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  • 1. The Moon!!! By: Michaela & Ashley
  • 2. Moon facts The Moon is much smaller than the Earth. It looks bigger and brighter than the planets and stars, because it is so much closer to Earth.
  • 3. The moon is always in the sky at night. This is because the moon moves with the earth as it travels through space. Scientists believe the moon has 3 layers. It is made of a mantle that is solid. The core is partially molten iron.
  • 4. Did you know ...... The moon has been around since the prehistoric times. The Moon is the second brightest in the solar system. It takes the moon about 27 days to travel around the Earth. The angle between the moon the Earth and the sun changes with the cycle of the moon.
  • 5. The phases of the moon are the New Moon, The Crescent Moon, (semi-circle) Sextile (60 degree), First Quarter ( first 90 degree), The Trine (120 degree), Sesquiquadrate (135 degree), Full Moon (180 degree opposition), and then it goes over again. Moon cycle
  • 6. Why???? Why doesn't the moon have plants??? Because there is no water or atmosphere. So that means we can’t live on the moon!!!!! Or have plants on the moon.
  • 7. MORE ABOUT THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Earth’s Moon is the second largest moon in the solar system. The orbit: 384,400 km from the earth Diameter: 3476 km Mass: 7.35e22 kg It takes a little bit over 27 days to make one orbit. The moon also rotates. Have you ever noticed, though, that the same side is always facing you? It moves in what is called synchronous rotation. It rotates in the same amount of time it takes to make a revolution around the Earth. So it takes over 27 days to both spin around once and orbit the earth.
  • 8. thanks for watching!!! BYE!!!!!