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On blogging as a career (June 2005)
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On blogging as a career (June 2005)


Advice to young journalism students on blogging as a career, June 2005.

Advice to young journalism students on blogging as a career, June 2005.

Published in Marketing
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  • 1. Writing On the Web as an Independent Career Or, the Preoccupation Better Known as Blogging. Kiran Jonnalagadda http://jace.seacrow.com/
  • 2. What the Heck is Blogging? Conversation! Log of Events on the Web. Web Log. Blog. Literally: People Writing Their Thoughts to a Website. Asynchronous Conversation. Recipient May or May Not Read. But What Does it Mean?
  • 3. How Many Can You Talk To? One-on-One Conversation 10 Team Meeting, Private List 100 Conference, Public Mailing List 1,000 Magazine Article, Newsletter 10,000 Newspaper, Television Blogging 1
  • 4. What Do Blogs Contain? Inward Looking Outward Looking Hobby Links Reflections Commentary & Help And Various Shades of All the Above } Career { Updates on Life
  • 5. Now the Bad News: There is No Formula to Make Money Blogging …But People Are Trying Anyway.
  • 6. Income Generating Models Self-Financed Hobby. No Income. Advertising Supported (Banner or Text Ads). Sponsors — Ads With Extra Visibility. Employed to Blog.
  • 7. Employed to Blog Secure Income. Problem: Hard to Establish Credibility. Not Recommended Since It’s Really Hard.
  • 8. Advertising and Sponsors Ads: Automatically Changed; Preferably Text Ads. Sponsors: Long-Term Advertisers. Ideally, Advertising Does Not Influence Editorial. Problem: Ad Revenue May Not Suffice.
  • 9. Surprise! SelfFinanced ≠ No Income Hobby Blogs Are in Fact the Best Way to Make Money, Though Indirectly.
  • 10. Career Supported By Blog Career is Independent of Blog. Blog Career Affords Blog. Several Success Stories. Material Publicity Benefits Career. Publicity Blog Generates Publicity. Career
  • 11. Some Local Examples Minnie Sukhthankar, Artist Her blog is her showcase. Gets her clients. Zainab Bawa, Writer Her blog was her outlet. Now she’s employed to blog. Rashmi Bansal, Editor and Publisher Her blog presents the human side to her magazine.
  • 12. Where Do I Start? Start With a Free Blog Hosting Service: BlogSpot.com LiveJournal.com Xanga.com Don’t Just Ramble. Participate! Find Your Voice, and Your Readers Will Find You.