Distinctive approaches to online CR communications
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Distinctive approaches to online CR communications

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I was very much under the weather when I presented these slides, so apologies to those present. The aim was to talk about latest trends in online communications of corporate responsibility and my......

I was very much under the weather when I presented these slides, so apologies to those present. The aim was to talk about latest trends in online communications of corporate responsibility and my focus was on the evolving digital environment, from visual communications to video, from social to mobile. The challenge: being "standard" enough to be credible while being "distinctive" enough to capture people's attention.

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  • 1. Beyond ‘cut & paste’ communications:distinctive approaches to online CRcommunicationsJames Osborne | head of CSR | Lundquist KWD Webranking Forum, London, 23 Nov. 2012
  • 2. Guess the business German reinsurance Swedish industrial29-11-2012 | 2
  • 3. Guess the business Italian utility Swedish metals29-11-2012 | 3
  • 4. http://pinterest.com/lundquistsrl/visualising-csr-common-practice/2007-11-05 | 4
  • 5. New approaches to CR communications Once-a-year Ongoing Silos Integrated Disclosure and cut-and-paste Communications & storytelling Specialists (categories) Stakeholders (Individuals) Broadcast Engagement & conversation Generic Distinctive29-11-2012 | 5
  • 6. ! An anti-greenwashing recipe: what drives trust in stakeholders? 46% Performance data 38% Top two categories 41% unchanged in 2011- Intl. principles/guidelines 43% 2012 35% Quantitative targets 22% 32% External assurance 32% Importance of 27% Partnership with NGOs 25% external validation 25% External experts’ perspectives 24% 14% Incl. in sustainability index 13% 2012 1% Other 2011 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Note: based on non-corporate respondents only. Two choices allowed. Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards Survey 2011–201208-11-2012 | 6
  • 7. What infuriates stakeholders? “I hate it when companies stick to GRI and do not communicate in an appealing and educational fashion” “Cherry picking; lack of performance data; bla bla”08-11-2012 | 7
  • 8. What makes stakeholders happy?08-11-2012 | 8
  • 9. As CR goes mainstream, it’s time to capture attention of our audiences2007-11-05 | 9
  • 10. What about those who will never visit a corporate website?2007-11-05 | 10
  • 11. The context… Internet video will officially reach the halfway mark of consumer internet traffic by the end of 20122007-11-05 | 11
  • 12. Are you?2007-11-05 | 12
  • 13. The most important Facebook number “What does that mean? That Facebook is for real. That “active users” are active when it comes to bringing friends online. The network has matured into a thriving marketplace of friends, one where we self-organize into the same kind of tribal groups etched into our evolutionary history” Chris Taylor, Mashable (Oct 5 2012)2007-11-05 | 13
  • 14. What’s expected of corporate social media use? Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards Survey 20122007-11-05 | 14
  • 15. The situation in Europe today Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards 20122007-11-05 | 15
  • 16. The changing nature of relationships FOSTERING “CONVERSATION” INTIMACY INTERACTIVITY INCLUSION INTENTIONALITY Reduce the distance, encourage Enable a two-way Allow participation Be clear about the aim honesty, go to exchange by all sides & tie it to the strategy where your audiences are Inspired by: Talk, Inc. Groysberg & Slind (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012)2007-11-05 | 16
  • 17. The CSR community on Twitter2007-11-05 | 17
  • 18. Social media & partnership2007-11-05 | 18
  • 19. Social media & partnership2007-11-05 | 19
  • 20. What will the future hold for us? Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards Survey 201209-11-2012 | 20
  • 21. Surely consumers won’t read a report?  They may not know what “CSR” and “sustainability” mean but their expectations are closely aligned with “experts” TRUST • They don’t trust grand claims and generic commitments CREDIBILITY • They want credible data and concrete evidence of environmental performance INTEGRATION • They are keenly aware of the importance of sustainability to the core business of selling products & services PRIORITIES • They want to see how companies are ensuring the wellbeing of employees, suppliers and consumers ONLINE • They are connected, social, mobile… and impatient09-11-2012 | 21
  • 22. Strategic approach to the web The evolution in digital communications and corporate-stakeholder relationships require a strategic approach to the web for corporate responsibility, spanning reporting and communications “Once the consumer can hold up a QR code to a garment and find out its history, where it’s made and what its impacts are, that will be the next big step.” Vincent Stanley VP of Marketing, Patagonia09-11-2012 | 22
  • 23. Approaches to video: Pepsi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9o8TaZEK1E2007-11-05 | 23
  • 24. Approaches to video: CCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByHcNZ2c8Mo&feature=related2007-11-05 | 24
  • 25. Approaches to video: Unilever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpYhgqPRivw2007-11-05 | 25
  • 26. Approaches to video: Rainforest Alliance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iIkOi3srLo2007-11-05 | 26
  • 27. Thank you James Osborne james.osborne@lundquist.it Twitter: @jabosborne Lundquist Via S. Maurilio 23 20123 Milan, Italy Tel. + 39 02 36754123 Web: www.lundquist.it Blog: www.lundquist.it/blog Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr2007-11-05 | 27