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Apache Tomcat + Java EE = Apache TomEE
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Apache Tomcat + Java EE = Apache TomEE


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Apache TomEE Tomcat + Java EE Jacek Laskowski @JacekLaskowski wersja 1.0, 24.10.2012
  • 2. About me• Java EE, OSGi and functional programming with Clojure, F# and Scala enthusiast• Founder and leader of Warszawa Java User Group• Javarsovia, Confitura, warsjawa conference team member• Blogger of• Blogger of• @JacekLaskowski• Member of Apache Software Foundation• Apache OpenEJB and TomEE committer• Member of IBM Academy of Technology• IBMer in World-wide WebSphere Competitive Migration Team @jaceklaskowski
  • 3. Thanks David Blevins and the Apache OpenEJB/TomEE team for the hard work. You really rock! @JacekLaskowski
  • 4. Apache Tomcat is an open source softwareimplementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. @JacekLaskowski
  • 5. Java EE Web Profile (“Web Profile”) is a profile of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition specifically targeted at web applications. Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) Web Profile Specification, page 1 @JacekLaskowski
  • 6. Java EE 6 Web Profile specs• Servlet 3.0 • Java Transaction API (JTA) 1.1• JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.2 • Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.0• Expression Language (EL) 2.2 • Bean Validation 1.0• Debugging Support for Other • Managed Beans 1.0 Languages (JSR-45) 1.0 • Interceptors 1.1• Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages (JSTL) 1.2 • Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) for the Java EE• JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 Platform 1.0• Common Annotations for the • Dependency Injection for Java 1.0 Java Platform (JSR-250) 1.1• Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.1 Lite @JacekLaskowski
  • 7. What’s TomEE? Apache TomEE, pronounced "Tommy", is an all- Apache Java EE 6 Web Profile certified stack where Tomcat is top dog. Apache TomEE is assembled from a vanilla Apache Tomcat zip file.We start with Tomcat, add our jars and zip up the rest.The result is Tomcat with added EE features - TomEE. @JacekLaskowski
  • 8. Core values of TomEE @JacekLaskowski
  • 9. Core values of TomEE Be small @JacekLaskowski
  • 10. Core values of TomEE Be small Be Tomcat @JacekLaskowski
  • 11. Core values of TomEE Be small Be Tomcat Be certified @JacekLaskowski
  • 12. How much Tomcat changed? @JacekLaskowski
  • 13. Files modified - conf/server.xml @JacekLaskowski
  • 14. Files modified - conf/tomcat-users.xml @JacekLaskowski
  • 15. Files modified - conf/tomcat-users.xml As a matter of fact, the change is only needed for webapps/tomee and hence optional @JacekLaskowski
  • 16. Files modified - conf/tomcat-users.xml @JacekLaskowski
  • 17. Files modified - conf/tomcat-users.xml As a matter of fact, the change is only needed if usingOpenJPA or EclipseLink with no build-time enhancements and hence optional @JacekLaskowski
  • 18. Files modified - bin/ @JacekLaskowski
  • 19. Files modified - bin/ As a matter of fact, the directory doesn’t exist whatsoever and is optional, too @JacekLaskowski
  • 20. Files removed• lib/annotations-api.jar • non-compliant, replaced by endorsed/annotations-api.jar• lib/el-api.jar • not needed, replaced by lib/javaee-api.jar• webapps/examples/ • whim, could have easily been left there @JacekLaskowski
  • 21. TomEE releases• 1.0.0 Beta 1 • 1.5.0 • JavaOne 2011 • October 2012 • Entering the show • Lots and lots of conferences: JavaOne, JDD, JavaDay (UA),• 1.0.0 Beta 2 TopConf, JavaDay (LV) • January 2012 • Closing gaps• 1.0.0 Final • April 2012 • Nailed it • Flood of feedback @jaceklaskowski
  • 22. Apache TomEE 1.0 Final Released! @JacekLaskowski
  • 23. Projects involved Apache TomEE @JacekLaskowski
  • 24. @JacekLaskowski
  • 25. TomEE works with Tomcat tools• Tomcat support and hence TomEE • NetBeans IDE and Eclipse IDE• IntelliJ IDEA • - TomEE server intergation in Major changes in IntelliJ Idea 12• YourKit, JRebel, NewRelic, etc...• TomEE Maven Plugin @JacekLaskowski
  • 26. TomEE’s already available Think, how long you’d be doing the integration work. @JacekLaskowski
  • 27. Website Traffic @JacekLaskowski
  • 28. Demos (TomEE+)• Servlet 3.0 with @WebServlet (and no web.xml)• EJB 3.1 with @Stateless + @LocalBean + @EJB• JAX-WS 2.0 with @WebService• JAX-RS 1.0 with @Path + @GET• CDI 1.0 with POJO + @Inject• JSF 2.0 with @ManagedBean• @Resource with a resource defined in Tomcat’s server.xml• JPA 2.0 with MySQL and the samples in NetBeans IDE • Web JPA (Java EE 6)• Monitoring with JConsole • Start TomEE outside NetBeans IDE @JacekLaskowski
  • 29. Questions?@JacekLaskowski