About Be Happy And Their Revenues MáRcia Tiburi


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About Be Happy And Their Revenues MáRcia Tiburi

  1. 1. About be happy and their revenues * Marcia TiburiYou typically use recipes for cooking? Perhaps you've used and discovered that not simply follow what is written. There are some mystery in implementation of what we see in the magazines and newspapers, because not all people interpret the information in the same way. Understanding is the run the task. The chefs incorporate the revenue or create as a scientist creates your search method or an artist creates your style. <br />What happens between revenue and its implementation is a conflict between theory and practice. Disappoint-if it is easy to remember also when we do not know the method and the significance of ingredients. But entire frustration, even with a guide to make cake, has its lesson. <br />Especially when it comes to a recipe for be happy. Be happy revenue would be how to perform flawlessly. All companies in all times kept faith in the possibility of an image of happiness with caption, in which what is to be happy were well explicadinho. Clots in is happiness as Mint in a cake is everything that we wanted.That happiness blew a package and there were not inside or trigger a button, or turn on the stove.<br />Be happy would appear or be easy. In the sense common, the territory of our most immediate of beliefs that is shared by all actions and sound bites, be happy always reinstated is a promise. Guimarães Rosa, lucid Devil writer: trails, said that " live" is very dangerous. Aristotle, who also advocated happiness was author of ' " be said various modes" we interpret as " life can be experienced in various ways." Happiness is not a single face.<br />Immanuel Kant in the enlightenment said that only We target the happiness become worthy of it, but we cannot has it. He put happiness in place of the ideals that only Suppose you can imagine and hope that in the Orient, but never do. A revenue to be happy this perspective, it would be absurd. <br />If your question by happiness, complex response that it requires no longer serves its abstract tones, we stay with the question and more practical and live. Of life nothing seems easier than simply experiencing it: contemplating what, loving people who live near us, pleased with the achievements, accept the inevitable frustrations, fighting for own desire, transform what irks fetching the best way possible of thinking and acting. The more ethical and fairer living is what everyone principle, want. A basic desire and that that unites us, to be built, loads the common promise paradise of happiness, general wellbeing. If to seek advice and formulas for the living will not be difficult to make a list of tones and colours that can print our gestures and acts. And still that is inaccurate, receituário is valid.<br />The halftone between intelligence and emotion, between reason and sensitivity is more inaccurate of promises and the most complex of achievements that a human being can strive for yourself. Valley also as a revenue, revenue from an unknown delight. It only exists because we make the best way possible, using it as inspiration. Each one needs know that each dish is different. Each one must learn to to own their own method Alchemy. We are beings gregários, your revenue will serve as inspiration to others.   <br />