Inner South Bobby Dazzlers


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Slides used at the Inner SMR Bobby Dazzlers workshop on 8th March 2012

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Inner South Bobby Dazzlers

  1. 1. Bobby Dazzler Ideas James Nottingham
  2. 2.
  3. 3. For each topic, teachers enter the numbers 0, 1, 2 or3 for each skill, and the students get their printedrubric stapled to the front of their test. The tests arewritten so teachers can rate these skills at a glance,after correction.This year all Year 7-10 students receive feedback inthis form alone, rather than scores or percentages.This has actually been found to motivate students toopen their test & reflect on their results (made explicitwhen each test is handed back), rather than simplyreading a score (24/35) or a grade (B+), comparingwith their friends, and never looking at the test again.Students are able to focus on personal improvementand progress.
  4. 4. Learning Detectives
  5. 5. Learning Detectives Create a Learning Wall with all the symbols Introduce the idea of Learning Detectives (LD) 2-4 children are LD‟s per lesson LD‟s record the names of children they observe doing Good Learning LD‟s share their findings with class Develop an understanding of the criteria for „Good Learning‟
  6. 6. Example “clues” for learning
  7. 7. Example “clues” for learning
  8. 8. Example “clues” for learning
  9. 9. Year 7 – Food UnitLearning Intentionso Understand the process of hazard analysis and how itapplies to foodSuccess Criteriao Use technical vocabularyo Identify a wide range of types of hazardo Communicate coherently
  10. 10. Why did they Gate AD 700 - 1100 attack Bairns Lindisfarne? Lad Tarn Vikings Thriding Norse Rape &language pillage Did they believe Longships in God? Dragon Horned ships helmets
  11. 11. Marzano – groups of 3 work best Informal Formal Long-term
  12. 12. Why did they Gate AD 700 - 1100 attack Bairns Captured Lindisfarne? LadYorvik in 866 Tarn Vikings Thriding Norse Rape & language pillageKing Cnut Did they believe ruled Longships in God? England Dragon Hornedfrom 1016 helmets Gods ships included Eric Odin, Thor, Dead warriors Bloodaxe Frigg & Loki went to Valhalla died in 954 17
  13. 13. Tactual Tools (Factual/Tactile)
  14. 14. Levels of Perspective (Daniel Kim) Vision L E Mental Models V ESystems & Structures R APatterns of Behaviour G E Events
  15. 15. Disaster – from Greek, to lose the stars What are the stars you used to follow? What are your stars now?
  16. 16. We are positive, enthusiastic and show joy
  17. 17. We celebrate each other‟s differences
  18. 18. We treat each other with respect
  19. 19. The impact of core valuesSöderporten school, NorrköpingThe school is extremely multi-cultural, with most children having recentlyarrived in the country and speaking Swedish as a second language.Our Core Values have helped to: Achieve in 2010 the best exam results since the national grading systemwas introduced in Sweden in 1997 The school´s video surveillance is being switched off in autumn 2010
  20. 20. Rankin – Jamie‟s Dream School
  21. 21. This page is too blank for many pupilsthe cat sat on the mat
  22. 22. A template to try
  23. 23. Attention to detail
  24. 24. Persistence
  25. 25. FB Page: James Nottingham Challenging Learning
  26. 26. Follow @JamesNottinghm James Nottingham Challenging Learning