and 20 members.  Documented and facilitated application business training classes for users of the new application system with groups of up to 20, providing account-specific recommendations to maximize clients' software usage based on situational challenges or issues. Worked with all levels of the enterprise and across many functional areas.  Clients were led through Configuration, requirements gathering and design sessions. Gaps were identified between the product and create the required functional test cases  Documented project closeout and identified lessons learned to enhance future client implementations.  Developed and documented new business processes to utilize the new software application, implemented change management by demonstrating the software early in the implementation process, and then discussed each individuals concern. Later gave end users inquiry capability after they received inquiry training. Asked questions of the user community to ensure their comprehension of the changes that were going to happen  Drove the overall user acceptance solution testing including creating and executing test plans for the core applications, application processing logic, user interfaces, and integrations.  Subject Matter expert in Inventory, Procurement, Accounts Payables, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Cost Accounting, and Fixed Assets.  Environments: Mainframe, CICS, VSAM, ABASE, RDBMS, COBAL, AS-400 COBAL, Client Server, Knowledge Base, EDI
  8. 8. EDUCATION Bachelors of Science, Industrial Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA